MedReminder Review – New Age Medication Reminder And Pill Organizer

Staying healthy and getting your medications exactly when your body needs them is vital, but sometimes you just forget.

There can be a lot of individuals out there who need constant help – may it be our elderly people, family members, the ones who have special needs. Elders are more affected by the timing of taking a certain drug than others, in order to prevent any dysfunction or illness timing is a must.

Thankfully MedReminder is the solution for your forgetfulness. It is a Smart Pill Box for Medicine Reminder and Monitoring System.

MedReminder is a smart pill dispenser and reminder manufactured in 2021. It is best smart medicine reminder box.

How Does MedReminder works

If you want visual reminders as well as alerts by phone, then MedReminder has got you covered.

This pill dispenser holds four daily doses of medication. It also doles out digital reminders like lights, beeps, and phone calls — with its own cellular connections, which means it doesn’t need to be linked to a phone line or the internet.

MedReminder has certain features that make it ideal for caregivers who are helping others manage their medication schedules.

For instance, caregivers will also receive an email, text alert, or phone call if a dose is missed. Weekly summary reports are available as well.

Why Do I Need MedReminder

You can see your pills and capsules stored inside the box. Each compartment lid has a raised lip in the middle for easy opening and snap securely shut. MedReminder helps keep track of medicines you take different times in a day and easy to keep in a purse or bag.

It has label for each day and 4 times of each every day in a week.

  • Easy To Use Automatic Medicine Reminder
  • With Seven Days Modular Colored Containers
  • Precise Electronic Timer With Reminders
  • Modular Build With Easy To Clean Compartments
  • Portable Design With Anti-Sliding Containers
  • Works With A Common CR2032 Battery Cell
MedReminder is a smart pill dispenser and reminder. It is best smart medicine reminder box.

Additional features

Individual pill compartments can be locked until a medication needs to be taken. This helps prevent users from taking the wrong medication. Locks are also an important safety feature if young children are around.

MedReminder has its own emergency call center too. Should they need immediate medical assistance, users can connect with personnel by pressing a button on a special pendant necklace or watch.

MedReminder also offers pharmacy services, similar to PillPack. In addition to online pharmacy services, MedReminder has brick-and-mortar locations in Brooklyn and the Boston area.

MedReminder is a smart pill dispenser and reminder. It is best smart medicine reminder box.

How Much Does MedReminder Cost

The MedReminder pill dispenser has a one time charge of $49, and there’s no additional cost for the pharmacy services. You only have to cover the cost of your medications.

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