HomePolice24: The Amazing Door Sensor Your Home Needs

Summary – A full security system may be the peace of mind you and your loved ones need. Just like you are always aware when the entry point of your home is opened, the door sensor do just that with loud and clear alarms whenever the door or window is opened.

A break-in can result in more than just missing valuables. It can have a lasting psychological effect that leaves the victim scarred. If you have suffered because of a previous break-in, you want to be sure you have taken the right steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Modern technology is helping many homes and making them safer.

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This door sensor uses the latest technology to provide Extra Security. Safety at home is never assured, with break-ins and robberies on the rise. But, there are steps you can take to protect your home, and prevent the unwanted from happening. HomePolice24 is a product that can really make a difference, and help you to rest easy.

HomePolice24 Door Sensor Features

  • Connected Smart Security System: This door sensor can be easily connected to your monitored security system. With this type of connected home security, you are able to receive notifications on your mobile when doors are open, and see who’s at your home using connected CCTV cameras.
  • Wireless Installation: One of the easiest and safest door sensor available in the market, HomePolice24 Door sensors are meant for DIY home security measures. For home-owners as well as tenants, wireless door sensors are great, budget-friendly added security that’s easy during move out.
  • DIY Home Security: HomePolice24 Door sensors are great DIY home security options. They’re known to be affordable and easy to maintain. HomePolice24 Door sensors have smart features to provide mobile notifications when doors and windows are open for added security and control.
  • Remote Control: You can easily control HomePolice24 Door sensor with the sensor’s remote or your smartphone. Remote access allows you to conveniently turn the sensor on, off or test the battery.
best door sensor

Whether you are on a business trip or have just stepped away from your house for a short time, HomePolice24 will help secure your home.

A door sensor that has numerous functions is the answer for many people, and it is easy to see why.

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Door Sensor Is Easy To Install

A problem that many people have with home security, is it seems complicated. This results in too many homes being left exposed.

HomePolice24 door sensor is surprisingly easy to install. There are no complicated tools required when applying the device to your door or window. It comes with screws that can be used to attach it to the door. Otherwise, double-sided adhesive tape can be used to place it wherever needed. This means it takes a matter of seconds to put it in place.

One issue with home security devices are that a lot of the technology cannot be used by more than one user. This means if the designated user is unavailable, the home is not secure.

HomePolice24 door sensor allows for numerous family members to track the device, meaning it could alert someone closer to home. This means your house has an extra layer of security, that you do not get with a lot of other devices.

best home security door sensor

Not only that, but any designated user can track the history of the device, meaning they can see when a door or window has been opened or closed in the past.

HomePolice24 Is Compatible With Numerous Devices

When purchasing any piece of modern technology, it is important that it syncs with your other home devices.

HomePolice24 door sensor is compatible with Alexa and Google Home. This means you can use your voice to control it, making it incredibly easy to use the important functions. It can also be auto controlled by other compatible devices.

This is vital in how you can track whether your door, cabinets, windows, drawers or anywhere else you would like to protect, has been opened or closed. HomePolice24 is also compatible with IFTTT.

Smart Door Sensor

It is easy to forget to close a window, especially on a summer’s day. Maybe your children are often leaving the back door open, leaving your house exposed, and easily accessible by a burglar. This door sensor connects to other home security monitoring tools and home automation equipment to create a smart security system.

Not only does it tell you when a door or window has been opened, but it will also send you a push notification if you leave the house and the window or door is open.

>>Free Shipping available at your location. Check Availability Now

It helps provide extra security by sending automated mobile notifications when suspicious activity is detected.

HomePolice24 Is Compact

When your security system is too big, it can be unsightly. This doesn’t make your home look nice. Most people want something subtle, that they do not notice when they walk past.

The compact design of HomePolice24 door sensor means this is not something you will have to worry about. Its white appearance means it blends into most windows and doors. This door sensor is built to last, meaning it will still be fully operational for some time.

There are a lot of sub-par devices on the market. The problem is, they do not last long enough and can be unreliable. HomePolice24 is made from quality materials, and will not let you, or your home down.

Where can I purchase this Door Sensor?

HomePolice24 door sensor is available for a limited time only, with exclusive 50% Discount offer and free shipping. Ordering is quick and easy, so take advantage of the great price by ordering yours today.

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