Handy Heater – Say Bye To Spine Chilling Cold Wave

Summary: This innovative handy space heater is so powerful it transforms cold spaces into warm places – keeping you cozy and comfortable for just pennies a day!

As I was watching YouTube last night, I was constantly reminded about this little heater called the Handy heater. Promotions claimed that you could plug this into any wall outlet and remove wires or space that a conventional electric heater uses.

As a gadget review team, we got one to figure out and see if it holds up to its claims.

This is the Handy heater out of the box it’s a pretty good-looking little unit and it includes a little pamphlet on how to use it. The box itself claims that the heater is good for garages, bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, dorms offices and more. Feature states that it has a full 350 watts power unit.

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handy heater review

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Handy Heater Review – Design

The most appealing feature of the heater itself is its compact size. The plastic cabinet seems pretty durable and well designed. It has a modern pleasant look – the wall plug on the back can rotate 180 degrees to fit any three-prong outlet.

There is large power switch on the side for on/off conditions. The front panel has a pretty large LED display that angles well for viewing from distance. When the heater is running it displays the temperature. The control panel offers a thermostat range from 60 to 90 degrees (15°C – 32°C) and you can do that by using control buttons.

portable handy heater

It also has a programmable timer from 1 to 12 hours. As soon as the timer expires, it shuts off automatically. On the control panel you can find the speed control for the fan. It has a ceramic heating element in the front. The plastic does stay cool it has automatic shutoff circuitry.

When I checked the actual power consumption of the handy heater at highest fan speed, it turned out to be 366 Watt. This is 16 more than the advertised value of 350 Watt. This is quite in range when considering the heavy-duty room heater.

Handy Heater Review – Features

This is a portable and lightweight! So you can now enjoy warm, comforting heat anywhere – living rooms, bathrooms, offices, RV/Campers, garages and more – without raising your electric bill.

  • Heat Up ANY Area in Minutes! – Its Ceramic design and adjustable heat quickly warm up any space up to 250 sq feet!
  • No Hassle – Plug And Play – Simply plug the Handy Heater into any standard electric outlet and start enjoying your warm and cozy space.
  • Save On Electricity Bill – You no longer have to choose between staying warm and expensive heating bills. Handy Heater is purposely designed to be energy efficient and just as effective as those bulky, expensive space heaters.
  • Highly Portable – The compact size makes it easy to travel and keeps you warm no matter where you are… perfect for the office, living room, cold bathrooms*, RV/campers, and even garages!
  • Easily Control The Temperature – The adjustable thermostat is simple and effective! The buttons are large, easy to press, and straightforward – anyone can understand it (from little kids to non-techy adults).
  • Put Heat On an Automatic Timer (customer favorite feature!) – Schedule the Handy Heater to turn on 30 minutes before you arrive and turn off shortly after you leave. No energy wasted – just cozy, comfortable heat whenever, wherever!
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee – If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with your Handy Heater, you can easily return it, hassle-free!

How To Use Handy Heater

handy heater working

Using handy heater is pretty simple. Its a plug and play heating device. Just plug it to any of the appropriate outlet. It’ll hang right on your wall and fan out warm air to the surrounding area.

Handy heater being a portable and light heating device, doesn’t need a lot of room like other spacious heaters might do, as it hovers above the ground right on your wall.

Safety Standards

Handy heater confirmed to our safety reviews. We also did a bit of research on standard norms and found that regarding safety, Handy Heater is ETL listed. The bottom of the box also states that it “conforms to UL STD. 1278.”

There is a built-in auto cut off to prevent overheating and the outer casing stays cool to the touch so you can unplug it and take it with you, straight away.

Additionally we recommend to check the timer function of the Handy Heater. You can set the amount of time you want it to work and then it will automatically turn off. Great for warming you while you get to sleep, heating a chilly corner of a room in advance or just giving you peace of mind that you can set it and forget. It won’t stay on all night when you’ve asleep or gone out.

portable room heater

Handy Heater Review – Highs

  • Handy Heater is quite portable and offers a moderate 350 watts of power.
  • Heats space of 250 feet pretty well.
  • Can be used in any room, restrooms or offices.
  • Saves big on electricity bill

Handy Heater Review – Lows

One thing that irritates me is that after the fan shuts off, the heating element appears to glow red. After online investigation, I found that this is merely a red LED light within the unit, but this is not mentioned in the manual.

How To Buy Handy Heater

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