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Dental health is one area that the entire population worries about. However, this is one such area which is always a pending task in our checklist. Many people do not keep their mouths in good condition and this becomes an aesthetic issue which is very expensive and cannot be afforded by one and all. If you cannot smile without bringing your hand over it for cover, then the problem is quite serious and can have a negative impact on your health as well.

Ensuring your teeth are while and your mouth is healthy needs a specific kind of care that has to be kept in mind. The product that will be discussed in this article will offer you the very solution that you have been on the lookout for. The product offers a whitening as well as protective effect which offers you a very professional result. Once you try this out, you can smile without covering your mouth and you need not hide your teeth anymore.

What is V-iWhite Pro?

This is a device that makes use of ultrasonic technology and artificial intelligence to whiten the teeth. Whenever you smile, yellow teeth or stained teeth can ruin a good moment. Though dental hygiene can get rid of bacteria or other particles that get stuck onto the teeth, regular teeth whitening can get rid of the stains which take place because of frequent smoking, consuming a lot of caffeine, and various other habits. Visiting the dentist can be quite expensive as well as inconvenient. This is where V-iWhite Pro makes your treatment a lot easier.

It is the latest offering in artificial intelligence for dental health. A lot of care is needed to keep the teeth white and healthy and this is exactly the solution which you always wanted for your teeth. The V-iWhite Pro makes use of ultrasonic technology to treat the teeth surface, whereas the soft silicone which is antimicrobial gives the user a gentle mouthpiece.

Artificial intelligence has led to the creation of a silicone mold that fits the user’s mouth comfortably and has a very snug U-shape design, thereby brushing the teeth using the 360-degree angle. In addition to whitening as well as polishing teeth, the V-iWhite Pro massages the gums as well thereby giving you an enjoyable experience. Also, this device can be used to whiten your teeth anywhere and anytime. You need not be concerned about scheduling appointments with your dentist or spending hundreds of dollars on treatment.


o  It offers Whitening of teeth as well as a protective cover which gives you professional results.

o  This device adapts to the mouth of the user easily because of the use of artificial intelligence, with the help of a soft material which is made using antimicrobial silicone.

o  By using V-iWhite, you can flaunt your best smile and you do not need to visit the dentist often. This can be done at the comfort of your home with all the necessary guarantees related to health and efficiency offered by some of the expert professionals.

o  The device has been created with materials that are environmentally-friendly and it is anti-bacterial. 

o It not just protects your teeth, but also massages the gums, polishes and whitens the teeth.

o  You can charge the device wirelessly. It works by use of ultrasonic technology and has a convenient U-type design that enables 360-degree brushing.

o   The 360-degree action of brushing gets in contact with the gums and teeth. The nozzle design enables hands-free use of the device. This makes it functional as well as comfortable. Additionally, it also has a charge which is long-lasting thereby saving a lot of energy.

iwhite mobile teeth cleaner

Where to Purchase the V-iWhite Pro?

The V-iWhite Pro is can be purchased only by customers residing in the United States. They can buy it through the official website of the manufacturer online. At present, they offer a 50% discount on the retail value and it appears that the promotion is a daily deal.

As of now, there are 3 options that can be chosen by consumers:

· One V-iWhite Pro costs $89.95

· Two V-iWhite Pro devices will cost you $149.95

· Three V-iWhite Pro devices will cost you $179.95

Pros and Cons of V-iWhite Pro


1. It  helps the user avoid the high expenses of visiting a dentist

2. The device has a comfortable u-Type design which has 360-degree brushing action

3. The device helps whiten the teeth, polishes it and also massages the gums

4. It is made from materials which are environment-friendly

5. The battery can be charged and lasts a long time, thereby saving on energy

6. It makes use of artificial intelligence and ultrasonic technology 

7. It is antibacterial

8. The device is available at discounted prices on the official website


1. Only consumers residing in the US can purchase it

2. The product can be purchased only through the internet and not in any physical store


The V-iWhite Pro helps a consumer save a lot of time as well as money for a basic whitening treatment for the teeth. In addition to this, it also gives your gums a massage and polishes the teeth which would cost you extra money at a dentist. In contrast to other products or services offered by a dentist, this product appears to be just a fraction of those costs.

However, the V-iWhite Pro is recommended for those who wish to have a device that can take care of their teeth and mouth health at home!

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