UV Glue Pens work as fillers as well as bonding agents. It can cater to various uses such as adding insulation, fixing glasses and toys, connecting any two objects, and repairing almost everything you want to improve. It combines two items and forms a great, durable bond that makes for an easy, quick fix. 


Spectro Seal is quite a useful bonding agent and helps repair almost everything. It is better than glue and healthier as well because it makes use of UV light. It does not make the use of any chemicals and does all the fixing within 5 seconds. It is much stronger than any other brand of glue. Moreover, this Spectro seal UV Glue quickly bonds any material that one can think of. It works smoothly on glass, rubber, plastic, metal, ceramic, wood, and various other materials.

It is a bit larger than the other pens available in the market and is extremely easy to store and use. Moreover, it doesn’t dry off quickly, even if the cap is left on. The Spectro Seal UV glue pen comes, including both the pen and the UV light in a single device. You can use it for detailed work and precise work. Also, it is quite comfortable to use.


This glue provides crystal clear epoxy resin providing self-leveling and self-degassing properties, which supplies scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and yellowing resistance. The adhesive is quite affordable and contains almost 100g of clear UV resin for easy craft making. It comes with a small tip, which you can merely open and squeeze from. It is easy to use glue and is environmentally friendly as well. It offers no mixing like ab resin and requires no preparation as well. You can use it efficiently, and it works immediately in minutes within four to five minutes. The use of this glue is comprehensive and is used for jewelry making, bezel settings, small silicone molds, craft decorations, casting and coating, garment equipment, doing resin work, encapsulating objects, and many other uses as well. 


Includes an LED, with a simple press button, and it cures the repairs in seconds, making for an everlasting and permanent bond. You can bond, construct, repair, and fill anything with this related liquid. Moreover, it can be used on a variety of materials such as plastic, wood, metal, PVC, rubber, wires, ceramics, collectible figurines, vinyl, Kevlar, polypropylene, leather, and other stuff like chargers, kids toys, jewelry, glasses, and your shoes as well. The bond that this glue creates is 100 percent waterproof, heat resistant, non-poisonous, and dries quite clearly. This glue is considered superior to super glue, and the UV used prevents the effort to remove hard glue. Moreover, this glue package contains everything you want to fix material, such as a handheld applicator, gentle LED UV, four grams of liquid adhesive that comes in a metallic case.


This bond comes with tons of functionalities, which provides an enjoyable and great experience for repairing, filling, and constructing materials. This creative bond glue is utterly different from other glues and works the best where other glues fail. It is an excellent glue for repairs and comes providing tons of flexibility as well. Moreover, it is ten times stronger than other UV Glues available on the market. It can help bond various materials such as plastic, wood, glass, metal, acrylic, rubber, ceramic, vinyl, synthetic, leather, and so much more. It dries evident and is water and well as heat resistant. It can easily be formed, sanded as well as painted. 


This Glue is UV gentle activated glue and comes with a simple press button and cures all bonds in seconds, making for an excellent everlasting bond. It can help bond, construct, repair, and fill all the different kinds of materials such as plastic, wood, metal, rubber, wires, ceramic, collectible figurines, vinyl, Kevlar, polypropylene, leather, and so much more.

It is an excellent adhesive and helps create 100 percent waterproof bonds that are heat resistant as well. It dries off clear and can be sanded or painted once it hardens. It is non-poisonous glue. Moreover, the glue comes with a solvent-free system that stays in a liquid form till set by the UV glue. There isn’t any possibility of it drying up with the container. It comes with a full starter package that contains everything you need for fixing it, such as the applicator, led UV gentle, four-gram tubes of liquid adhesive, and a microfiber fabric that comes in a metallic case.


This glue is multi-functional and can restore plastic, metals, wood, glass, and other items. It can be sanded, filled, and painted once. Moreover, it dries off clearly and is used to bond, supply, construct, and repair anything within a matter of a few seconds. It is an excellent product for filling gaps in different materials. 


The UV resin glue helps cure crystal transparent, glassy materials that give out an excellent scratch-resistant bond. It is also stain-resistant and makes all your crafting needs simple. It is simple and makes for self-leveling and self-degassing as well.


This pen has been designed for professional use and has a diffused output ranging up to 125 lumens powered by 2 AAA cells. This one features three lighting modes and perfectly to examine wounds. It isn’t only for medical professionals but also works great for inspection, work, and other repairs. This UV pen can be submerged underwater and even inside alcohol without causing any kind of damage. It is also sterilized before use and comes including a metal switch that doesn’t wear out over time. The body is also extremely durable and is capable of withstanding any kind of drops and bumps. Moreover, this UV pen is straightforward to use with one hand, leaving your other hand free, making it one of the top choices of EDC penlights. This pen can fit in pockets and bags as well. 

With the purchase of this UV glue pen, you can receive a 30-day money-back guarantee and five years of free repair warranty on the product. The package includes the penlight, a user guide, two spare O-rings, a diffuser, and a pupil gauge card.


The Paddsun UV Pen is a great tool and comes with a delivery time of 2-5 days. The US direct shipping provides for carefree and easy return within the states quite easily. It is not just glue; instead, it is a powered liquid plastic welding compound. It dries off clear and can easily be sanded or painted once it hardens on the particular project.

Moreover, it is incredibly convenient and easy to operate. It is used in various items such as glasses, toys, cables, pipes, jewelry repair, sealing, and filling. The package of the Paddison Repair tool includes a UV light glue pen, and when it finally cures, it is 100 percent waterproof heat resistant, and completely non-toxic. It helps create a permanent bond in a few seconds only and provides tons of satisfaction. 


This glue pen comes in a smart design with an infra black light with an adjustable focus system that allows the user to cover a larger area going all the way up to a narrow space. With this light, you can easily spot any kind of stains, dog urine, and other pet stains as well. This glue pen is rainproof and is corrosion resistant, and comes with an anodized aircraft aluminum construction that features an unbreakable, scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens and pocket clip. The Infra UV LED light pen provides a superior wavelength that makes it perfect for leak detection. The black light on this product offers almost 7 hours of run time. On purchasing this flashlight, you get the UV pen flashlight and an 18-month warranty.


This UV light pen provides tons of output power and radiant energy, which is hugely critical for using a UV glue pen for professional purposes. It has a hard-toughened ultra-clear optical lens that makes everything easily visible. It uses the latest plating technology, aluminum, to allow a deep reflector cup to create tight and intense bonds. This product is extremely reliable and comes providing 18 months of quality warranty and 30 days return policy. The LED light UV pen is useful for various purposes, such as detecting counterfeit documents, money verification, gasoline inspection, and amber and jewelry detection.

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