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Bringing Brains to Your Wrist

From running apps, to displaying smartphone notifications, to monitoring your heart rate, the latest crop of smartwatches do a lot more than just tell time. Smartwatches have moved to a different approach as compared to what they were a few years ago. The emphasis has now moved on from smartphone notifiers to extended purposes which increase the utility of your phone with features such as fitness, media controls and even calls. Though there are many brands of smartwatches available in the market, however, getting a good quality smartwatch at an affordable price is quite tough.

But, of late, there is a start-up in Europe which has launched its own flagship smartwatch known as eWATCH which is proving to be a tough competitor to the biggies in the industry. A lot of customers have been convinced about the watch and eWatch is one such smartwatch that costs about three times lesser than what is charged by the competitors. Read our review on eWatch to know more about it.

What Is eWatch?

The eWatch is a so-called health tracker. A lot of people have already started using this smartwatch called eWatch. Maybe you already know similar products from big manufacturers like Samsung and Apple. What the Smartwatches of the big vendors have in common is a high price and mostly the restriction that the health watch is only suitable for a certain operating system. This is about to change with the eWatch. It is sold by a firm which is based in Europe, i.e. France and Germany. The watch is created in the Chinese factories where other top brands create their products. This is why the quality of its build quality is on the lines of the flagship smartwatches of well-known companies such as Apple, Fitbit, and Samsung. They make use of only the best parts, software and technology which can be found, inexpensive models. The eWatch functions smoothly and efficiently.
Unlike the Fitness Trackers from Samsung, Apple and co., this device is explicitly suitable for smartphones with Android, but also for mobile phones with iOS operating system. Furthermore, the price is quite respectable in direct comparison.

eWatch evaluation and recommendation

A special feature of the watch is of course clearly its compatibility with the Android and iOS operating systems. This gives you more freedom in your purchasing decision if you want to buy a new smartphone and not a new fitness tracker.When it comes to technical equipment that can be bought at a low price, the first question that inevitably arises is that of quality. With the eWatch this is – according to the technical facts – quite given. The material of the housing is ultra-resistant aluminum.

This provides a comfortable and light wearing comfort and still protects the inner life of the fitness tracker to an ideal extent. The double-sided, hardened glass on the top of the health watch protects the Retina HD Touchscreen from scratches and other damage that can quickly occur when worn on the wrist. And the touch screen itself also speaks for the quality of the product, as colours and shapes are displayed intensely and sharply.

The functional range of the Smartwatch hardly differs from that of other comparable health watches. So you can track your activities and monitor your sleep. The latter is possible because the watch records all your movements while you sleep and uses this information to determine which phase of sleep you are in. The Fitness Tracker also measures your mood and heart rate, which is especially important when you are exercising. 

Features of eWatch

This Smartwatch has a lot of interesting features which are as follows:

1. Activity Tracker:  Here, you can check the Time Display, Calorie Consumption, Step Display, and Distance Display.

2. Safety: It has an anti-lost feature

3. Health: It comes with the Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor, ECG, Pedometer, and Sedentary Alert

4. It has various features like Calendar, BT Music, Alarm, Calculator, Call Logs, Phonebook Sync, Gestures, SMS, Stopwatch, Notifications

5. It has the Advanced Fitness Application

6.  The battery will last for about 3 To 5 Days depending on the frequency of usage.

7. It has a Personal Voice Assistant function

8. It is water-resistant

What Are Other Key Features?

The eWATCH has many more features which can be found in branded smartwatches:

1. It has the Bluetooth 4.0 Protocol

2. It has heart sensors which help people understand their heart conditions or level of anxiety.

3. Size: 44 * 38 * 10.7mm and Weight: 50g

eWatch test and quality features

Your safety seems to be very important to the provider. Therefore he has optimized the shop website for the Fitness Tracker accordingly. This way you only have the option of paying with PayPal or credit card. As a result, you don’t have to disclose sensitive account information on the website. Furthermore, the entire shopping process is secured via SSL encryption. Your data is fully encrypted before it is sent to the manufacturer, who then sends the watch to you. All these security measures have been tested and verified by Norton, McAfee and Truste.

eWatch opinions and experiences

The experience with the Smartwatch has been very positive to a large extent. The watch received the greatest praise from many reviewers for its versatility and extensive functions. Also the possibility to use the device for Android smartphones as well as for iOS devices convinced many. Some reviews criticized the fact that the watch’s wristband cannot be replaced. 

Why Is The eWatch So Popular?

