10 Best Monoculars To Buy In 2021

While binoculars are the go-to choice for many magnifications, they can sometimes be a little bulky and big to use and carry. On the other hand, monoculars are significantly streamlined and easily slide into your pocket, making them the perfect choice for single hand viewing. 

There are various monocular to choose from, and they usually differ in terms of their size, performance, and quality.


With the plethora of monoculars options to choose from, the Wingspan Optics Explorer is a great option to go with. It comes packed with tons of features that make for an amazing viewing experience. It comes with 12 times magnification and can help to see stuff even 1000 yards away. The monocular is extremely comfortable to use, even when you are wearing glasses. 

The one drawback associated with this monocular is that it is a little bit bulky owing to the 50-millimeter objective lens. It provides a great field of view of about 246 feet but provides a larger package. It is packed with durable, non-slip rubber armor that prevents the monocular from slipping from your hands. For added protection, this monocular is waterproof and fog-proof as well. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in any adverse weather conditions.


  • These monoculars are completely waterproof and fog proof as well
  • They come with non-slip armor, making it easier to hold them and get your grip over them.
  • They come with a viewing range of about 1000 yards
  • The monocular comes with more than 12 times the magnification
  • It includes a 14mm eye relief that works easily with glasses as well


  • This is bulkier and heavier compared to other monoculars


Star Scope Monocular is a single eyepiece optical device, which is similar to a binocular. You can use it for sightseeing or for capturing great moments at a distance. It comes with a ten-time magnification and lets you see far off objects like they are very close. You can see the different bird species or spot a tiger from afar as well. This particular product works like a telescope and can be attached to your smartphone for taking pictures perfectly.

The Star scope monocular is for outdoor use mostly. Whether you are out on excursions or jungle safaris, the manufacturer lets you spot everything with 10X magnification. This device is compatible with both Android and Apple devices and, when used with smartphones, enables you to take photographs easily and conveniently. Additionally, it offers handy dimensions and waterproof materials, making it the perfect product for all sorts of sports and other activities. It also comes including a tripod for hands-free operations and easy operations. It doesn’t come with the need to hold the monocular in your hands the whole time.


  • It comes in a streamlined shape, which makes it quite easy to hold.
  • It is waterproof and fog proof and works well no matter where you carry it.
  • It makes use of the BAK4 prism type.


This monocular comes in a variety of sizes and is not the smallest monocular in the market. It weighs about 10.4 ounces, which proves that it is not the lightest monocular around. Moreover, it is lightweight and quite portable. This monocular offers over 10x magnification. The glass and fully multi-coated optics make for clearer and brighter images when trying to view stuff from afar. 

Like all good monoculars, this one is also waterproof and fog proof, which can be used in different situations without an issue. The product is extremely easy to use, with the product being extremely comfortable and convenient. There is always an option for using the product for better stability and usage. This is a good value product that provides great optics, and it turns out to be highly recommended by the customers.


  • The price you pay for this product comes providing highly impressive optics
  • The monocular is both waterproof and fog proof as well
  • You can twist the eyecups, which makes it super comfortable


  • This is not light and not small as well


Vortex as a brand provides high-quality products, and the solo monocular is another such device made with premium materials. It comes with 8x and 10x magnification and an objective lens of about 25 to 36 millimeters. They also come offering a great field view of about 315 at 1000 yards.

Moreover, this device offers great optical clarity, and the images you can see are extremely clear, making for quite an enhanced experience. This monocular comes with a rubber coating making for a great grip. The rubber coating also helps with providing more durability. This solo monocular is small and lightweight as well. It comes with a streamlined design that easily fits anywhere. 

The focus ring on this monocular is quite narrow and difficult to focus without moving the device. Moreover, it provides a close focus of just over 16 feet, which isn’t too great. Like others, it is waterproof and fog proof, and you don’t have to worry about using it in extreme weather conditions.


