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When it comes to buying a drone there’s a lot of things to consider, mainly the type of drone you want to buy. They come in all shapes and sizes; from toy drones that cost about twenty dollars all the way up to high-end camera drones that cost thousands of dollars.

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Area Of Use

When it comes to toy drones, the thing you should consider is where you’re going to fly it. If you’re just looking for something to fly around your living room, there are ones that you can control with your phone or tiny ones that just aren’t suited for flying outdoors. Those drones usually range in price from about twenty dollars to a hundred or so.

The more money you spend, of course, the more features you get and generally the more stable they’ll be. Some of them do have cameras but they’re not going to be great quality.

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Drone Camera Quality

If you want a better quality camera experience, you’re gonna want to step to a dedicated camera drone. You’ll get a better quality camera that’s something along the lines of either an entry-level point-and-shoot up to something like a really good action camera. Of course if you go above that and spend thousands of dollars you’ll get a really good large sensor camera equivalent to a digital SLR.


You’ll also want to consider what’s stabilizing the camera. It can be electronic stabilization which is done digitally in camera or via actual mechanical gimbal. Then there are models that have a combination of both of those.

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Selfie drones are a subset of camera drones they’re mostly designed to catch quick aerial shots of yourself, your friends and family. They fold up usually and you can stick them in your bag. They’re not really designed for flying for long. These drones are typically flown with your phone or, in some cases, hand gestures. Usually these drones are priced between a hundred to five hundred dollars.

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Racing Droids

Racing droids are pretty much a DIY thing mostly because they crash a lot and you need to be able to repair them. Now that’s starting to change as more companies are starting to diversify them and make other categories of drones such as racing drones.

Drone Battery Life

When it comes to battery life, a small drone have a pretty low battery life.

  • Toy drones get between five and ten minutes of flight time.
  • Selfie drones will get about fifteen to twenty minutes of flight.
  • camera drones will get between twenty and thirty minutes of flight.

Now all of that again is going to depend on how hard you’re flying it, wind conditions and generally how many features you have turned on in the drone. The more money you spend, usually the better features you get. On toy drones that stuff usually gets left off. So, you might get a beginner toy drone it will be harder to keep in the air than a higher-end drone with a bunch of safety features.

Legal Permit

Last thing I want to say is no matter where you live in the world and really more importantly it’s wherever you intend on flying, you need to make sure that you are legally able to do so.

For those of you out there who are in the United States, the FAA does make an app called before you fly. It’s a free app you can get it from your App Store. Just do your research and make sure that before you even go ahead and buy a drone that you can legally fly it. You want another thing just about laws in general with drones is that a lot of times when you hear about people getting busted for flying.

In Illegal locations they don’t get busted usually when they’re actually filming, but, it’s when they post it to social media. So, you should have the expectation that if you post any kind of drone video online, whether it’s on YouTube or whatever other social network, if you use any kind of keyword that includes the word, it is probably going pop up on someone’s radar. And if you are not doing things legally that is usually where you get in trouble.

Whichever drone you end up buying just be careful, be considerate and read the manual.

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