18 Insanely Cool Products Deals On Black Friday 2019

We’ve been keeping a track of gadget sales through the year of 2018, and we’re delighted to present you the most innovative products that are selling like hotcakes in 2019..

If your 2019 resolutions include saving money or getting healthier, or improving your productivity you’re in luck. We’ve gathered the top products from 2018 to help you actually achieve your goals this year.

To thank our readers, we’ve negotiated with these gadget-makers to get a Special Deals 50% Exclusive Off for black friday 2019! Most of the gadgets shown come with Free Shipping and Special Discounts as well for limited time.



ThermoSeat is the trusted brand for all seats and cushions for Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Hiking and all other outdoor applications. Driving in winter is a concern, not only because of the treacherous conditions, but because you feel chilled to the bone! If you don’t have lavish heated seats, then you may feel like you’re missing out. Thankfully, ThermoSeat can help. They heat up almost immediately, look stylish, and will have you traveling in winter feeling 100 percent comfortable at all times!



Who would have thought that 2,000-year-old Chinese medicine could be the answer to our problems? Using ancient methods and a revolutionary new product known as ThermoCare, you can now be more on top of your aches and pains than ever before. This joint pain alleviator works with magnetic resonance which targets your painful areas. It then stimulates your metabolism and blood circulation, alleviating pain and discomfort. Tired of popping pills?


trackfit smartwatch

TrackFit is a latest technology, affordable smartwatch that will monitor your every activity. Who needs a guardian angel anymore? With TrackFit, smartwatches are beyond date and time. It will measure your blood pressure, stress level, heartbeat, burned calories, sleep cycle and even let you know if you need any break.

TrackFit comes with heart beat and blood pressure monitor, compatibility with android and IOS, pedometer, water resistance, daily activity tracker and rechargeable battery with 30 DAYS STANDBY TIME! And all these in such an affordable price!


sleepsy pillow

When it comes to your goodnight’s sleep, there should not be any compromise. Sleepsy is a revolutionary pillow that will cure insomnia without using any chemicals on your body! With Sleepsy, you can sleep easy and wake up fresh every morning. Sleepsy comes with a high density memory foam, bamboo fabric on the top and prevents bacteria, fungi and allergens. Simply use it in place of your regular pillow and see the magic!

It’s more than your average pillow, it works as a neck pain reliever as well. This product is a gem when it comes to versatility and price. Since it’s a limited edition product, grab your gem before anyone else does!

AudiPlus 247

audiplus247 hearing aid

Thousands of elderly people are missing out on life’s simple pleasures, all because they can’t afford the price tag of premium hearing aids. AudiPlus 24/7 is a game changer, removing the middleman of the hearing aid business to provide an effective solution that doesn’t break the bank. AudiPlus also solves the problem of inferior battery life, muffled sounds, and crystal-clear quality – all while offering the aging population more confidence in their surroundings than ever before.


aircool cooler

Many people are nowadays facing this reality in houses and apartments that simply weren’t built for the extreme type of summer temperatures that have been experienced in 2019. This is why a Swiss based startup has gone to war with heat, by developing this amazing piece of technology which is now replacing big, expensive air conditioners all across the world. AirCool is becoming nowadays the best alternative for people who can simply not afford big, bulky and expensive to run air conditioning devices. Simply fill it up with water, plug it into any USB port and enjoy the cool breeze!

Blade720 Drone

blade720 drone x pro

You’ve seen it all over the internet and that’s for a good reason. This drone uses your a WiFi network to connect to your phone – it enables you to see exactly the same that the drone sees, in real time. Also the remote control of this drone is done through an app on your iPhone or Android smartphone. With the app, you can also have your drone make some pretty cool tricks like flips, or immediate 360° turns. It’s sure to turn some heads and record awesome images which you’ll be able to share with your friends on Facebook or wherever you want. The most amazing part is that we found it extremely easy to use and learn, even for us older folks!


wifiboost wifi booster

Are you at boiling point with your internet’s slow internet speed? If you see the buffering wheel one more time, are you going to explode? Simmer down with WiFiBooster. This revolutionary product takes the wheel, providing you with the lightning fast internet you may never have experienced. It boosts your existing WiFi to create a 300Mbps rate that will see you browsing and streaming with ease. It’s universal, effortless to install, and is a fraction of the cost of leading WiFi boosting products.


ultrawatch smartwatch tactical watch

It’s designed to be stronger, better and more powerful than the product made by the big companies for the lowest common denominator. Think about it. Companies like Apple and Samsung crank out thousands of these smart watches, but they’re not necessarily made well. They don’t care if you break it because that means you have to buy another one. The UltraWatch-Z watch was made to be unbreakable. It’s not like the other mass-market watches.