  • This product comes rubber armored for better grip and longer-lasting usage
  • It comes with a very wide field of view of about 315 feet
  • The monocular is nitrogen purged waterproof and fog proof
  • They come providing excellent optical clarity 
  • These products are extremely lightweight and small


  • It comes with a close focus of about 16 feet only
  • The narrow focus interferes with the eyepiece


With the Auro Sports Zoom Monocular, you get almost 10 to 30 times the magnification, making for a better close up view from afar. It comes providing extra zoom capabilities and is quite affordable to buy. It is one of the cheapest monoculars available and comes with a lesser weight. Moreover, it comes with an incredible field of view that can go up to 1000 yards.

But, there are several cons attached to this device. Firstly, it is much larger than you think and gets pretty heavy to accommodate. Moreover, it doesn’t provide the magnification that it claims. It is generally supposed to reach about a maximum of 30x the hyperbole, but it never feels that way. It becomes very difficult to focus on, making it not as famous as the others.


  • It is quite an affordable product
  • It offers 10x to 30x the magnification
  • It comes with a super-wide field of view
  • It weight lesser than six ounces


  • It is extremely difficult to get it to focus
  • It doesn’t magnify as much as it’s supposed to
  • It is quite big and bulky as well


This is another device that offers zoom magnification that ranges from 10x to 30x. It is quite a heavy and bulky monocular and is available at a much higher price as well.

The device is IP67 waterproof and comes with nitrogen purging. Not only does it stay protected from water, but it is also coated with durable and comfortable rubber armor, which protects from the possibility of drops, spills, scratches, and other such accidents. It comes providing a better grip that doesn’t let it slip from your hands. The Emarth Monocular comes providing decent image quality. The sharpening or brightening doesn’t happen too accurately. This is a mediocre and bulky monocular with basic features.


  • This product offers 10x to 30x the magnification
  • It comes with IP67 nitrogen purged waterproof features
  • It is highly durable and comes with a rubber armor exterior as well


  • This is quite bulky
  • It weighs much more than the other models of monoculars
  • It comes providing hazy image quality


There is nothing cheaper than the Roxant Authentic Grip Scope. It comes with a compact and simple scope. The glass lens is multi-coated and comes offering good optics, but it offers only six times the magnification, which might not work too well for some people. The exterior comes with a non-slip comfort molded grip and works quite accurately. It is extremely comfortable to use and doesn’t slip out too easily.

The product comes holding some important features as well. It comes with a retractable eyecup, which makes it quite convenient for people who wear glasses. Moreover, it provides tons of eye relief. It also provides various accessories like a carry pouch, cleaning cloth, neck strap. The monocular is easy and simple to use, but it isn’t too powerful. It doesn’t provide the highest level of magnifications but makes focusing quick and easy. 


  • The grip is good and is non-slip and comfortable as well
  • They come with retractable eyecups and good eye relief for those who wear glasses
  • This monocular is easy to use with a minimal level of wobble


  • This monocular offers only six times the magnification
  • There is no lens cap included with the product


The great thing about the Vivreal Monocular is that it comes at a great affordable price. There aren’t many options available that come at this price, and it provides extremely solid performance, which makes it a top choice for many.

This monocular similar to the others, is IP67 waterproof owing to the nitrogen purging. It comes offering a wide field of view and can view up to 1000 yards. Moreover, you are provided with a tripod stand to mount it for better viewing and a smartphone holder that lets the user take pictures from the phone through the lens. The image quality is not the best option, and the images are a bit blurry. It works with 12 times the magnification, but it might not seem to be what it claims in reality.


  • These monoculars are IP 67 waterproof because they are nitrogen purged
  • They include a tripod and smartphone holder
  • These monoculars offer a 360-foot field of view
  • They come at quite an affordable price


  • This monocular is heavier than the other options available in the market
  • It provides hazy and blurry images
  • It doesn’t live up to its claim of 12x magnification


This monocular is waterproof and withstands the different adverse weather with tons of ease. It is a rugged and durable product that is quite useful. The lens comes with a coating, making it dust and water repellent as well. This is one of the best buys for hunting and bird watching as well.

This monocular is extremely convenient and is small enough to fit into your pockets. It weighs about 4 ounces only and is an extremely portable product that doesn’t cause any problems. The monocular comes offering great optics and comes with a maximum 8x magnification. This product is extremely easy to use and is super convenient. It is not the cheapest monocular on the market and is definitely worth the price.


