Recommended Teeth Whitening Kits You Can Buy in 2019

We all have been suffering from costly teeth whitening at dentist. Finally some fresh air in the stagnating dental beauty industry. Could these products be the iPhone of teeth whitening tools?

Every year majority of people spend hours at the dentist to have dirty coffee stains scrubbed from their teeth. Sitting at dentist in front of those scary looking scrapers and machines that seem like they are removing half the enamel seems like ages.

And It is heavy on budget also.

Therefore, when we talk about home dental whitening kits, most of the people don’t believe on its authenticity and efficiency. But Yes, these products exist and they do work.

After doing teeth whitening kits review, we conclude that many teeth whitening kits for home use do actually work. However, the effect varies for everyone and for different orientation and stains.

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Lets see some of the most efficient teeth whitening kits reviews.

Diamond Smile Teeth Whitening Kit

teeth whitening kit

The DiamondSmile teeth whitening kit system contains everything you need to whiten your teeth. It uses a proven, powerful set of 16 blue LED lights within the Diamond tray – so there’s no need for additional teeth whitening trays.

With an in-built 16-minute timer, the DiamondSmile teeth white system means you can whiten your teeth without having to set an alarm. Whiten your teeth while doing something else, and the timer will tell you when your whitening time is up.

SnoWhite Teeth Whitener Kit

teeth whitening kit

LED technology and a photo-activated serum has been used instead as a safe and easy-to-use alternative. After the serum is applied to the teeth, the light is used for 5-10 minutes to enhance the brightness of every tooth in the user’s mouth, from every angle.

SnoWhite avoids causing over-sensitivity of the users teeth and also promises to avoid any unnecessary gum bleeding – unlike traditional teeth whitening devices.

Snowhite’s patented device is recommended for anyone over 12 years of age who wants to improve the look of their smile. It’s important to note – the device will not harm crowns, braces, veneers, or any past dental work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are teeth whitening kits safe?

While only dentists can provide full teethrelated consultation, it is safe and legal for any adult to use over-the-counter teeth whitening kit, provided it contains less than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide. Most of these kits marketed openly comply to the norms, but one must check full details before buying. DiamondSmile is one of the best teeth whitening kit available.

Do LED lights help whiten teeth?

University studies show that blue light is an activation agent for hydrogen peroxide, which act as the cleaning agent in tooth whitening kits like SnoWhite and DiamondSmile!, providing your teeth a deeper clean in less time. The tooth whitening gel spreads on your teeth and lifts the stains.

Note: The Other Track writes about products and service. We receive a commission from our affiliate partners for product being sold. But our recommendation and research is always independent and objective. We research on dozens of similar products and come up with best performing ones.

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