Better than hand sanitizer! This $17 “paper soap” keeps my hands clean wherever I go

It’s the smartest invention and I’m now getting it for all my friends and family

It was infuriating.

I was in a public bathroom. Sometimes you just have to go, even in the current situation. So there I was, just last week, while doing some necessary shopping.

But then I went to wash my hands and — no soap!

“My hands were dirtier than they were before…”

Like I said, it was infuriating and disgusting. Imagine how many other people touched that dispenser, only to also find no soap. My hands were dirtier than they were before. No wonder I saw women just walking out of the bathroom without giving a bother.

That’s not ok. Keeping hygiene up is more important now than ever. And so is being prepared. So I want to tell you how you can do both, even in the worst situations.

Nothing Replaces Soap

Don’t get me wrong. I use hand sanitizer. But it just doesn’t cut it in many situations.

For one thing, hand sanitizer cannot kill spores such as C. diff or parasitic worm eggs that may reside on hands after using the bathroom. There are a multitude of other organisms that cannot be killed by sanitizer. And if you don’t believe me, let me show you some proof.

Just take a look at the following photos. They show the amount of germs left on a hand without washing (tons), with just hand sanitizer (still a lot), and with soap and water (practically none):

Another thing to consider: Dirt, dust, grime, grease, even insecticides and chemicals — our environment is full of them. We are constantly coming into contact with them. If you go outside, you’re getting some of them onto your hands.

“With hand sanitizer, you will still have so much bad stuff on your hands…”

But hand sanitizer won’t get this bad stuff off. It will just mush it around and add in its own sanitizer residue. You still have so much bad stuff on your hands, and anywhere else you touch your body.

Not so with soap and water. They get everything. That’s why doctors wash their hands with soap before surgery. And just in case you’re wondering…

Water alone is not enough

In its medical literature, the Food and Drug Administration states that hot water comfortable enough for washing won’t kill bacteria. And scientists from the UN showed that washing your hands in water “had no effect” on reducing germs.

In other words, putting your hands under water — hot or cold — isn’t enough to get them clean. You need soap. But what to do when there’s no soap to be had?

“I was unprepared, like most people…”

Well, that’s the situation I found myself in that public bathroom. I was unprepared, like most people. Thing is, I wasn’t going to carry around a bar of soap in my purse and dry it off each time I used it. And I tried carrying a travel size liquid soap bottle with me once. It leaked all over my wallet and my bag.

It seemed like there was no good solution… but then a chance encounter changed everything.

A good Samaritan in the public bathroom

It looks just like a piece of tissue — but it’s actually regular soap

There I was in that public bathroom, looking desperately for soap. And then, a woman came to wash her hands at the sink. She didn’t even try for the soap dispenser. Instead, she reached into her purse and pulled out a little plastic case.

I watched in fascination as she popped open the case… peeled out what looked like a thin piece of paper… and put it in her palm.

She pressed the faucet to get the water running. And as soon as the water hit the thin paper-like sheet, it turned into lather. She started to wash her hands.

“Excuse me,” I said. “what is that?”

The woman laughed. “It’s One Time Soap,” she said. “It’s just like regular soap, but packaged up in these thin slices for one-time use.”

She finished washing her hands. I must have had a hungry, longing look on my face that made her pause. She reached into her bag and pulled out an unopened package of One Time Soap. “Here,” she said. “I have an extra one and in these times we can all use it.” I was so grateful. And that’s how it all started.

>>Protect Your Family, Get One-Time Soap Now<<

How come I’d never heard of this soap before?

I did some research as soon as I got home. One Time Soap is also known as paper soap. This stuff was popular in Japan decades ago. But for some reason, it wasn’t known in other parts of the world until just now.

The One Time brand turned out to be the best for two reasons. According to the reviews I read, most brands of paper soap are made from low-quality soap ingredients. They can cause allergies or dry out hands. They might also have an unpleasant smell or leave a scummy residue.

one time soap
One Time Soap is very easy to use – just add water and it turns into lather to get your hands clean quickly

Not so with One Time Soap. It’s made from top ingredients and it’s a quality soap — something you would be happy to use in any situation. That’s why it doesn’t have any kind of aroma or scent, and why it doesn’t dry out skin. It just gets your hands clean, and then washes off like it was never there.

The other reason I decided to go with One Time Soap is its clever waterproof packaging. It comes in a plastic container that looks like something you might find dental floss in, and it clicks to close tightly.

