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Whatever gets you fit and active is what you will invest in Aaptiv Fitness is an app that aims to provide the best fitness experience ever. It is a fitness app that provides the best-structured workouts with motivating and enhancing music to your ears.

This app was launched in 2016 and at present, has over 200,000 members that offer various fitness programs. Something that provides the experience of getting trained by professionals, this Aaptiv Workout app helps you lead a longer and healthier life according to your needs and goals.


Different people have different goals, and whether you want to lose weight or run faster or lead an active, healthy life, Aaptiv offers training programs for achieving overall fitness of the body. 

Once you know your fitness goals and have determined what you want to achieve, this app helps to meet your fitness level and helps to plan your workouts according to your preferences. It provides all the different workouts and helps provide you with numerous ideas for efficiently using your in-home equipment. The app provides audio instructions and training from certified personal trainers, along with fantastic music, to make your workouts more fun and exciting.

The app also provides various workout videos to show how specific movements are done. Depending on your fitness level and preference, you can browse through the variety of workouts that can be performed in your homes, outdoors, or at your gym as well. The workouts in this app are designed to target individual muscle groups in your body and can range anywhere between 3 minutes to a couple of hours, depending on what you choose. There are different workouts that you can choose from in this app, which include treadmill, stretching, strength training, stair climbers, outdoor running, yoga, elliptical, indoor cycling, Pilates, barre, meditation and so much more.

This app is great and super useful and provides various workout regimes for those who are looking to train for specific purposes like running a marathon, staying fit and active due to some comorbidity, staying active during pregnancy etc. There is no specific trainer assigned to you, but you are given the option of choosing from a personalized plan that works according to your goals and preferences.

Moreover, this app includes the features of duration and frequency of your workouts, miles that you have run over the week, and it also tracks the number of calories you have burned.



  • Certified and experienced personal trainers design the workouts
  • This app provides incredibly personalized services
  • The app is easy to use and is highly accessible
  • You get easy access to a fitness support community through this app
  • There are a regular release and innovation of new workouts and challenges


  • The workouts are mostly audio-based, which can make them a little difficult to comprehend
  • When you choose to switch between audio and video programs, it can end up being a little inconvenient and end up interrupting the flow of the workouts.
  • There is not much focus on nutrition.
  • The volume of the music might sometimes be louder than the trainer’s directions.


The Aaptiv Fitness App offers various benefits that make it to be an ideal fitness solution for all. 

  1. Highly Personalized: Once you input your preferences and other goals, the app uses its algorithm to provide various personalized workouts and programs. Once you meet your goals or want to choose something else, you can change your training plan and incorporate different workouts to achieve what you aim for. You can also choose how often and what days you can choose to accommodate your lifestyle and schedule.
  2. Good support community: No matter where you are, and no matter what device you have, you can easily access Aaptiv workouts and implement them in your daily lifestyle. To use this app, you need good Wi-Fi or cellular data to stay on track with your fitness goals, no matter where you are. Aaptiv app also consists of a community where members can post messages, interact with each other, and continuously stay in touch with their fitness goals. You are also given the option of receiving notifications n your phone to keep track of your fitness goals.
  3. Innovative and changing workouts: There are more than 40 workout classes that are added every week, and you get unlimited access to more than 2500 guided workouts. The workouts are never really repetitive, and there is always freshness and newness to all the various programs. There are also various team challenges that you can use to mix things up and feed your competitive nature, making yourself more equipped for more strenuous and motivating exercises.


  1. Audio Based: The thing with these workouts is that they are audio-based, which makes it difficult to understand and follow them correctly. Trainers provide detailed directions, but it becomes challenging to perform them without the proper guidance of the users. Each of the workouts does have video demonstrations of the various exercises, but they don’t work in sync with the audio. It gets complicated to switch back and forth between the different workouts and interrupts the flow of the different workouts, making it challenging to perform them.
  2. Lack of focus on nutrition: Aaptiv app lets you add nutrition-related goals according to your fitness plans. Mixing nutrition with workouts is imperative to optimize your work outperformance and is a crucial factor for weight loss. The workout programs in this app help you lose weight and stay fit. For long-term weight loss, it is necessary to combine exercise with a good diet. But, this app does lack the overall nutritional component.
  3. Cost: The app initially comes with a seven-day free trial, and then you can further decide your membership plan according to your specifications. If you don’t cancel your membership within the trial period, you will be charged the full amount. Both the monthly and annual subscriptions renew automatically without any notification. 


As you, as you click ‘start your free trial’ you are run through a series of questions. Questions like what are your favourite types of workouts, what music gets you going, how long is the average workout for, and what are your fitness goals? And so much more. Once you have answered all these questions, you will be able to create your profile, which can be edited at any point in time. 


The Aaptiv Fitness app is a useful tool that can help one form healthy and active lifestyle habits such as exercising regularly. Building healthy habits help meet your short-term fitness goals and also ensure that you stay healthy for an extended period. All it takes is some time and practice. You can test this app for a few months before signing up for it permanently as it keeps updating the workouts and adding tons of excitement to your day. There is an individual learning curve with this app, and hence you can move according to your fitness levels. 

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