Dango Buds Ultimate Review 2020 – Legit EarBuds or A Cheap Scam?


If you are someone who is into music and loves listening to it on the go, then you will need a good pair of earphones with you. Most earphones come with a cable that makes it difficult to use them. Another key requirement with these earphones is that they need to be taken care of and stored well at all times. 

Dango Buds are one such pair of earphones that can be used as per the user’s convenience. Not only are they small and compact, but they are also highly portable and can easily be carried around while travelling. Music comes with great sound in these earphones, and these are completely wireless. They are connected to the smart devices via Bluetooth technology and come with a built-in microphone as well. The microphone is used for transmitting the voice during phone conversations. This makes it easy to listen to music and make or receive calls easy.

For recharging these earbuds, they come with a charging station that can also be a great box for storage. Also, it comes with a USB charging cable that provides a second option for recharging the earbuds quickly and conveniently.


Dango Earbuds are noise-canceling earbuds that enhance the entire experience of listening to music. They are completely wireless and are connected to phones using Bluetooth technology. Moreover, you can easily use them while performing your daily chores, and the Dango Buds will make all errands easier for you. 

The Dango earbuds are designed in a small and sleek way, and they fit perfectly in your ear and don’t fall off, no matter what you are doing. You can easily work out and go for a run with these earbuds. They also come providing high-quality sound and provide consistency in sound by providing the flexibility of listening to music for hours without any problem.

These earbuds can easily be connected via Bluetooth to various devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and computers. If the devices don’t come with Bluetooth technology, the connection cannot be established. The signals are sure to reach the right and left ear simultaneously. Moreover, listening to music or making phone calls is fairly easy with these Dango Ear Buds.

The manufacturer of these earbuds provides a built-in microphone with the product, and the voice reaches quite clearly. The microphone’s primary focus is the voice and filters out most of the surrounding noise. You can easily have a conversation without raising your voice with these earbuds. Moreover, these earbuds can directly be charged with the storage box, and both the buds can receive a charge at the same time. No power plug is needed to charge the microphones, and the cable comes with the delivery package. 


  1. These earbuds come either in black or white colour.
  2. These are active noise cancelling earbuds.
  3. Dual microphones are included.
  4. It uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology
  5. The batteries used in these earbuds are the 65 mAh lithium polymer battery.
  6. The battery of the charging case is 5V/ 550 mAh lithium polymer battery
  7. Type-C port for charging is used
  8. It also comes with replaceable 6mm silicone in-ear tips


  1. Compatible with all devices: The Dango Earbuds are quite versatile and can easily be used with both Android and Apple devices. The only thing required to work these earbuds is an active Bluetooth connection. The sound quality of these earphones is amazing with all devices.
  2. Long Battery Life: These earphones come with long battery life. These wireless earphones are quite convenient and don’t have the hassle of cords and cables, which can be quite annoying. These earbuds are not only wireless, but it comes with the great battery life that can work all day long. 
  3. Fast Charging: These Dango Buds can be used quickly. You have to leave them in a charging case, and they instantly get charged. Within an hour, they are fully charged, and the charging case can also be used to charge other smart devices. The type-C port makes it easy for customers to charge the case and plug various other devices in it. 
  4. Active Noise Cancellation: These earbuds make use of advanced noise cancellation technology to get rid of unwanted sounds and create a personal enhanced experience for each user. The dual microphones easily capture all the surrounding sounds and create waves to get rid of them. 
  5. Wide Connectivity: The Bluetooth range of these earbuds is almost 33 feet, which is a wide range. You can easily leave your smartphone in one room and walk to the other, not worrying about whether you will lose the connection or not. There is a lot of freedom of movement when it comes to these earphones.
  6. Sleek Design: The dual earbuds and the case come with a modern and sleek design. These earbuds are easy to carry around and come into colours; namely black and white. They are so amazing that nobody will be disappointed upon using them. The charging case of these earphones comes with an LED screen, which displays the battery usage of these earbuds. 


The Dango Earbuds are quite helpful and provide an ultimate enhanced audio experience. The quality of sound is amazing with these earphones. They come with noise cancellation technology, which removes all the unwanted noise and disturbances from the surroundings. With three silicone in-ear tips, in the small, medium and big size, they are extremely easy to wear. Also, they are wireless, which makes it easy to operate being even 10 meters away from the smart devices. 


The earbuds are made for people who like to listen to music on the go. They come providing a great sound that is amazing for all the manufacturers. The earphones are extremely small and compact, and you can carry them with you wherever you go. Moreover, you can safely store these in the charging case. A huge advantage of these earbuds is that you don’t have to worry about them falling off because they can be used simultaneously while performing other activities such as jogging, sports etc. Moreover, the headphones come with a secure hold, which ensures they don’t slip off easily.


These earbuds work quite efficiently and the process to use them is quite simple. You have to connect these earphones to the Bluetooth of the smart devices and ensure that the device has an active Bluetooth connection. Once the device has been located, you can click on the ‘connect’ option and pair the earbuds with the device. You can listen to music for hours and hours once the connection has been established.

Charging these earbuds is also quite simple. The case that you store the earbuds in automatically charges each bud because it comes with built-in wireless charging features. But, the case also needs to be charged. The case comes with a Type-C charging port, which means that you can use any Android charger for this one as well. You have to insert the charger into the socket and connect the port of the earbuds charging case. It takes about two hours to charge the case entirely if it is completely out of battery.



  • These earbuds carry excellent sound quality
  • They come in a compact and sleek design and can be carried around easily
  • They come bearing high-quality artistry and are known to provide great comfort
  • The recharging is done conveniently and can be performed while you are on the move
  • It works with a one-touch operation
  • There is absolutely no technical knowledge or know-how required
  • These earbuds are compatible with many systems

When it comes to the disadvantages, one cannot point out what is it that can be claimed as a drawback for these earphones.


The Dango Ear Buds are sold through the official website of the manufacturer, and the website provides full information about the product. The website also comes, including various offers and discounts, and the payment process is safe and easy.


If you are looking for a decent pair of earbuds and don’t know which one to go for, the Dango Earbuds are the perfect choice for you. They come with tons of benefits and are extremely lightweight. They can also be carried around easily, and you don’t have to worry about them falling off because they come with a nice hold. Moreover, they offer impeccable sound quality, and battery life is quite long compared to the other buds available.

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