Get Relief from Neck pain with Neck Hammock

Many times, we face a lot of pain in the body and one such area is the neck. At times work involving a lot of hard physical work causes neck pain. However, there is a solution to this problem, it is known as Neck hammock. Once you use this gadget you can get rid of all other remedies for your neck pain.

Introduction: What is Neck Hammock?

Neck pain is amongst the very common health problems faced by individuals and most of these have not come across the solutions which provide relief from neck pain. You might feel pain in your neck even when you look at your phone, or sit at the desk, or even when you are stressed up. Neck hammock is a gadget made specifically to get rid of your neck pain.

Neck Hammock has been created by Steve Suddell who is a physical therapist as well as an athlete. He constantly had neck pain and he decided to create a sleek device that will resolve his issue. This was how the neck hammock was created. It is a portable, simple solution that will take care of your troublesome neck pain. You need not visit the chiropractor to get your neck fixed as neck hammock will give you a very comfortable solution for any chronic aches as well as fatigue. Once you start using Neck hammock, you will immediately feel the pressure on the neck fade away, thereby making you more relaxed and calm.

Neck Hammock

About 5 years back, about 63 million people residing in the United States had a lot of chronic pain, fatigue, neck pain, etc, which had them all heading to the chiropractor. And today, with the growth and development in technology, the Neck Hammock has been developed to deal with your neck issue instantly and resolve the problem at the earliest. This is an indicator that these days, we tend to depend on technology for everything and technology makes our lives more comfortable and convenient.

This is an amazing device that is quite effective for those suffering from neck pain as it makes use of the powerful combination of gravity along with resistance brands. By integrating these two, a controlled stretch is developed which assists in improving the posture, improves the pinched nerves, and enhances circulation.

What is the correct and proper posture?

We all know that posture is quite important and we must stand up straight. However, what exactly is a “good posture”? So, take this small test to understand if you have the correct posture or not:

In order to understand what posture do you have, take off your shoes and stand against the wall (your rear has to be against the wall).Your heels should be about 15 inches apart, your butt should push against the wall, the chest should be opened and you have to gently touch the shoulder blades to the wall, which is important. Now, if your head touches the wall, you need not worry. However, in case it does not touch the wall and you have the position of a forward head, this is bad for the neck.

What is a forward head?

Wikipedia indicates that forward head is also known as the “iHunch,” “Text Neck”, “Reading Neck,” or the “Scholar’s Neck,” 

The reason behind having this issue is looking at your computer for a long period, or constantly looking at the mobile phone, etc. This is a severe issue when it comes to maintaining the posture. Even while walking, you will be having the head faced forward, as you will be fixed on the phone. This abnormal position takes a toll on the biomechanics of your body. You can get relieved from a few issues if you strengthen the neck muscles and this will include the right posture exercise for the neck muscles and the upper back. However, it does not guarantee to resolve the issue of neck pain.

What is cervical traction?

If you have visited a physiotherapist or a chiropractor when you face neck pain, you would have heard a term known as cervical traction. This is quite a simple yet effective technique. In this, the neck is pulled thereby releasing the tension that has been accumulated. The neck hammock operates by way of decompressing the discs located in between the vertebrae. This helps the muscles and joints. Cervical traction also helps in releasing compressed nerves and improves the body. Cervical traction is one of the best treatments for neck pain as painkillers are not very useful in the long-run and neck pain weakens the body.

Features of Neck Hammock

1. Easy to use

The Neck Hammock is a device that can be used when you are at home. You need not go to the chiropractor. 

2. Affordable

The device is very affordable and costs quite less than the competitors and gives you the same kind of cervical traction. Dr. Saunder’s cervical traction device comes at a price of $300 or more. 

3. Portable

The device is very portable and can be stored away easily in the drawer of your bedroom or even in your suitcase when you travel. The device fits into any small bag or medium-sized bag.  

4. Comfortable design

The design is very comfortable and you need not worry about TMJD issues. It makes use of padding of medical-grade quality, and this ensures your head gets maximum comfort without the requirement for a chin strap.

5. The right amount of tension

It has 40 lbs of tension which is the right amount. This is in fact the recommended strength required for cervical traction. Anything more than 40 lbs will be harmful. The smart design of the device enables you to perform exercises where a lot of movement is needed. 

6. Easy setup

The device can be easily set up. you have to place the device strap around the doorknob, and then you can lie down and relax.

How does it work?

The device has a very simplistic design that makes it quite easy to use. the wire has to be hung on the doorknob or you can place it in between the door frame and the door and then close it. This ensures that the strap is held tightly between the door and door frame. In case you have a different place, you can use that spot, however, ensure it is always parallel to the flooring.

Once this is done, you can lie down on the floor. The body must be kept straight and when the hammock is cradling you, you can relax. You can feel the impact of this neck hammock in just about 10 minutes of using it. This is quite hassle-free and requires less time to set up and less time to start feeling the relief, a lot of people opt for this method of cervical traction.

Pros and Cons of Neck Hammock


1. The effects of using this device are felt very quickly

2. The device can be set up easily and it is quite easy to use

3. The device has a very lightweight design

4. It is an Affordable gadget

5. It is portable and lightweight and you can take it wherever you travel.

6. It is made from medical grade padding and is very comfortable

7. It offers the right amount of tension i.e. 40 lbs.


1. The device must be hung on something parallel to the floor for it to work well

2. The user has to lie down the ground in order to use it

Final Thoughts

The Neck Hammock is recommended for one main reason – It is simple to use and is very efficient. The device is very affordable and one of the most accessible forms of therapy available to someone suffering from neck pain. While using the Neck Hammock it is advised to bring about a change in your lifestyle as well. It is advised to spend lesser time on your smartphone or computer, as this will improve your posture effectively. 

Also, encourage yourself to relax, be easy on yourself, breathe and ensure your body slows down. This helps you enjoy your life. Neck Hammock heals you in every area that has been affected by the wrong lifestyle choices. Those who suffer from neck pain, or those who are constantly on various gadgets like smartphones, laptops, etc., must use this product as you will be instantly relieved from any kind of a pain in the neck and you need not visit the chiropractor too.

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