Android 360 Cameras Ultimate Review 2020- Don’t Buy Until You Have Read This


Who doesn’t own a camera nowadays and who doesn’t like clicking pictures and creating memories? It has become a part of our lifestyle to take photos and create memories. With the advent of drones and HD cameras, not all cameras come with the capability of clicking pictures. But, need not worry anymore as the new Android 360 Camera performs all the necessary and required functions for you.

This Android 360 camera helps to capture all that is happening around you and comes with a 360 panoramic feature that can capture the entire view quite easily. They included the features of virtual reality and augmented reality, making them be gaining popularity in no time and becoming the top favourite choice.

The Android 360 camera is provided by Hyperstech and helps convert your Android smartphone into a complete virtual reality camera in no time. This is a new camera that comes with the functionality of capturing a 360-degree view. It takes photos and videos uniquely and differently and gives a full camera view. It consists of F2 and dual 210-degree fisheye lens, which makes it possible to get the best quality photos and videos. This device is also completely lightweight and portable one, with impeccable resolution. This camera can be used in all instances and for all the different adventures. It is also a great gift for all your loved ones.

The Android 360 Camera is perfect for all those who love being on the outdoors as well.


The Android 360 Camera is a smart device that comes packed with amazing and exclusive features, along with being an insane photo editor as well. The Android 360 Camera is quite different from the regular photo editing apps and with this particular device; you get the features of high-level editing.

This camera does not come with the features of rotate, crop, contrast tools and brightness; instead, it comes with various advanced features such as different shooting modes and filters.

This is a 360-degree camera that is perfect for getting a hold of the virtual reality of the world, and it is not that expensive as well. You can easily attach it to your smartphone and be sure to capture your favorite moments forever. Most of camera enthusiasts and photographers look for such gadgets that capture their voice and live-action. It is quite a handy gadget and is great for recording every moment comfortably. You can look at all the moments you have captured through the extraordinary features of this small, compact gadget.


The Android 360 Camera has gained a lot of popularity lately due to its hi-tech features. It has been specifically designed by professionals and is great wherever it is used.

  • RAM: 4GB
  • Only compatible with Android devices
  • Memory: 128 GB and no microSD slot
  • Camera: 13 MP rear and 8 MP front
  • Battery: 3040 mAH removable battery
  • Display: 5.71-inch touchscreen
  • Weight: It weighs 26.5 grams and is quite lightweight compared to the others in the market.
  • Resolution: It comes with a resolution of 2560*1280 
  • Modes: It comes with two shooting modes for both photos and videos.
  • Lens: F2, a dual 210-degree fisheye lens that enables one to click better pictures


  • This camera is completely compatible with all android smartphones.
  • This camera comes with a dual-fish eye lens that gives great clarity and accuracy.
  • It includes an F2.4 Aperture.
  • It includes a 3008 x 1504 resolution, making it deliver images and videos in ultra-high resolution.
  • It also comes with 2560 x 1280 video resolution, which makes the whole experience much better.
  • It is capable of capturing about 30 frames per second.
  • It also comes with real-time stitching that is considered to be a great feature.
  • It is available with micro USB and other Type C- connector as per the demands and specifications of the user.
  • The technical details: 37.6mm and 1.48 in diameter. 
  • It weighs about 26.5 grams, which makes this camera lightweight and easy to carry wherever you go.


Every camera is different from the other, and the Android 360 camera is no less. This camera comes with great quality and is omnidirectional for providing the best and optimum results. This particular camera works quite well and is compatible with most of the computers and smartphones. It is the perfect investment if you are looking to get the best quality and virtual reality media.


  • This camera comes with an alternate shooting mode called Magicski. Professionals have specifically designed this one because it enables the best quality selfies and shots of others around you.
  • This camera comes with a variety of filters that make your pictures look great and let one look much better. The portraits look amazing with the help of the different filters included.
  • The filters come in different categories of HDR, Lomo, Retro and Dreamlike.
  • Artistic categories like Sketch and Ghost are also included.


This camera is quite extraordinary and effective at the same time. It helps to capture all the important memories and adventures, and you can capture everything quite easily. It enhances the overall photo quality and lets you cherish all the memories that you have created. 


This camera is considered one of the best in the market and helps to capture all the beautiful moments in one’s life. You get to click the most amazing photos and videos with this camera. It is a lightweight and portable device that can be carried around anywhere easily. It helps capture sharp photos with quality being its most important feature. Additionally, it clicks according to your needs and requirements and is simple to use.


  • Fish Eye lens: This camera makes use of a high-quality lens for capturing the best memories and moments.
  • 3K Photo Resolution: This one comes with a resolution of 3008*1504 for every image.
  • Outstanding Video Resolution: It offers impeccable resolution, and you can gift it to your loved ones also.
  • Live stream: This device comes with the feature of live streaming, making it capable of sharing all your work on social media lives. 
  • Battery: The battery on the camera is similar to the ones on the smartphones, and no additional charging is required.
  • Storage: You can conveniently store photos and images to save content through the application on your phones.


The product is fairly simple to use, and there is no need for any installation process. Certain steps have to be followed:

  1. Firstly, download the application on your smartphone for the 360 cameras on the Google Play Store.
  2. Next, install the application carefully.
  3. Insert the camera inside via a USB connector.
  4. This will make the application start-up and run.
  5. Make sure you agree to all the required terms and conditions and grant access to all the permissions for the camera and let it start.
  6. Take all the pictures and videos you want, and get the best quality results.


If you are looking to buy the best quality camera that makes the best memories for you, then the Android 360 camera is one of the best products available in the market today. It comes with different features and is packed with high-quality functionality. It takes pictures with a 360-degree view.

The Android 360 Camera can be purchased directly from the official website, and ordering this camera is a quick and easy process. The website usually offers a 50 per cent discount that you can avail and other deals for buying this high-quality product at a great and affordable price. 


The Android 360 Camera is great for beginners but gives the user a real feeling similar to professionals and gives the best professional quality results to its users. It is a lightweight and portable device and takes care of all your photography needs by creating memories like never before. You don’t have to worry about losing out on anything because this camera comes with a great storage capacity as well. Moreover, you can easily carry this camera wherever you go and set it up is also quite simple. Therefore, hurry up and grab yours today!

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