1 Tac- Tactical Headlamp Review- The Most Powerful Rechargeable LED Light?


Can you ever think of surviving without light? Lighting has become an essential part of our lives. It has become even more important when you need lighting for a specific purpose. If you are in a dangerous job like mining, army, police force, then you will know the value of powerful lighting.

Those who like to be a part of outdoor activities such as camping or mountain climbing need a certain light source that works well and efficiently and doesn’t let them down in any instance. You will also need lighting that lets your hands be free in such situations. For these reasons, the Tactical Head Lamp is the perfect option for serving you and your needs efficiently.


This Tactical Headlamp is a military-grade one and is quite robust to endure the times that require handy equipment and utmost security. This particular product is made with military-grade aircraft aluminum and O-ring seals to make it sturdy enough to withstand tough conditions and situations.

The 1200 Headlamp comes with two lithium-ion batteries that give it all the power. Additionally, the lamp is capable of tilting 90 degrees for providing illumination across different angles. The lamp also comes with five different zoom settings that help in providing great light in all situations. You can easily see 25 times brighter light when using this headlamp.


The 1200 Tactical Head Lamp is made with aluminium so that it can survive the tough times. It also comes with O-ring seals that make it all the handier to use. In addition to this, it comes with a durable headband that comes with three-way adjustment settings and is capable of fitting all the different sizes. To let you focus on other activities, it lets you easily engage in other important activities.

You can also view stuff from different angles with this headlamp as it offers a wide range of illumination. Also, the zoom capacity is impeccable, and this device is powered through a 1200 lumens LED light that can last for over 10,000 hours. Also, it gets amplified through the concentrated convex lens, providing a maximum output of 10 watts of power.

In addition to this, the headlamp is powered by two lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that come with a charger to cater to all the power needs and the batteries once charged, are capable of giving 3 hours of continuous lighting on a high setting, 6 hours in a medium mode and 8 hours on the low setting mode. 


This headlamp comes with a three-way adjustable headband and is adjustable to 90 degrees easily. It provides a huge range of visibility and illumination and comes with the capability of adjusting it with three different options; high, strobe and low. With the different zooming functions, it can emit light for a maximum of 500 meters. 

This tactical headlamp comes with a charger and two 18650 rechargeable batteries that come with the package. To keep the lampworking, you get almost 100,000 hours of lifespan. Also, this lamp is waterproof to a standard of IP65.

The lamp is made with aircraft-grade lithium parts and O-ring seals that provide the lamp with immense durability and waterproofing features. Military personnel use this lamp, which makes it ideal for members of the army, police force, outdoor enthusiasts, firefighters etc.

Additionally, the headlamp is about 2.99 inches wide and 1.41 inches long, making it to be a nice, compact device. It weighs about 6.35 ounces that make it easy enough to carry around without any added weight or issues.


The Tactical Head Lamp can be used on a regular and daily basis as long as it is charged. You can easily charge it with its wall charger and use it for up to 8 hours depending on the mode you are applying. 


  • The Tactical Headlamp is a military-grade headlamp that comes with extreme endurance during tough times especially. It is made with military-grade aluminum and is made to be extremely tough and waterproof. Also, it is scratch less and comes in a sleek design that lasts extremely long. It comes offering great functionality and durability.
  • The headlamp includes a headband that can be adjusted in three different ways. You can fit the light to your head easily without having to worry about how big or small it is. Also, it is so stable that it doesn’t move when you are moving around.
  • This lamp comes with three different intensity modes that provide complete visibility depending on how dark it is. The modes are namely; strobe, high, and medium. Additionally, the battery box comes with an LED indicator that shows the mode you are on, and these modes help set the light depending upon how much illumination and energy you want to spend. 
  • This tactical headlamp can zoom from 1x to 2000x with the different settings it includes. You can reach up to 500 meters with this lamp due to its concentrated convex lens.
  • The headlamp is built to serve users with almost 100,000 light hours. 
  • Additionally, this tactical headlamp comes with a simple one-button operation that provides tons of light options. As soon as you switch it on, it starts in high power, and if you switch it off and on again, it goes into strobe mode. Once this process is repeated, it goes into a medium lighting mode. 
  • The Tactical Headlamp comes with a digitally maintained light beam that makes sure the performance is consistent at all times. Also, it comes with a toughened glass that is crystal clear and anti-reflective, making you get interrupted light at all times. 
  • The amount of light that this headlamp emits comes with an overheat protection layer that helps prevent the surface from turning too hot.
  • Additionally, this lamp comes with a reverse pole protector that lets you insert batteries properly without any interruptions. 


The Tactical Headlamp is quite an effective and useful product and comes with a variety of uses. Hunters, outdoors enthusiasts, hikers, climbers, runners, and other professional people can make use of this headlamp in specific situations. This product comes with the utmost functionality and offers oodles of comfort when worn. 


The Tactical Headlamp is available on the official website only, and purchasing this headlamp is quite easy. It comes at an affordable price and is quite a useful product to purchase.

The company that provides this product offers a 30-day money-back guarantee as well on all of the defective or broken items. The way you received this product is the way you have to send it back in case of any refund. You will receive the refund within four weeks of receiving the package back. 

Also, if you decide to return the headlamp for no particular reason, then the company does provide you with the refund but without the cost of shipping and handling.



  • The Tactical headlamp is robust and durable because of the high military-grade materials it is made with.
  • It is waterproof and dustproof because of the O-ring seals.
  • It comes with a three-way adjustable headband that fits any head.
  • It comes with 1200 lumens brightness that covers a distance of about 500 meters. 
  • The three light modes it comes with are high, medium and strobe.
  • Additionally, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


The only thing that can be considered as a drawback for this headlamp is that the rubber battery cover is a little light and is not exactly common for all the users.


The HL 1200 Tactical headlamp is a powerful, military-grade light that is made with the aim of ultimate endurance and the capability of handling everything tactfully. It is made with waterproof and scratch-free material, which helps to withstand any situation possible. The headlamp has no problem in fitting all the different heads and comes well equipped with two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. This is a safe and handy tool to use and takes care of you at all times.

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