  • This device is waterproof and fog proof as well
  • It comes offering amazing optics that come with great magnifications
  • The monocular is small enough to fit into your pocket easily


  • This monocular is a little expensive compared to the others


This is a decent product for various outdoor activities like hiking, hunting, and watching wildlife. It offers 12 times the magnification and comes with an objective lens making for clearer and brighter images. The optics are similar to other monoculars and provide great value for money. It is not as lightweight as other expensive products and weighs about 14 ounces. The interesting thing about this monocular is that it comes with a quick alignment smartphone adapter compatible with all the other smartphone models. This monocular helps take easy photos and videos and lets you share the views with other people. The product is quite comfortable and makes it feel quite durable, which makes it last much longer. The exterior of the monocular comes with a rubber armor coating that makes for shock resistance. Moreover, the product is completely waterproof and dustproof, as well. 


  • The monocular offers 12x the magnification that is quite great compared to the price
  • It comes with a smartphone adapter that offers great photos and videos
  • The monocular comes with a solid build and a rubber armor exterior


  • The optics are nothing compared to other top quality products
  • The accessories that come with the product are quite cheap


The Barska monocular comes at a reasonable price and provides some decent features. This monocular is nitrogen purged and sealed and offers great protection from water and dust. The monocular is compact and provides a protective rubber armor that comes with a non-slip diamond grip, and the finger mold makes for a comfortable and stable grip. 

The monocular comes with an unpleasant rubber smell, and the odor is a bit of a problem. Also, it includes a noisy Velcro strap that alerts people around. The image quality is standard and comes with chromatic aberration.


  • The monocular is nitrogen purged and sealed
  • It comes with a non-slip diamond pattern rubber exterior


  • The strong rubber smell makes it quite difficult for hunting and other outdoor stuff
  • Some of the pieces come broken
  • The Velcro is noisy 
  • It comes with a noticeable chromatic aberration

When you have decided that the monocular is the right choice for you, you know it makes for the perfect product for hiking, bird watching, concerts, sports games, and other stuff. Now let’s look at the buying guide to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of monoculars.


Binoculars are quite powerful, but a monocular is much smaller and lighter. They are quite compact and can often fit easily in your pockets. These devices are extremely comfortable and are great products for people who like to travel light on the outdoors. They are extremely easy to use, as well.


Monoculars are built to help the users see far-off objects with more precision and detail. They help with magnifying your subject, letting one see clearly and look carefully. One needs to consider a few factors for determining which one is the perfect choice for you.

  1. Size: The major reason for choosing a monocular over binoculars is their small and compact size. The monocular is half the size of the binocular and half the weight as well. Not all monoculars come in the same size. Some designs have a focus ring wrapped around the main body, making it a streamlined monocular, while others come with a distinct focus dial on top of the main telescope, making it look much larger.
  2. Weight: Most of these devices weigh almost less than a pound. This is not a distinct difference, but you will start to feel the added weight after holding it for a few minutes.
  3. Magnification: Magnification is used to measure how much larger an object appears when seen through your lens. Supposing your monocular offers 10x magnification, it means that anything you view will appear ten times bigger. Monoculars usually come with a wide range of magnification levels. You can easily choose from the different levels of magnification on the same monocular. If you want to view objects, which are far away, then you would like more elaboration.
  4. Image quality: Monoculars are purchased for the primary purpose of improving your viewing ability. Image quality is one of the most important features for easy comparison between monoculars. Other things to see are the viewing range, clarity, and brightness as well. The viewing range shows how far the monocular will let you see and how it can be affected by the magnification. The clarity on the magnification shows how sharp your image appears. If your idea isn’t too bright, it won’t make for a great viewing experience in any of the light conditions.
  5. Weather Proofing: Most of the time, monoculars are used in outdoor activities. For hunting, bird watching, and attending sports games, you can use these monoculars, making for a better view. Manufacturers aim to provide waterproof devices. While looking for monoculars, it is recommended you choose some of the most reliable weatherproofing monoculars. Those monoculars that come with nitrogen purged weatherproofing make for a great choice for all the users. 


