Best Monocular Buying Guide In 2021 – Everything About Monocular Telescope Review

Monoculars are versatile and highly functional telescopic devices that magnify images of objects that are far away. Most professionals prefer these monoculars for night vision as their one eye is left free to examine and notice other things in their surroundings. Monoculars can be used in different situations, such as hunting, surveillance, bird watching, reading, and stargazing. 

What are Monoculars?

Monoculars are similar to binoculars cut in half. They are quite similar to telescopes, but the level of magnifications is not that strong. There are tons of instances when one would prefer using a monocular to a binocular. These monocular are known to work quite well and are smaller. One such example is the Starscope Monocular, known to be the best in the market. It is lighter and much easier to carry around, and you can comfortably wear it around your neck. 

Factors to consider

Having a monocular is quite great and serves to be quite a good alternative to carrying binoculars around. These objects are lighter, more portable, and more compact. 

  • The first thing you should consider before buying a monocular is the kind of power and magnification it offers. A monocular usually comes with a magnification that can range from 6 to 10 times. 9x or 10x monocular is generally more expensive. 
  • The lens size is another factor that is important to consider when it comes to buying a monocular. A monocular usually comes with a lens size of 20mm to 42mm, and a bigger lens generally makes for a wider view. A bigger lens provides a better and bigger or brighter image, but the bigger the lens, the heavier will be the monocular.
  • Size and weight of the monocular: Mostly, monoculars are small in size and easily fit into your pockets. They work as a great alternative to binoculars and are quite cool to carry around. Also, the pocket monocular is much cheaper compared to all the other products. They might be small in size and lightweight, but the performance is powerful.

How to choose a good monocular?

Monoculars aren’t usually considered when people look for magnifying objects, but they are quite purposeful. They can be used on various occasions, such as making observations, surveillance, hiking, hunting, and stargazing. There are three main considerations that one needs to take into account for choosing a good monocular:

  1. Requirements: When you are looking for a telescopic device, you should know what purpose you are buying it for and where it will be applied. Monoculars are used with one eye and are highly beneficial for people who have vision issues. Moreover, these monoculars come with only one vision setting, making them easy to use in different situations.
  2. Specifications: The mechanism by which these monoculars work is by focusing light through the lenses and the prisms, with prism systems providing light designs. The main specification one needs to keep in mind is the lens’s diameter and magnification—the lower the magnification, the wider the view.
  3. Pricing: It gets difficult to choose an affordable product. Magnification, aperture, and materials are what contribute to the total cost. Monoculars are more affordable compared to binoculars and are much easier to maintain as well.

Why choose a monocular?

Monoculars are great devices and end up being a great alternative to binoculars.

  • They are made with only one viewing scope 
  • They are quite compact, lightweight, and portable compared to binoculars
  • These monoculars are available in a variety of sizes, and some are almost as small as 10cm in length
  • Those who like to have a quick peek at something can go for these monoculars
  • Monoculars are quite handy for a different number of activities and are quite useful as well

What should I look for in a monocular?

Monoculars are smaller than binoculars but usually come with wider object lenses, making them quite useful as night vision magnifies objects. The small object lenses in monoculars are much lighter and cheaper but often give a lesser-magnified view. It is recommended to use monoculars for night vision as it keeps you aware of your surroundings.

 Once you have the specifications in place and your requirement is set, monoculars come in very handy for various activities like bird watching, star gazing, etc.

Are monocular better than binoculars?

The binoculars consist of two viewing tubes, and a monocular comes with one. While people think two viewing tubes are better, it is important to assess whether that is true. Usually, it is said that it depends upon the preferences of the user. Both monoculars and binoculars come with their set of pros and cons. Monoculars work like telescopes and come with less magnification power. 

The great thing about monocular is that it is lightweight compared to binoculars, which are heavier and more expensive. While monocular is a great option for regular enthusiasts, professional use binoculars give the best image quality and vision.

Final Verdict

Therefore, monoculars are great objects that are quite useful in yielding results for small magnifying activities. Because they are lightweight and portable, these monoculars are a go-to option for many. They might be small in size but are packed with power and solve the purpose in a non-professional setting.

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