FIXD OBD Car Sensor – Brief Overview

FIXD has come up with a new diagnostic sensor device that can help you to find out what is the exact problem with your vehicle without even taking it to the mechanic first. In simple words, you can scan your vehicle with this sensor and know is it safe to drive or no. It sends you diagnostic information to your phone which lets you know when to bring your car in for maintenance and to why the check engine light turned on.

What is FIXD?

It is a hardware-software combo used to diagnose the problems with your vehicle. It is founded by Georgia Tech students, Rachel Ford, and John Gattuso. It is an OBD 2nd generation scanner.

With the FIXD OBD-2 scanner, you can transform your dumb car into a smart car.

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How does FIXD OBD work?

Just place the device underneath your steering wheel where the OBD2 port is present and just plug it in. It is a small device so need not worry to be seen.

Now, download the FIXD application from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and connect the car sensor to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

This then gets information from your car and feeds it in your phone. If the information in your device shows zero problems detected you are free to you your vehicle and if it detects any problem you can then give the data to your mechanic to fix it.

To make it more hassle-free, the FIXD device is powered by your car, so you need not recharge it.

What notifications does FIXD alert you about?

  • When there is any problem with your car
  • What is the estimated cost of fixing the problem
  • What is the consequence of continuing with your drive while the problem persists
  • When to stop, to prevent further damage to your ride.

How much does FIXD cost and where to find it?

One FIXD sensor is likely to cost $59. Two for $88 and three units its around $118. It also has a 30-day, money-back guarantee with one year warranty. You can find it on their official website, Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy stores.

Detects problem in the car if any.
Cost estimate, Maintenance reminder
Continuous monitoring
Small, hands-free, and easy to use the device
Can link multiple sensors to one account and monitor multiple vehicles at the same time.
Vehicles having OBD-2 port can use this device.


FIXD is a great device for all to take care of your vehicle and helps to do a simple repair at home. It is very easy for beginners to diagnose their car and fix small problems on their own. It scans your car within seconds and also tells you the estimated cost for the same. It’s a gadget that can make your ride safe.

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