“Even a bit of water will get paper soap to melt…”

That might not seem like a big deal. But the thing is, even a bit of water will get paper soap to melt. That’s a good thing when you wash your hands, But it’s terrible if your soap is still in the packaging. I read many unhappy reviews about various brands, saying that the packaging is unreliable, and all the other sheets of soap inside get wet easily and become useless.

How Does The One Time Soap Work?

  • Washing your hands has never been easier! The One Time Soap is small, with a stack of ultra thin soap sheets tucked inside a protective hard plastic case. It fits easily into a pocket or bag, so you can use it anywhere.
  • When you’re ready to wash your hands, just slip out a single soap sheet, lay it flat on the palm of your hand and add a little bit of water to dissolve the sheet instantly. Work the soap into a rich lather, making sure to wash hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds to kill germs and remove dirt. When finished, just rinse your hands with water like you would normally.

Features Of One Time Soap

  • It’s like the bar of soap you use in the shower, except these feather light soap sheets are thin and compact for easy portability.
  • The One Time Soap sheets stay dry and feel just like paper. Pull one out, add water and lather up for clean, fresh hands.
  • High quality, natural ingredients disinfect and promote proper hygiene with regular hand washing.
  • Gel hand sanitizer and liquid soaps are too risky- we’ve all had a bottle break open in our bags before, and it’s never fun. The One Time Soap is paper dry for zero mess and peace of mind.
  • Perfect for air travel, soap sheets are TSA-approved, so you won’t get stopped in the security line or have to throw out perfectly good soap bottles.
  • Whether you’re at work, out with friends or at the gym, washing your hands is crucial to stay fresh and stop germs. The One Time Soap lets you wash your hands anywhere, killing 99.9% of germs.
  • Hand washing doesn’t have to be complicated. The One Time Soap makes it easy to promote good hygiene. Does someone on the metro need a wash? Pass the One Time Soap and spread the clean vibes around!

Got some for myself and for friends and family

Each package of One Time Soap contains 50 sheets, and each sheet is good for one hand washing. I ordered 5 packages for myself and they arrived in a few days. I always carry a package around with me now so I’m prepared. And I carry an extra unopened one so I can pay it forward in case anybody else needs one — like that woman did with me in the public bathroom.

I’ve gotten extra packets of One Time Soap to give to friends and family.

I got some for my family as well. My daughter is in college. She’s obviously not going to classes or really doing much at the moment. But life will go back to normal. And she’s mentioned before that the bathrooms in her school can be gross and often don’t have soap. Well, that’s not an issue any more. I sent her a 5-pack of One Time Soap, and she loves them.

“My friends were so amazed whenever I pulled the One Time Soap out…”

I also got some One Time Soap packets for a few of my girlfriends. We haven’t been meeting up regularly because of the current situation. But the few times we did see each other, they were always so amazed whenever I pulled the One Time Soap out. I decided to get some extra One Time Soap so I can make them a present whenever my girlfriends and I do get a chance to see each other. And that brings me to my final point.

Good for you and the responsible thing to do

Like I said, it’s so important to be prepared and hygienic in these times. We all have a responsibility, not only to keep ourselves healthy, but to do what we can to help others right now.

That’s why I carry a packet of One Time Soap with me wherever I go. It’s also why I’ve gotten packets for my friends and family as well. Frankly, it’s been easy to convince them to try it out, because they are all so curious as soon as they see it.

I recommend One Time Soap to everybody. Being able to wash your hands with soap, wherever you go – it’s good for you, and it’s the responsible thing to do.

40% off at the moment

I just found a website that’s selling packets of One Time Soap at 40% off. That’s an incredible deal and I just ordered several more for myself. I know I’m going to use them, and I’m also giving them out to my friends and family so they use it too.

I don’t know how much longer this sale will last or when the discount will disappear. So if you want to get One Time Soap so you can really wash your hands, wherever you are, then why not act now and take advantage of this big discount?

How To Get One Time Soap Now

Now that you’ve been informed of this revolutionary product, let me show you how easy it is to use it. All you need to do is follow these 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Order your One Time Soap today to take advantage of the 40% off discount.
  • Step 2: After receiving the product, take it with you wherever you go.
  • Step 3: Whenever you want to wash your hands, simply take out a single sheet of One Time Soap from the packaging, add water, and wash your hands like normal.

Here’s a tip: Know anyone who could use hygiene on the go? One Time Soap makes for the perfect gift and can mean the difference between good health and trouble!

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