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Car users have been getting scammed by $1,000’s when they bring their vehicles to the auto repair shops. There are few great new car health monitor tool out in the market which helps car owners and drivers to monitor car health, and avoid getting ripped off by car mechanic. Read on to know how it can help you..

Your car is making some strange sounds, it might take a bit longer to start and you’re already thinking: This will cost! After all, up until now there had been no way for you to check the error codes and diagnostic programs that your car brings from the factory, yourself. You needed a “specialist” with a code reader machine.

Not anymore, with these amazing new smart car health monitoring devices, you can reap the benefits of advanced technology. These devices allow you to solve your car’s problems without the need for roadside assistance or mechanics.

What Is This New Tool?

Cars manufactured after 1996 has a built-in computer-based system that monitors the engine’s performance, emission related controls and detects car problems. These device manufacturers have tapped this opportunity to help car owners. For example – FIXD, SmartCar, CarDoc.

Car Diagnostic tools are attached to the ports provided in the car. It allows communication from the said car system straight to your mobile phone to notify you about vehicle errors. Thus without even going to the mechanic you know what is the main fault in the car.

You can’t be looted Now when you have these smart devices fitted in your car and truck.

If warnings from the app are followed properly, you can keep your car healthy for long without spending extra penny.

Lets Have a look at few best available car diagnostic tools which mechanics hate.

SmartCar Car Health Monitor

SmartCar is easy to use, no tech skills or professionals required. It can check car errors and provide instructions on the options in fixing your car.

This car health monitor tool is an invention of two engineers who are tired of shady mechanics and auto shops that rip off their family and friends.

car health monitor tool


  • Works on cars and light trucks sold since 1996.
  • Includes CD software for smartphones, and iOS devices.
  • General and manufacturer-specific diagnostic codes.
  • Can clear your engine light.

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FIXD car health monitor instantly tells you why your ‘Check Engine Light’ is on, how severe it is, and how much the repair should cost (all in simple and easy to understand terms) – leaving shady mechanics in the dust – no longer able to rip you off!

Features of FIXD are:

Check Engine Light – Get notified when the check engine light comes on and see how many problems were detected.

Maintenance Timeline – See the manufacturer recommended maintenance timeline for your vehicle so you know when you’re due for service.

Mileage Detection – Our algorithm determines your mileage so we can alert you when you are approaching important maintenance.

Continuous Monitoring – FIXD will alert you if we have detected a problem with your vehicle.

Vehicle History – See a history of problems detected in your vehicle to keep a running log.

Multi-Vehicle Control – Remotely monitor the health and status of other vehicles with a FIXD sensor.

fixd car health monitor


Not only can CarDoc car health monitor tool help you determine what’s causing your car’s issues, but it can even give you several other data, such as average fuel consumption, air flow, engine load and other cool gimmicks such as throttle position.



  • Works on cars and light trucks sold since 1996.
  • Includes CD software for smartphones, and iOS devices.
  • Can display over 3,000 general and manufacturer-specific diagnostic codes.
  • Can clear your engine light.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use FIXD on multiple cars?

Yes, single FIXD device can be used with multiple vehicles. But, we do recommend having one FIXD sensor per vehicle in order to get the most With one sensor per car, you can keep track of your mileage and provide updates when your vehicle is coming up on its next maintenance interval.

Do you leave FIXD plugged in all the time?

FiXD is an essential part of the car health monitoring. You can leave the sensor plugged in all the time, as it uses very little power when not communicating with the app. However, If you leave your car sitting for more than 3 weeks, we recommend that you remove the sensor.

How much does FIXD app cost?

A single FIXD device will cost you $59, while if you buy more the rate will decrease per device. E.g. for 2 devices, it cost $88 ($44 each). The FIXD app is free.

What is a OBD device?

For vehicles manufactured after year 1996, a new class of devices are being developed that capture your cars computer sensor data using your vehicles on-board diagnostic port (OBD) and adds a layer of additional analytics features on top.

What is the best OBD software?

Here are the most popular auto diagnostic OBD apps for Android:
Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)..

Does FIXD work on diesel cars?

The FIXD toll will work for diesel trucks that are manufactured after 2008, and other diesel vehicles that are 2006 and newer. However, We do not recommend using the FIXD device for diesel trucks that are older than 2006.

What type of OBD is my car?

How to know your car Have OBD-II? Answer is year of manufacturing. All cars and light trucks built and sold after January 1, 1996 were required to be OBD II equipped. In general, this means all 1996 model year cars and light trucks are compliant, even if built in late 1996.

Does FIXD drain battery?

It works on car/truck battery. It drains a little battery over the time.

How do I scan my car to my laptop?

Steps to Use a Laptop As an Automotive Scan Tool
Get a laptop OBD-II interface kit.
Insert the software installation disc.
Connect the components to your laptop.
Start the software program.
Bring your laptop to your vehicle.
Click the “Scan” button on the control interface, if required.

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