Why The “Better Than Zero Neck Gaiter” Is Extremely Important in this Time of Mask Shortages

I’m a real obsessive when it comes to protection and cleanliness.

I’m a professional copywriter living in NYC. As I write these words, my family (me, my wife, and two kids) are living in the eye of the storm and observing ALL the health precautions that I am able to practice.

BetterThanZero is one of the only things you need to prevent yourself from spreading unwanted germs and bacteria. It is a simple solution that can keep you protected, healthy, and safe. Putting on a non-surgical mask before you step out of your home is a small step with a big impact.

Not only are you protecting yourself from inhaling unwanted dust and air particles that can get into your lungs, but you are keeping those around you safe from germs as well.

betterthanzero neck gaitor

Why Do You Need Neck Gaitor?

Even if you can’t find a surgical mask, covering your face with neck gaitor is “better than nothing”.

In fact, wearing the “Better Than Zero Neck Gaiter” is a great idea and has many, many benefits! We’ll get to all the benefits In a moment, but here are just a few:

  • The “BetterThanZero Neck Gaiter” is a versatile neck and face covering that is made of super-high-quality material.
  • One size fits all. The “Better Than Zero Neck Gaiter” stylishly and neatly covers your face and nose.
  • It is very easy to breathe through it.
  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Completely washable, easy to clean. Wash it hundreds of times!
  • Wearing The “Better Than Zero Neck Gaiter” helps TRAIN YOU TO STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE. This is extremely important to keep germs out!
  • It is good in winter and summer. It keeps off the wind, sun, snow, and helps in the rain.
  • It looks really cool and fashionable on men and women.
  • Wearing it shows “you care” and people will respect your decision.
  • Easy to tote, rolls up compact for pocket or backpack.
betterthanzero neck gaitor

What is the Better Than Zero face masks?

The BetterThanZero face mask is a non-surgical masks this is used to protect the wearer from breathing in dust and debris, whilst simultaneously defensive others from their germs as properly. When I first were given my Better Than Zero face masks, I became sincerely impressed with the fine. The masks is fabricated from 3-d remarkable elastic polyester cloth and the design of the masks make it multi functional.

Non-surgical mask are typically the form of mask you would need on the way to go about your day whilst still maintaining yourself safe and guarded. Other mask might also offer extra safety, but they’re useless except you are operating in a healthcare facility or around human beings you understand for positive are sick.  

Better Than Zero does an wonderful activity of retaining undesirable dust and debris out and keeping your personal germs to yourself. Compared to different masks, this one is the maximum cozy, powerful, flexible, and contemporary. Although the aesthetics have to not be the primary situation, Better Than Zero has an part over other mask because it looks the most cutting-edge.

Does BetterThanZero Face Mask work?

Yes! If you live in an area where masks are an essential part of your daily life, you will know that wearing any kind of protection over your mouth is beneficial to your health. But not all masks serve the same purpose. Non-surgical masks are typically the type of mask you would need to be able to go about your day while still keeping yourself safe and protected.

Other masks may provide greater protection, but they are unnecessary unless you are working in a healthcare facility or around people you know for certain are sick.

BetterThanZero face mask does an amazing job of keeping unwanted dirt and debris out and keeping your own germs to yourself. Compared to other masks, this one is the most comfortable, effective, versatile, and modern. Although the aesthetics should not be the number one concern, Better Than Zero has an edge over other masks because it looks the most modern.

better than zero neck gaitor

BetterThanZero Neck Gaiter Features & Benefits

The makers of the Better Than Zero Neck Gaiter claim the mask offers all of the following benefits:

  • Reduces dust and debris inhalation
  • Multi-functional design that can be worn as a hoodie, mask, bandana, face shield, and more
  • One size fits most
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor activities
  • Washable
  • UPF 40+ UV blocking fabric
  • Cooling effect and moisture wicking
  • 3D super elastic polyester material

Who Needs BetterThanZero Neck Gaiter

No matter if you are coming up with a day hike, a cross country ski expedition, or primitive camping the foremost vital factor to consider is your clothing. Most folks are alert to the concept of layering clothing for changing weather. This is very important within the winter as multiple layers create air pockets which keep the body heat while preventing serious clothing from weighing you down.

  • For your 1st layer, you ought to wear insulated clothes designed to be worn next to the skin. The next layers would possibly be created of wool, fleece, or flannel; then finally a water-resistant outer layer.
  • Better Than Zero Neck Gaiter will help keep snow out of trainers
  • Mittens are warmer than gloves. You should attach mittens to coat to stop loss. Wear gloves beneath for when extra dexterity is required to perform tasks.
  • Hats are essential within the winter, as you can lose up to 70% of your body heat through the pinnacle. Face masks should be worn in windy conditions to stop frostbite.
  • You must wear several layers of socks starting with a thin wicking sock next to the skin, followed by one or two wool or wool blend socks.
  • For your feet Army Surplus insulated boots, mountaineering boots, or mukluks are obtainable through a range of outdoor outfitters.
neck gaitor

Comfort and Style

When reading Better Than Zero reviews, I found that everyone also agreed that these masks are made for comfort and style. There are several color options to choose from:

  • Action Grey
  • Stealth Black
  • Reflex Green

Action Grey is the one I personally like because it’s a color that is able to fit with any clothing you’re wearing. I feel comfortable wearing this color mask when I am dressed up for dinner or going for a run.

It’s really perfect for outdoor activities.

When you have the mask covering your nose and mouth, you’ll find that the mask is lightweight and won’t bother your face. It is also breathable, allowing you enjoy additional comfort.

Not only is this product attractive to look at, but the fit is snug. You’ll find that when you’re working out in the yard in the summer heat, the material is great for:

  • Wicking sweat
  • Keeping cool

Better Than Zero reviews also have people wearing their mask as:

  • Wrist bands
  • Hair bands
  • Head bands
  • Bandanas

If it’s cold outside, you can even use your mask as a neck covering to help reduce the impact of the wind on your neck. I love the multi-function design of this product because it’s so versatile.

Company Behind BetterThanZero?

The Better Than Zero Neck Gaiter is marketed online by an e-commerce company named Strong Current Enterprises Limited. That company is based in Hong Kong and sells a wide range of products online. The company seems to buy products from China at discounted prices, then sells those products online to western markets.

You can contact the company via the following:

  • Email: support@buybetterthanzero.com
  • Phone (United States & Canada): 609-414-7087
  • Phone (UK & Ireland): 08708 200084
  • Phone (Australia & New Zealand): (02)8607 8316

Final Word

The Better Than Zero Neck Gaiter is a face mask made from breathable, moisture wicking fabric. You can wear the mask for protection. Or, you can wear the neck gaiter over an ordinary face mask. You can wear the mask in nine different ways.

The Better Than Zero Neck Gaiter is exclusively available online, where each mask is priced at around $25. Get Exclusive Discount 50% OFF. Click below to get discount on Official store.

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