Ironing is not easy when you have heaps of clothes and you have to iron them all by yourself. With the plethora of domestic tasks that you have to handle on a daily basis, ironing of clothes is literally a task that one procrastinates and has the least desire to do. But with this ISteam device, you will literally look forward to ironing and this idea is completely revolutionizing the market.

With growing technology, there is always certain evolution and improvement. Products that are coming up lately try to make life much easier and they are gaining tons of popularity because of it. The vertical steam iron is one such discovery that comes providing tons of benefits and advantages, which makes life much easier and convenient.


ISteam is a vertical steam iron that is evolving and revolutionizing the iron method and technique today. It is a real discovery and comes with tons of benefits and qualities, which makes our day and life easier.


  • With the market constantly changing and evolving, all the products keep up with the technology. The vertical steam iron is a great innovation and comes with various benefits and qualities, which help in making our lives much more convenient and easier.
  • The process of ironing clothes is much quicker than conventional and traditional ironing. Apart from the fundamental operations, this steam iron has reached tons of homes across the country.
  • Using this vertical steam iron, one can iron some of the most delicate garments and the ironing does not lead to any damage as well. This is due to the fact that it doesn’t come in direct contact with the garment or the fabric and handles all garments well, especially the most delicate ones. Moreover, it does not play with the colors of the garments and doesn’t remove any of the shine.
  • This vertical steam iron is multifunctional making ironing a quick and convenient task.
  • The ISteam Iron is multifunctional and easily removes all sorts of wrinkles from the coats, the jackets, suits, delicate dresses, jackets, shirts etc. You can also steam your blankets, sheets and curtains at home without having to move them from their current place. Moreover, the steam can be used for refreshing the upholstery and sanitizing them as well.
  • This vertical steam iron can be carried wherever you want. It doesn’t take too much space similar to the conventional iron and is perfect to carry along for trips, causing no sort of problem later.


There are various easy steps to follow when it comes to working the vertical iron. Firstly, you have to plug it inside the iron and hang the garment vertically. The delicate fabrics such as silk and synthetic can be put on low or medium steam. For cotton garments, the temperature can be raised a bit without fearing it or damaging it.

Once you do that, the iron is passed from the top to the bottom of the garment and focuses on the areas, which are tougher to reach and iron. Eventually, the steam reaches inside a little more. Moreover, one can always direct the nozzle towards the clothes and see how the wrinkles got removed in a faster way. The process of ironing is extremely simple compared to the traditional ironing methods.


The vertical steam iron is extremely beneficial compared to conventional ironing and takes special care of your clothes, which is why it is so popular amongst the users. Time is anyway less and one needs to find a way to reduce the time taken by certain activities and household chores. ISteam Iron is one such device that helps ease the process of ironing and takes much lesser time to do compared to the conventional devices.


  1. The ISteam Iron is perfect for delicate and soft garments. You can iron some of the most delicate garments with this product such as chiffon material, satins or suits. Moreover, the ironing does not damage your clothes because it doesn’t come in direct contact with the materials. It doesn’t alter the color of the garments as well and is quite shining and long lasting.
  2. The steam iron is quite quick and convenient and literally makes ironing seem like a quick and easy task.
  3. The vertical iron is used for removing wrinkles from coats, jackets, suits and other such pieces of clothing. You can steam a variety of materials and a variety of products with this steam iron and it can also be used for refreshing the upholstery and sanitizing it.
  4. It is a portable device that can be carried wherever you want. It doesn’t take up too much space and can be fitted anywhere, no matter where you go.



  • The device is available in a variety of color options
  • It is a multi purpose product that can be used for a variety of uses
  • The steam iron works with any type of fabric
  • This product includes an accessory as well
  • The product incorporates various safety features
  • It leads to quick steam generation


  • The packaging is a little off


  1. Quick Heating: This vertical steam iron generates steam quite quickly and this particular product can generate steam within a matter of 25 seconds. It takes much lesser time compared to the conventional irons and other garment steamers available in the market.
  2. This handheld steamer has a great steam generation capacity and can generate steam for 10 minutes consistently. Even for personal use, this steam iron is quite efficient and steam irons most of your clothes within a single session only. Moreover, because it is portable you can carry it with you on trips as well.
  3. Water purification filter: A lot of times the impurities can clog up or block the steam holes. This particular vertical steam iron consists of a water purification filter and incase there are any impurities; they do not reach the nozzle. This leads to consistent efficiency and performance of this handheld steamer.
  4. Leak Proof Design: This handheld steamer comes in an entirely leak-proof design and doesn’t lead to any sputtering of water. It provides various advantages compared to handheld steamers and is designed using high quality materials.
  5. Detachable Water Tank: The water tank capacity of this vertical steam iron is about 4.1 ounces. It gives consistent steam for about 10 minutes and the water tank is detachable as well. The water level of this iron is visible from outside as well as inside and if you want to refill the water tank, you can do so easily.
  6. Includes a brush accessory: This steamer comes with a dusting brush and you can easily remove the contaminants, debris or pieces of thread, with the help of this brush accessory. It allows the users to clean the clothing and maintain it in a perfect condition.
  7. Auto shutdown mechanism: One of the great things about this ISteam Iron is that it is quite reliable and comes with an auto shutdown feature. If the temperature reaches a certain level, it will shut down automatically on its own. This will result in no damage to the steamer in either of these cases. When you use this steamer on a regular basis, this might happen quite often and then you don’t have to worry about such small problems.


The vertical steam iron is quite useful and can save tons of time and effort when it comes to taking care of your clothes. You can buy this iron through the official website and the product will delivered directly to your homes. Moreover, the company comes offering various discounts and deals, which if availed can provide tons of benefits to you.


This brand of steam iron is amazing and comes with various features that set it apart from its competition in a great way. It is a versatile product that gives no sort of complaints and cleans your clothes in a way that you cant imagine.

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