Unlike other smart watches, this one is made for heavy endurance. If you’ve got an active lifestyle, this might be the watch for you.

Ultra Moskinator


Are you getting eaten ALIVE? It can feel like nothing you try ever works to get rid of mosquitoes effectively. They just keep coming back! Whether they’re infesting your house, your yard, or your camping site, this revolutionary new product called Ultra Moskinator can help. As a USB-rechargeable product, it uses phototaxis wavelengths to lure mosquitoes to their deaths! It lures them in with air flow technology, then zaps them quickly for immediate results. Once you charge this via USB, it lasts for hours, while being suitable for use anywhere at any time. Say goodbye to mosquito bites for good!



Phone cameras seem to get better and better as each new model is released, and this means good things for photography enthusiasts. You could spend thousands on a new DSLR camera and multiple lenses, or you could opt for this fantastic product we found online. TrueLens is a wide-angle lens that attaches to the camera lens of your phone!

It’s compatible with any iPhone or Android phone and has an 8x optical zoom lens to ensure you get that perfect shot. They’re also affordable so if you’re impressed by the photos your phone takes now, imagine what they could be like with TrueLens? Have a look here.



For centuries, humans have had to deal on their own with probably the most annoying part of owning an apartment or home: Cleaning it! Vacuum cleaning robots have been around for a while, but have always cost a ton of money. This isn’t really the case with CleanBot, which was built with affordability and high quality in mind! It works simple, just turn it on and plug in 2 typical AAA batteries. CleanBot will use its integrated radar to avoid obstacles and clean your floor.


daysight clearview

Believe it or not, over 40 percent of fatal car accidents occur at night, and that’s got to be why these DaySight glasses are proving to be so popular! They are lightweight, UV400 anti-reflective and work by reducing the glare that often causes problems. This specialized yellow lenses tint provides 100% UV protection and blocks glare, blocks glue light, enhances contrast and clarity and passes the global traffic light standard for safer sharper vision at night.



Imagine never being afraid of a knock on your door late at night, wondering whether it’s a friend or foe? When you have SmartBell, you will know exactly who is your unannounced visitor. SmartBell is a wireless doorbell with real-time audio and visual capabilities. You can chat with the person at your door without opening it! SmartBell is compatible with Android smartphones and iPhones. It offers HD-720P resolution and also lets you record and take pictures too. Feel safe and secure with SmartBell.



Who has hundreds of dollars to spend on a new phone every time your one’s battery starts to play up? I don’t know about you, but we don’t! ChargeBoost is a product that is taking over the market thanks to its revolutionary technology. You can use it to wirelessly charge your smartphone without having to deal with annoying plugs and a new lease on life. Say hello to hours of movie watching on one single charge!


neckzen neck hammcok

As our beloved customer, we want you to benefit from NeckZen – the newest hype among modern-day orthopedists! Neck Hammock removes headaches and stress within a very short time that even medical professionals are left speechless. It is also convenient, handy, and very easy to use or carry around. Just hang the neck hammock on your door or railing, put your head on it for 10-15 minutes and you will be able to see the results by yourself! Whether at home, office or a vacation, relax whenever, wherever.



If you don’t want to sign up for crash diets and heavy workouts, here’s your magic wand to lose weight! With LipoRing losing weight is not laborious anymore. It works with magnets and Ancient Chinese medicine by activating the acupuncture points. Just simply wear the soft rings in your toes whenever and wherever you want, make sure the magnets are in the right place and wait for the magic to happen! It gives visible results just in A WEEK!

Bonus: MagiFry


Most people spend, on average, 200+ hours doing their dishes every year. That doesn’t include scrubbing pots and pans that continue to frustrate you for hours on end. This one product, however, can take all the frustration out of washing up. MagiFry is a toxin-free ceramic and titanium fry pan which features superior Cemi-Tech technology. You don’t need any oils or sprays, clean up is a breeze, and you can use it in your oven and on your stove top too.

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