So many women face instances when someone in their life has stalked them? Many people face it regularly and women of ages 18 to 24 are more prone to become victims of stalking. There is always a fear of walking alone in the dark and the world is not so safe to live in.

Some people are trained enough to act and react fast; others might not have the slightest clue about what is happening. This is one of the major reasons for people going missing. But, now there is one particular device, which doesn’t only scare off attackers but also ensures that those who are around the victim can be intimated or signalled. This device is called Hootie and it works as a personal safety device, which works as an alarm, a self-defence tool, and a deterrent also. 


Hootie is a device that is built for personal safety and is the size of an electric car key or a key fob. The device comes packed with multiple features and is used to deter and push away attackers, alert those who are passing by and protect you when you face any kind of emergency. You can carry the device around when you go out for a hike or you are walking through a remote part of the town.

Hootie is handy and you can easily clip it onto your jacket or your backpack, or even attach it easily to a keychain. Each hootie comes with a tiny little carabineer, which makes it convenient to clip it into anything and everything. The device is compact and lightweight, which makes it easy to hold it in your hands. 


Hootie comes packed with tons of features, which makes it to be quite an effective safety personal device. 

  1. Loud Alarm: This device includes a 130-decibel alarm, which is almost as loud as a jet engine near you. You have to simply pull the cap to sound the alarm and this will scare off the attackers and alert all the people passing by or living nearby.
  2. Strobe LED Light: For more deterrence of attackers, Hootie comes with a strobe LED light. The light begins to flash as soon as you pull the cap and scares the attackers, by alerting all the people around.
  3. SOS Light: The light on Hootie can be set to strobe rapidly or display an SOS signal. In case you are lost in the woods and you need to alert someone of your whereabouts, you can use the SOS mode to intimate them.
  4. The sound can be heard from 1000 feet away: The 13- decibel alarm on Hootie can be heard almost 1000 feet away and can alert anybody in that radius.
  5. Anti Sweat: This device is not waterproof but it is sweat proof. You can carry it around while running and it doesn’t get any sort of damage. Heavy rain or swimming or the product falling into the water, can damage the device.
  6. 40-minute battery life: The Hootie lasts about 40 minutes when both the siren and the light is running. If you let the siren and light run continuously, then the device will last for about 40 minutes. In standby mode, the device runs much longer.
  7. TSA Approved: You can even bring Hootie on a plane. It is a TSA approved device and unlike other defence tools like pepper spray or knives, you can carry it around to multiple places for self-defence.


Hootie is quite a straightforward device that almost anyone can use. Certain steps need to be followed for activating and deactivating this device:

Step 1: Pull the pin. You can activate the Hootie by pulling the pin. It is quite easy to pull the pin, but the pin is not that stiff so you can also pull it accidentally.

Step 2: The siren and the strobe will go off. Once you remove the pin from the device, it will activate the 130-decibel siren and strobe light as well.

Step 3: Now you can insert the pin again. To silence the device, you have to insert the pin back into the device. This will deactivate the siren and strobe light as well.

Step 4: Clip or hold the Hootie as you want. You can re-clip the Hootie into your purse, your keychain, or your backpack. You can even keep the Hootie in your pocket and carry it with you.

This turns out to be an ultimate self-defence tool. You can’t always carry weapons around. An attacker can always take away your weapon, leaving you warped and defenceless in most of the cases. With the help of Hootie, you don’t face such a situation and you can easily alert people around, disorient attackers and let others know that they can’t mess with you.


Hootie is an affordable product and is one that fits your pockets easily. The more units you order, the more budget-friendly the device becomes to buy. This device is available in two colours; black and white. You can mix and match the colours or even choose a single colour for all the different alarms.

Moreover, Hootie comes with a 30-day return policy and you can request a complete refund on the product within 30 days, in case you are not satisfied with the product. You simply have to email their customer service and they will get back to you. 


This is a great safety personal device, which can be used in a variety of situations. It easily clips onto your jacket, belt buckle, key chain and even your pocket. You can even carry it in your hand while running or walking. 

On pulling the pin, the device activates the 130-decibel alarm, which is extremely loud and alerts all the passers, making it to be the ultimate self-defence tool for most of the situations.

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