Auto Cam HD Review 2020 – Is It Worth It?


We all know how dangerous it is to text while driving? It is extremely risky and comes with the highest mortality rate. Even through every driver feels that they are the safest; there is no guarantee of what people on the road can do. Anybody and everybody can make a mistake that can lead to an accident costing them their life.

For this purpose, there is a device called the Auto Cam HD, which is basically a dash camera in the car. The Auto Cam HD is a mirror-mounted dash that records each and every moment that happens in and around your vehicle. With this device, you are sure to feel safe on the road knowing that you don’t have to defend yourself since everything is completely recorded in side the car.


Most of the dash cams that are available are usually illegal owing to the unconventional design. They end up being too big and cause disruption or obstruction, which make it not function too well, but with Auto Cam HD that is not the case.

The Auto Cam HD is a mirror-mounted dash that records each and every moment inside or outside your vehicle and comes with the best full recording dash camera. It is easy and simple and can be quickly mounted on your rearview mirror and does not cause any kind of disruptions on the road. The Auto Cam HD provides about 14 hours of non-stop recording with the option of endless loop recording. Once that is done, you can easily download the recording onto your phone and view it in full HD view.

Auto Cam HD comes with a built-in motion sensor and incase any accident occurs, the camera records the entire footage and you can later use it in the form of evidence. This HD cam also comes with a 360-degree rotation lens, which lets you capture the entire view in 360 degrees and makes for a reliable and trustworthy video device.


Auto Cam HD is a device that acts as a preventive measure that needs to be taken by any responsible or safe driver. This camera always provides accurate footage of any kind of incidents taking place in and around your car. Moreover, Auto Cam HD is made to keep you and your family safe and secure at all times.

Auto Cam HD is known to provide full HD 1080p footage with night vision LEDs. Whether you are driving in the night or in the day, bwill take care of you in all possible situations.

There is no risk of the footage getting lost or damaged because with a simple click of a button, you can easily download the entire recording and transfer it on to your devices. This camera ensures to keep you safe at all times and lets you stay protected from any false claims or scamming insurance companies.

This particular device is the perfect solution for all your driving problems. It is absolutely multifunctional and comes with full power packed features. This cam HD is automatic and works in compatibility with your car’s engine. It also lets the user take pictures with a simple touch on your mirror.


  1. Motion Detection: This camera comes with an auto detection feature that lets you record even when you are not in the car.
  2. Night Vision: This camera automatically adjusts the light levels according to your environment and surroundings.
  3. High Quality Video: You always get the best quality videos with this particular camera.
  4. 360 degree rotating camera: This device comes with a inbuilt rotating camera that lets you capture the best angles and footage, in case any accident or whatever takes place.
  5. 14 hours recording space: The camera runs for about 14 hours with one charge of the battery.
  6. Discrete: This camera is fitted at a proper spot and does not obstruct your vision. Rather it is super discreet and suitable.


Using the Auto Cam HD involves simple and easy steps that are listed below:

  1. Attach the Auto Cam HD on to your rear view mirror.
  2. Next, press the button to turn on the Auto Cam HD.
  3. Voila! You are done. Now be ready and safe for any drive.


Apart from the kind of physical safety this camera provides, there are other things that can also be affected during an accident. If you have the Auto Cam HD in your car, you don’t have to worry about any kind of false claims, hike rate on your insurance, added penalty on your license or any kind of car-thefts.

Auto Cam HD is a device that works as a preventive measure for any safe driver and provides a precise and actual account of any incidents that may occur inside or outside the car.

The occurrence of an accident can not only impact your future but your insurance rates as well. It gives tons of mental and physical stress to the person who has suffered. There are tons of ways that you can apply to prevent any kind of accidents like obeying the road rules, wearing your seatbelt. But even with these precautions, accidents can occur. The Auto Cam HD works as an eyewitness for when you are in trouble and you don’t want the insurance rates to hike.


  • The resolution front camera provides full high definition 1080p view
  • 2 cameras are included that offer sync recording and the front and rear camera have one camera memory card.
  • It comes with the latest processor and camera chip installed inside.
  • The front lens is adjustable and you can easily swivel it from left to right.
  • It makes for video and audio recording
  • It comes with loop and cycle recording
  • Includes an impact sensor
  • Auto on and off and auto power off functions
  • It includes a time and date stamp on video
  • It comes including motion detect recording functions
  • A Large color LCD video screen
  • 170-degree ultra wide lens front camera
  • 140-degree wide view for second camera
  • Image rotation
  • 3 megapixels CMOS sensor
  • It is battery through lithium ion batteries
  • Memory card supported is a micro SD card up to 32 GB maximum
  • Dimensions: 120x90x45 mm


The box comes with various components such as:

  • Forward facing dash camera
  • Rear Camera
  • A car cigarette charger
  • A 6 meter micro USB cable that lets you connect two cameras
  • A Suction Bracket for mounting the front camera
  • A Stick Bracket for mounting the second camera
  • A user manual detailing the different instructions


The Auto Cam HD is a mirror mounted dash camera that lets the user record each and every moment inside or outside their vehicles. With this HD cam installed in your car, you can definitely feel safe and have enough evidence in case you are not at fault. All accidents and incidents get fully recorded on this awesome camera.

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