Light SafeX Review – The Best Portable FlashLight in 2020


If you are somebody who likes to spend time in the outdoors, then a flashlight is a must for activities like trekking and camping. Swiss knives do help with self-defense but having a flashlight is equally important because it helps you during the night when you cannot see anything. When it comes to real-life emergencies or outdoor trips, an efficient flashlight comes out to be very helpful. 

Light Safe X is one such flashlight that is not just an ordinary flashlight and comes with a lot of features that make it super useful in times of emergencies. Light Safe X is an all-in-one flashlight that is the best flashlight you will ever need. Swiss Army knives are quite useful, but they don’t work efficiently during the dark. 


Light Safe X is a multifunctional flashlight that can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be used as a traditional flashlight and can be used for emergencies as well. Also, it comes with a red SOS and strobe mode. Switching from one mode to the other is quite easy, and you can easily adjust the settings according to your preference. 

The best thing about this flashlight is that it comes with a seat belt slicer or a cutter that can be quite helpful in times of roadside emergencies. The Light Safe X is also multifunctional and can be used as a power bank, in times when the battery of your phone is low. Therefore, this flashlight helps to light up your surroundings and also helps with various other uses. This innovation is amazing and helps to protect during the most difficult times.

Another great thing about this flashlight is that it doesn’t make use of dry cell batteries; rather, it is solar-powered so that you don’t have to replace it each time it runs out of power. It is quite an economical and eco-friendly product, and it is simple to store the product. You can easily stick it in your fridge and any other metal surface owing to its magnetic properties.

Light Safe X is the best flashlight ever and helps during any emergencies. Also, it is a solar-charged multifunctional flashlight.

  • This flashlight is solar powered and never really runs out of batteries.
  • It comes with a bright light that can best be used in flash and emergency modes
  • It also comes with a power bank for charging your phones
  • It offers red SOS and Strobe modes
  • It comes with a magnetic mount that comes in handy
  • It includes a seat belt cutter or slicer for roadside emergencies


  1. Solar Powered: As a member of this planet, it is our responsibility not to waste anything and do our bit to save our planet. This flashlight is solar powered and doesn’t make use of any dry cell batteries. It is quite helpful and helps with saving money and the environment by getting rid of any waste that is normally generated through flashlights. You can easily recharge this under the sun when it runs out of batteries.
  2. Various Light Modes: This makes for a great tool for emergencies and outdoor activities and consists of various light modes. This one comes with four different modes and depending on your requirements, and you can choose these modes; strobe, flash, emergency or red SOS modes. 
  3. Power Bank for charging your phone: Nobody could ever imagine this feature being included in a flashlight. This device comes with a power bank that is built for this multi-purpose flashlight and helps to save on the electricity because it is completely solar-powered.
  4. Seat belt cutter or slicer: The cutter is quite useful during emergencies and other such outdoor activities. It is quite sharp and helps with cutting various things. Also, it is quite useful for cutting things during emergencies.
  5. Magnet Mount: This device can easily be mounted on any metal surface due to its magnetic properties. You can easily stack it on to your fridge door, kitchen whiteboard, garage or any other magnetic place.


  1. Mount: This one comes with a magnet mount that enables it to be mounted easily on any metal surfaces whenever required. It can easily be stuck to a fridge, garage or whiteboard whenever you want.
  2. Seat belt slicer or cutter: Don’t worry if you are not carrying your Swiss knife with you in terms of emergencies. The Light Safe X comes with a seat belt cutter that can be used in times of emergencies or other outdoor activities. It is so sharp that it can cut through almost anything.
  3. Power bank: The Light Safe X comes with a power bank, and it comes to the rescue when you don’t have an adequate charge on your phone. 
  4. Light Modes: This particular product comes with different features and besides the regular mode; it can be used as an emergency light, as a red SOS, and in flash and strobe modes as well. It is an ideal product to keep at home, and you can use it for all emergency purposes.


Light Safe X is an important investment that everybody should make. It comes with a long-lasting battery that is completely solar-powered. You can easily charge it throughout the day and use it in the night whenever required. One of the main reasons for using this flashlight is the bright light it emits. Not only is it useful in illuminating your surroundings but can also be used for different purposes because of the strobe and SOS mode.


Light Safe X is extremely easy to use, and one needs to follow certain steps for it, which is quite easy:

  1. Firstly, unbox the package. This box contains a flashlight inside with a cord. You can easily charge this device before use for about 3-4 hours. It comes with a solar port, and you can easily connect it to a solar panel for charging it.
  2. Next, press the power button that is close to the head of the flashlight. You can easily study the modes.
  3. To switch between the modes, you have to keep pressing the single button, and hence, you are good to go.


  1. SOS Mode: This mode can be used as an indicator for help in times of danger or during emergencies. It illuminates the surroundings in an SOS manner meaning, three long flashes followed by three short flashes. The Light Safe X produces a red and white SOS type light in this mode.
  2. Strobe Mode: The Light Safe X flashlight produces regular flashes of blinding light in short intervals. This device is quite useful in various scenarios.
  3. Regular Mode: Similar to other traditional flashlights and regular ones, this one is used quite often. The illumination with this mode is quite stable and steady. 
  4. Beep Mode: The flashlights in this mode gives the on and off switch at regular intervals.


  • All households
  • Adventurers
  • Outdoor Enthusiasts
  • Campers
  • Students


This Light Safe X flashlight is quite affordable, and you get tons of discounts when purchasing the device. The device can be ordered easily from the official website of the manufacturer, and ordering the product is quick and easy. This flashlight works as the perfect gifting option as well. This product also comes with free delivery for specific destinations, and the payment process is fairly secure and easy.


The Light Safe X is a multi-purpose flashlight that is quite incredible. It works quite efficiently during an emergency, and it is extremely lightweight. This product weighs less and has a lot of inbuilt functionalities in it. It comes including different light modes that can be used for a variety of uses. It also includes an extremely useful power bank. The best thing about this flashlight is that it is solar-powered and helps preserve the environment as well as save money.

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