How to Report Online Fraud and Scams

Fraud Source

No matter how diligent we are, we all are susceptible to online fraud and scams. Whether you have paid for a product or service that has not been delivered or have had your personal information stolen, this guide is intended as a starting point for all victims of online fraud or scams to resolve their issues.

Report your case to the proper authorities

If you live in the US and believe you have been victimized by a website or online business based outside of your state, you have several options:

  1. - a useful resource from the US Government's Federal Trade Commission to report both online and offline civil complaints

  2. - the FBI's online criminal complaint website takes all reports of fraud or other online crimes

  3. - if you believe the offending website to be outside the US, or if you reside outside the US, this site run by the US Federal Trade Commission will take your complaints

Tell friends and consumers about your experience

If consumers band together we can collectively prevent the majority of online fraud and scams. That is, if you share your experience with others, you can help them avoid your bad experience and ensure that the perpetrators of the fraud or scam cannot continue to take advantage of other victims. To enable the sharing of these experiences, Sitejabber provides a platform for reviewing and complaining about online businesses and websites.