Who doesn’t love listening to some music and enjoying it? Music is stress relieving, enjoyable and is a powerful tool for making everyday life simpler. It helps in improving your sleep hygiene, and lets you fall asleep comfortably to feel more rested and relaxed. With the different streaming apps and speakers available today, it has become much easier to take advantage of listening to music no matter where you are.

Music provides various sleep benefits and can be quite a helpful aid to add to your night routine. It even helps people who are dealing with insomnia as it acts as a great alternative to medications, supplements and aromatherapy as well. To attain all these benefits, there is a device called Hoom band, which is a head wrap that offers wireless headphones that you can wear while sleeping and offers a comfortable way to listen to music and audio. You can wrap the device around your entire head, including the forehead and ears, when in use.


Hoom band acts like a tranquilizer and is a great alternative to uncomfortable headphones for people who cant sleep too easily. Those who suffer from insomnia and need certain white noise for sleeping can use this device and get peaceful, happy sleep.

The Hoomband device helps provide access to almost 20 hours of guided meditations and hypnotic stories, which have been created by hypnotherapists, sleep doctors as well as sound designers. It can be used for a variety of applications because it works similar to a pair of headphones, which makes it to be the perfect listening partner for music or for watching movies as well. It works as a creative and innovative sleeping aid that is quite different from all the other products available in the market.

The Hoomband Wireless headphones are essentially built-in headphones that allow you to rest and sleep comfortably or soundly. It plays all meditative verses and hypnotic documentaries as well. People are quite skeptical about listening to music sleeping while music gets played, but this device works quite well for putting you off to sleep.


  1. Hoomband flat speakers: These headphones are quite thin so you literally cannot feel anything while wearing them and they are placed under soft foam, which is concealed under a breathable fabric. These headphones are perfect for the side sleepers.
  2. 3D Foam: For additional comfort the fabric on these headphones includes foam that considers itself as ultra thin earphones. You can remove the foam at any point of time to adjust the position according to your needs and specifications.
  3. Hoomband breathable fabric: These headphones are tailor made from a 3D mesh and used for softness and thinness. They regulate the temperature and keeps your head cool. Moreover, the headphones are flexible, solid and can be washed easily by using your hands.
  4. Hoomband is limitless: These works similar to headphones and can be used with all the different apps making them perfect for airplanes, trains and even for yoga and meditation.


  1. Hypnosis: The recordings on the device are created naturally to reactivate the sleep mechanisms that we all possess. Hypnosis sessions are converted into metaphorical stories in which the user plays a protagonist.
  2. Cardiac Coherence: Cardiac Coherence is one of the most effective tools for getting good quality sleep and relaxing completely. This is used in relaxation therapy and provides mindfulness meditation or other approaches.
  3. Meditation: Guided meditation is a great tool where you can meditate and enjoy various benefits quickly and conveniently. A narrator provides the guidance for relaxing your mind and body to help you reach a deep meditative state.
  4. 5 senses stimulation: The product offers various visualization techniques by stimulating the five different senses and this method is perfect for preparing the mind of the users for distracting them from the thoughts that usually keep them awake.
  5. Binaural frequency: Binaural helps to reduce the stress and remove sleep by harnessing the power of the left and right brain. Use these frequencies with chords to make the experience completely immersive.


  • Hypnotic stories: A great mix of hypnosis and storytelling
  • Immersive documentaries: You get to hear the work of famous artists, and dive into the mysteries of the universe.
  • Deep meditation: You can relax through this meditation and controlled breathing.
  • Ambient Sounds: Binaural frequencies, sounds of nature and various music chords are played
  • White noise: This works quite well for isolating yourself from the outside noises and for sleeping soundly through the night
  • Offline Mode: You can listen to the audios in airplane mode


The Hoomband is a remarkable product and to start with it requires to prompt rest 2.5 times faster than any other arrangement. It helps customers to sleep comfortably and relax with immense peace of mind and worry-free sleep.


Step 1: This starts with the introduction when the story begins and you get into bed.

Step 2: Now prepare to sleep and use the progressive relaxation techniques that involve breathing, cardiac coherence, body scan and the 5 senses stimulation.

Step 3: You can get deeper into hypnotic trance. The conscience state evolves and you move into another world.

Step 4: Now you go into relaxation and sleep. Deep relaxation and then you can sleep comfortably effortlessly.


The headphones are made with fabric that uses 3D breathable mesh, which helps in regulating the temperature while the headband is on the head. It is quite flexible and if you want to adjust it further, the product includes 3D foam that allows you to position the earphones securely and comfortably in place. You can easily choose different sizes that are appropriate according to your specifications.

The Hoomband includes a 47-inch cable that easily connects to your smartphone. It is quite important and you need to download it on your device to make it work. The phone needs to have a headphone jack otherwise you will not be able to use this device. After wearing the headband, you have to simply open the application and you will find an entire list of different documentaries and meditations for helping you sleep. The choice is yours.

A great thing to notice about this device is that once you download the application, you can turn off the Wi-Fi as it works quite well online. There will be no distractions from any other app as well.


  1. New content is constantly added and upgraded in the application.
  2. This headband is built to make for perfect sleep.
  3. There is no discomfort on using this band.
  4. It leads to better quality sleep and better health emotionally as well as physically.
  5. Made with breathable fabric.
  6. The use of this is limitless and works quite well as a headphone.
  7. It is a one-time purchase without subscription.


  1. This product is not available for purchase in retail stores.
  2. The product is limited in quantity.
  3. There is limited stock available for this product, so the faster you order, the better it is.
  4. Another thing that needs improvement is to make it wireless that the company needs to adopt as soon as possible.


When you decide to purchase Hoomband, make sure that you get it from the direct manufacturer. The brand has a website that offers the product. Moreover, if you purchase more than one Hoomband then you can avail special offers from time to time.

The great thing about this product is that it comes offering numerous payment options, which has been offered by the manufacturers. There is no need to take any risk because of the secure payment mechanism. Also, if you don’t like the product, you can use the money back guarantee without any issues. The Hoomband is delivered quickly to your doorstep, with utmost convenience. Once the product arrives, you can start using it immediately.

Money back guarantee and refund policy: The company comes offering a 30 day 100 percent money back guarantee. The items should be return unused in their original packaging. You can ship the package conveniently to the return facility and provide them with the correct tracking number. You will instantly get an email confirming the refund when the company receives and approves the return.


The Hoomband is a useful and convenient nighttime accessory for anyone who enjoys listening to music and likes to hear great tones while asleep. These are Bluetooth enabled headphones that work directly with the app. Users can completely play any particular song or audio on their smartphones to get the best value out of the product. These headphones are ultra-thin, adjustable and high quality audio speakers, which come providing comfortable, wearable and hoom headband.

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