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We all have more than one key with us – the keys to the house, car keys, office locker keys, luggage keys (when traveling), etc. Some people might like the traditional key which holds about 3-4 keys or some might prefer different key rings for different keys. However, what if a smart product has been designed to ensure your keys are in one place and there is no clutter and chaos regarding keys?

Read our review on KeySmart to know more about this smart product and how it could sort your woes related to keys.

keysmart key organizer

KeySmart Review – What is Key Organizer?

It is a smart device that enables you to keep your physical keys organized. It has been designed to cater to a person who carries a lot of keys and helps them store them in one place easily. The design of this device is just like the alphabet S and can easily hold around 8 keys or more. It also looks like the Swiss knives which are quite cool. It has many spacers which can be used to separate the keys there allowing you to hold about 14 keys.

Who is KeySmart best suited for?

There are many people who carry many keys every day like School teachers – they would have keys to unlock the office, cabinets, etc., in addition to car keys and house keys. Also, many other professionals could use this device like security guards, janitors, police personnel or anyone who usually has a lot of keys to carry around every day.

In case you own many vehicles or rental properties, the KeySmart Classic device would be the perfect one for you as it enables you to carry about 10 keys. It is a good option for people who not like metal keys going through and ripping their clothes or bags. The outer shell of the device ensures the keys are in place and do not damage other materials.

keysmart pro key organizer

Features Of KeySmart:

There are many amazing features of KeySmart:

1. Design

The design itself of KeySmart Classic is quite unique and stylish and looks like the alphabet S. The design has been patented as well. Though it can hold numerous keys, it does not appear bulky and the keys are completely hidden in this device. So, you will not see keys dangling or hear any noise of keys.

2. Functional

The best part about this product is that it is very functional. There are extra tools that are sold individually like the flash drive, the pocket clip, the bottle opener, light, etc., which makes the device extremely functional. It can also be upgraded to titanium for more sturdiness.

3. Premium Material

The gadget has been designed using durable and premium materials. It has been created using aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel which enables it to be lightweight and withstand regular use. Even if you have 14 keys in it, it does not feel bulky and heavy.

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4. Compatibility

The gadget works with any key perfectly. A fat key might need more space but it will definitely fit in. It also has a free loop piece that can be used for car keys.

5. Personalize

You can buy the KeySmart Classic in any color of your choice. There are different options like red, purple, black, blue, green, pink, yellow, and grey. You can even get anything engraved on it.

6. Extras

The best part about this gadget is that you can personalize it as per your requirements and preferences. In addition to this, you can make the KeySmart gadget more functional by adding accessories. This is an optional feature, however, adding such extra accessories will make it a lot more functional and useful. Some of the extras which can be added are:

The USB 3.0 Flash Drive 16GB

This is quite a useful attachment as it helps you transfer files on the go without any issue.

  • Quick Connect – This enables you to connect the gadget quickly to a bag or any item.
  • Bottle Opener – This is a very handy accessory.
  • Pocket Clip – You can also get yourself a pocket clip and in this way, you need not keep this gadget in your pocket but just fix it to your bag or belt.
  • Upgrade – You can opt for a titanium upgrade to enhance the style quotient and also to ensure sturdiness.
  • Light – You can also opt for the Nano light which is quite handy at all times.
keysmart pro features

Pros and Cons of KeySmart Classic:


  • The design is unique and patented
  • The material used is durable, resistant and makes it lightweight
  • It also offers a free loop where you can keep car keys
  • It can be personalized and the customer can select from different colors
  • The device is easy to use
  • You can add many accessories and make it more functional


  • It might get tough to find the right key at times


KeySmart Classic is a gadget that can change your life and make simple things more organized. The device is reasonably priced and when you purchase in bulk for gifting options, you get some great deals. The device keeps your keys organized and in one place and you need not worry about forgetting a specific key or worry about any clothes getting ripped off due to the metal keys.

The device is very lightweight and though it can hold about 10 keys or more, it does not feel bulky. KeySmart is definitely a must-have for those who have a lot of keys being carried around every day.

keysmart review

How To Purchase the KeySmart Classic Device?

The KeySmart Classic is available at a price of $19.99 along with extra costs for shipping and handling. However, when this is purchased in bulk, there are many deals offered:

-If you purchase 2 devices, you can get one device free and you will pay just $13.33 for every device.

– If you purchase 3 devices, you will get 2 devices free and you will be paying just $11.99 for each device.

If you buy 4 devices, you get 3 devices free of cost and you will be paying just $11.42 for a piece.

P.S. – Due to heavy demand prices and availability can vary at any moment. We advice you to check official seller’s website to get offers and real-time price.

Return Policy of KeySmart

The KeySmart gadget can be returned in case it does not match your requirements or in case the device is damaged. The customer gets 21 days to place the request for a return from the time the customer receives the package at his/her address. You will be required to email the official address indicating the reason for return of the product to the company. The company requests for proof of purchase and also gives a shipping address to return the product. You will need to send an email to the official address and let the company know why you want to return it.  You have to prepare the package and send it to the address provided by the company.

In case you have purchased the Pro Device, the company will give you the purchase price, however, it will deduct a restocking fee of 15 percent. This fee is charged in order to cover the cost involved in wiping off any data on the gadget. Usually, it will take about 2 complete weeks to get the money back from the company. The website recommends that customers should wait for a period of 2 weeks before contacting the firm for a refund. Post this you can email the firm and you will be contacted by the firm in 1 business day.

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