ActivBeat: Best noise-cancelling headphones 2019

The best noise-cancelling headphone 2019 buying guide: Welcome to The Other Track’s pick for the best noise cancelling headphone under 100 to buy in 2019.

Forget to carry a pen and you are good to go. Forget your headphone and your day is messed up. Have you ever experienced this rush? Then you are kinda attached to your noise cancelling headphone.

The best noise-cancelling headphones can help you slip into audio isolation in every situations, whether you’re commuting or trying to escape the sound of traffic, fellow commuters, on a boring flight where you need to eliminate the sound of kids screaming or just want to get away from everything and get comfortable with your favorite music at home.

Need a good pair of comfortable wireless headphones? Whether you’re listening to music on the train, monitoring radio shows in your studio, or kicking back at home, then the ActivBeat 2.0 (Faith 2) might be the ideal pair for you!

activbeat 2.0 headphones

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All About ActivBeat Noise Cancelling Headphone

Today I am checking out ActivBeat headphone. It is a very popular company when it comes to budget headphones and earphones and also speakers. I am checking out the F2 and these headphones seem really promising and I’m really excited to get into them.

activbeat best noise cancelling headphone

One thing I find really interesting about these specific headphones is the VFT i.e. vector flow technology. It refers to the fact that on the two earphone cups there is this technology that balances out that air and the gases to make music sound better. These are noise cancelling headphones. So, if you’re on the market for a budget Bose QuietComfort, these might be the best thing on your list.

Unboxing ActivBeat

we have a very simple black box and it is open like a book type of thing and within it you get yourselves a manual with its own little pouch area. You also get a carrying case for all of the accessories

This noise cancelling headphone comes with USB type-c base. So, your aux cable is a 3.5 millimeter with a USB-C headphone connector. It’s a bit weird but on function purpose this is very cool being water resistant. These noise cancelling headphones comes in two color variant. You can choose any color which suits your personality.


ANC Technology

Activbeat best noise cancelling headphone

Faith 2 newest Active Noise-Cancelling headphones, convert every flight journey into a peaceful musical journey with tranquility. Now, you can escape from your noisy work environment and turn it into a focused and relaxed environment with ActivBeat. Faith 2 is ActivBeat’s best ANC headphones to-date.

Faith 2 newest Active Noise-Cancelling headphones, convert every flight journey into a peaceful musical journey with tranquility.

Bluedio Vector Flow Technology

ActivBeat has a unique design wherein a ventilated back chamber in each ear cup of the headphone can propel air out and equalize air pressure on both sides of the headphone ear cans. This results in enhanced bass reproduction and an unparalleled sound fidelity.

USB Type-C Cable

activbeat type c cable

The Activbeat Type-C audio cable is future proof (new standard USB for devices) and can be used for charging and data transmitting.

It’s also a handy fallback in case the headphones ever run out of power in wireless mode. Plus, it’s more powerful than micro USB for faster charging. For example, a full charge takes around 1.5 hours.

Battery Life

ActivBeat got you maximum battery life thanks to low power consumption and enjoy your world without noise for 16 hours. There is no need to worry about the lack of energy during long journeys.

Standby time is around 650 hours, so if you accidentally leave them switched on, the battery won’t just drain away simply.

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Wireless Range

activbeat wireless music

Wireless capability is utmost desired specification in any noise cancelling headphones. And F2 excels at this. You can move freely without worrying about wires getting in your way.

ActivBeat Faith 2 uses the latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology for better signal strength and device pairing. The range of the Bluetooth goes up to 33 feet from the source, so that you can move wire free and still stay connected at home or at the office.

best noise cancelling headphone
the other track

Oval Over The Ear design


ActivBeat comes with state of design with premium materials and oval ear cups that nicely and comfortably sit around your ears. The result is a great looking headphones with ultra comfort. You can wear the headphones for hours and not worry about any fatigue.

These are actually oval over ear headphone cuffs. So these definitely go around your ear and you don’t have to worry about adjustment. It just makes everything a lot easier and it also stays on your head longer without it hurting.

What I Like And What I Don’t Like

One thing I really liked about the design of ActivBeat is the fact that all the controls are on one ear cup as opposed to having controls on different ear cuff. It makes easier to just access controls whenever you need it and also they look really good when you put them on.

These are very minimal headphones so it’s nothing where it’s gonna be bulky or the headband has like weird old fingers. The design is very simple its elegant it looks very sleek it doesn’t look too big it doesn’t look too small.

One thing I didn’t really appreciate during my review of Activbeat noise cancelling headphone is the design on top of the band. It has the word faith on it, of course the F2 stands for faith but personally I can do without this really really big word.

It is quite appealing for some people, even most out there as it has been on hot selling list. But personally I use simple plain designs. So yes, this feature can be neglected while buying.


Apart from sound quality, a good pair of noise cancelling headphone should: provide a comfortable fit for extended use and also accurately cancel out unwanted outside noise. Without getting too technical, Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is key feature of ActivBeat. The headphone has some pretty minimal design features while keeping comfort in mind.

So If you are looking for some good noise cancelling headphones under $100 with good comfort and battery life then this pair of ActivBeat is highly recommended.

How To Buy ActivBeat Noise Cancelling Headphone

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