The eWatch is quite popular due to the following:

1. It is the First Smartwatch as well as Fitness Tracker In just one single Sleek Watch.

2. The Display is of High-Quality and is Easy-To-Read Display in any lighting.

3. It provides precise tracking of the heart rhythm and heart rate.

4. It is waterproof, has a  Menstrual Cycle Tracker as well as a Sleeping Monitor.

5. There are Activity Rings which keep track of the progress and encourage you to move more.

6. It has the function of Personal Voice Assistant

Why do I need this smartwatch?

Many of us wish to own a smartwatch due to the amazing features it comes with and it helps you stay safe and up-to-date. It integrates mobile phone support which helps seniors get help easily from anywhere by way of cellular technology.

This eWATCH also has advanced location tracking with the help of GPS positioning as well as Wi-Fi, alerts, and reminders for medications and various important tasks or events. It also has an application for the weather forecast app. The reasonably priced Smartwatch is basically aimed at anyone who wants to take advantage of the benefits of a Smartwatch for themselves and their health and who wants a high level of functionality as well as an attractive and modern design. The gadget is particularly suitable for men due to its design. But women also appreciate the simple elegance of the white model.

All you need is a smartphone to which the Smartwatch can be paired. As already mentioned, it is completely irrelevant here whether it is a mobile phone with Android or with iOS. Via Bluetooth the Smartphone and the Smartwatch connect to each other – and you are ready to go. 

Benefits of eWatch

1. It has a very sturdy body that is water-resistant. The casing is made of aluminum along with hardened glass on either side which makes it look smart as well.

2. The watch has an HD retina Touchscreen which makes it quite attractive.

3. It comes with Bluetooth 4.0 and this is compatible with iOS as well as Android operating systems. 

4. It enables the user to get notifications, status updates, work emails, etc., instantly.

5. The watch has a lithium polymer battery which is long-lasting

6. It is the first watch that comes with a heart rate tracker, a fitness tracker, a sleep monitor, etc. in just a single device along with a high-quality display in every kind of lighting.

7. The watch also comes with a menstrual cycle tracker. It tracks daily activity as well as reminds you to keep moving and not just sitting. You can also make and take calls. It has the function of a personal voice assistant which enables you to operate the device easily. It can arrange work appointments as well for you.

Where can you by the eWatch and what is its Cost?

You might assume that the watch is very expensive and could be priced at about $400 or even $500. However, this smartwatch comes at a price of only $79. It is quite similar to the high-end gadgets from Apple, Fitbit or even Samsung. At present, the watch can be ordered from the website of the manufacturer and is available at a discount of 50%.

How Can It Be So Affordable?

eWATCH does not splurge on advertising. In fact, they allow their devices to do the promotion by way of positive feedback from clients. On the contrary, companies like Apple and Samsung splurge a lot of money on their promotion and advertising which leads to a hike in the cost price of the product. It could even add to about 50% of the cost which is, in turn, paid off by customers.

How Does eWatch Smartwatch Work?

The eWatch is much more than the hype created around it. Initially, you might doubt the quality of this smartwatch, however, the watch has some amazing features which will help you keep a track of your health and physical activities as well. With the data it provides, it helps you train with it simultaneously. It also has smart navigation positioning which is a feature of the GPS tracker. It offers a lot of features such as wi-fi, reminder alerts, alerts for various important events, and an application for weather forecast as well. It assists in monitoring sleep. If you are into sports or you are into a lot of fitness activities, this watch is perfect for you.

Pros and Cons of eWatch Smartwatch


1. The watch is made using High-Quality materials and is very Durable

2. The device is simple and Easy to Use

3. It is very stylish and has a Premium Design

4. It is water-resistant 

5. It has a sleep monitoring app along with a heart rate tracker

6. It has a personal voice assistant feature which even helps you fix appointments and meetings.

7. It is good for sports and fitness enthusiasts as it has a fitness tracker

8. It ensures you stay fit and healthy and are not sitting for long hours.

9. It also has a menstrual cycle tracker

10. it has an application for a weather forecast.

11. It is inexpensive and affordable


1. The Stock Is Very Limited

2. It can be purchased online on the website of the manufacturer only

Conclusion: Should You Get It?

The eWatch is the perfect device for those who are into sports, fitness, and those who want to stay fit or even those who just wish to own a smartwatch. The watch is of premium quality and is very durable. It is similar to the high-end devices from brands like Apple or Fitbit. The device has a good battery life which ensures it can last a whole day and it functions really well. It also has the retina HD touch screen feature which makes it more appealing, especially at the cost at which it is available. It is compatible with Android as well as iOS. In short, if you want to own a  good quality smartwatch at an affordable price, this eWatch is the best device to invest in.

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