  1. Portability: Monoculars that are compact and are lightweight, and don’t let the user feel burdened when you are outdoors. These monoculars are easy to store and do not take too much space in your bags. You also don’t have to worry about it getting scratched or hitting surfaces when walking around. 
  2. Frees your other hand for enhanced productivity: While using a monocular, you need only one hand to do the job. This frees your other hand and lets you concentrate on other important stuff such as maps or tumblers. You can also do other things and protect yourself from falling or slipping without causing any interruptions.
  3. Helps with saving money: A monocular is generally cheaper than a monocular, and if you have a limited budget, you can bring this monocular along for enhancing your adventures. You can get great quality monoculars with a decent level of magnification.


  • Night Vision Monoculars: This monocular is mostly used at night and is used for night hunting purposes. It is ideal for spotting those targets in the dark. Moreover, you can choose the technology on which you want to operate. There are two technology options to choose from; one is thermal, and the other is infrared. Both are types of night vision monoculars. This monocular can also be used during the day, and for that, you simply have to turn off the infrared or thermal imaging mode.
  • Infrared Monoculars: This is a subtype of night vision monocular. It does not need light for illumination and uses a different wavelength altogether. The great thing about this monocular is the price it offers. Even at an affordable price, you can get a monocular invisible, not distract animals or other items. Various infrared monoculars come with a visible red light. Therefore you have to assess before purchasing the correct one.
  • Thermal Imaging Monoculars: These are also subtypes of night vision monoculars. They are extremely useful during the night because they help in detecting animals from afar. It detects heat, and you can use them to form an image of the objects in the dark. The great thing about this night vision monocular is that it doesn’t come with a visible red light that other infrared monoculars have. With this monocular, there is no need to worry about scaring animals.
  • Compact Monoculars: Monoculars are quite close and fall under the category of monocular telescopes. Various monoculars are smaller than others. With different sizes, there are different options for monoculars available. Most of them fit easily in your pockets. The drawback with these monoculars is that they come with smaller magnifications. They also come with a smaller lens diameter. Despite the powerful specs, these are quite cheap and good for easy and simple viewing activities.


1.MAGNIFICATION: Without the feature of magnification, there is nothing much to a monocular. Exaggeration is one of the essential elements of monoculars. They make for a much better comparison to monoculars, and the standard sizes of 6x and 8x is ideal.

2. LENS: The lens coating and diameter should be considered when purchasing a monocular. Lenses that are coated are highly recommended, especially during cloudy weather, because they enhance the image and provide tons of clarity and brightness. But, a bigger lens diameter does not at all guarantee a brighter image.

3. EASE OF USE: Using glasses and monoculars can be a little tiring, and hence, you must find a monocular that is comfortable to use even with your glasses on. 


  1. Special Features: The monoculars should have a night vision mood, waterproof and fog proof, and shockproof. Choose a monocular that comes providing these special features that work according to your needs and preferences.
  2. Prism: A monocular that comes with a poor prism quality ends up producing blurry and dim images. This can end up causing vertigo. Therefore, you should choose one that either has a roof prism or Porro Prism. Both of these prisms offer good quality images.
  3. Field Of View: When your field of view is narrow, it can help the user focus on small areas with great detail and precision. A wider field of view lets the user see the entire picture. A monocular, which is balanced and offers the middle ground, is the best choice to make. 


All these monoculars perform almost the same basic function. They are specially designed for the user to see far away objects with great precision and detailing. They aren’t all the same, and different monoculars perform differently. Some come with an enhanced viewing experience, while others provide a mediocre quality at best. After seeing all the top devices, make sure you go with one that suits you the best and meets all your needs and specifications. The Wingspan Optics Explorer is the most recommended monocular because of its features and utility and comes with an incredible viewing range of about 1000 yards with 12 times the magnification. 

If you want something great and affordable at the same time, then the Roxant High definition grip scope is the one to go with. It comes with retractable eyecups that work well with glasses and offers a non-slip grip, which is perfect for a comfortable grip and a wide-view lens as well. It provides all these features at a great price.

The Bushnell Legend Ultra HD monocular is the top favorite. It is 100 percent waterproof and fog-proof, making for an incredible and easy experience for viewing.

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