PrintX Pro The Most Complete Portable Printer Review: Print Everything You Need

A Printer is something that we all need at different moments of our daily life. For example, if you want to create special memories with your beloved one, make an album, or complete any project.

Then the first thing that you feel is a necessity is a personal printer. Based on the same necessity, I had been searching for a portable, small, and compact printer.


PrintX Pro is a smart, small, portablecordless, Bluetooth thermal printer that assists you to transform digital photos and documents into a print form. The printer works with a very smart process by using the latest technology.

Qidi Tech is quite a popular manufacturer from the country of China. Ever since its conception, the company has been engaged in manufacturing and producing 3D printers that are affordable as well as useful as well.

Basically, it uses heat and the thermal expansions of molecules of paper to draw photographsillustrations, and designs on real paper. The best part of this printer is you can take it everywhere you want and get instant printing documents.

As a company, the Qidi Tech Printer comes providing surprising elements along with its 3D printers. The Qidi Print X pro is a budget machine that is aimed at helping beginners and educators to bring the best out and give the most impeccable results to its users. This machine is not the most advanced machine in the market but does have tons of amazing features, which makes it stand out. It comes with proprietary slicing software that makes the operations much easier for beginners and learners.

Besides this smart printer doesn’t require any cable to print out your documents. It uses a software-based Bluetooth connection to print your photographs and other documents. Moreover, the printer allows you to pair it with several devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. By using any of these devices, you can print out your file anywhere you want.

It also provides itself the features of being one of the simplest machines in terms of its setup and comes packed with functionalities. With the use of limited materials, it serves in the best possible way.


Before making any decision about this portable, printing device, it’s better to learn about its core features and other characteristics. Most individuals like to explore the different benefits of the revolutionary technology that just adds to the overall functionality. Qidi Tech as a company uses simple ways to make technology work.

  1. Enclosed Print Space: Those who have worked with 3D printers before knowing the addition this feature brings. It is a very reasonable feature for those who are working at home or are trying to create unique models. An enclosed print space helps to maintain a certain level of temperature for cooling at the same rate. It helps in increasing the print quality of the objects and saves users tons of time.
  2. Dual Extruder: This printer comes at quite an affordable rate and it is difficult to find dual extruders at such a price. The Print X Pro comes with a dual extruder using the dual nozzle system. This is great for beginners and those using the machine to teach people. It makes use of a direct drive extrusion system to insert the filament into the print head.
  3. Consistent Cooling: This 3D printer contains an air blow turbofan that makes for proper and consistent cooling. It makes sure that the cooling takes place from all sides. The fan doesn’t come attached to the printer and you have to mount the fan when setting up the printer. The instructions help you through the entire process.
  4. Manual Bed Leveling: the Print X Pro provides manual bed leveling. Users should follow the steps carefully to level the bed before starting to print.
  5. Removable Print Plate: Those who are used to working with 3D printers face tons of difficulties with taking the completed models out of the machine. With the Print X pro, there isn’t a problem. The machine comes with a 6mm aviation-grade aluminum bed and also a removable magnetic build plate. The magnets have high levels of strength to hold the print bed in one place throughout the printing process and you need to apply a certain level of force to take the build plate out. You can simply bend the plate in and out to pop out the printed object without any sort of inconvenience.
  6. Limited but multiple filament support: this printer does support PLA, ABS, and PETG, which is perfect for beginners and educators as well. The machine serves the purpose of helping learners and beginners experience different things when working with all different kinds of filaments.
  7. Compact Look: If you find it difficult to bring a machine that will occupy more space, you should buy the Print X pro. It is a compact printer and gets placed at your work desk or any corner of the house, as you desire. It offers great levels of relief to the users.
  8. Cordless Connection: Its wireless connection is the most amazing part that I really love about this printer. The printer uses Bluetooth 4.0 connection with a software-based app. As a result, you can print anything, anywhere you want, without any complexity.
  9. Environment Friendly: Basically, PrintX Pro uses thermal printing technology with a high-quality printing head. Instead of any ink, the printer uses thermal paper. As a result, you get chemical-free printing. Besides that, the printer is typically faster, quieter, and more energy-efficient and it supports powerful USB fast-charging.
  10. Print Anything you Want: The printer allows you to print anything you want. For example, you can print photos, a memorandum, or any other documents and records. With the app of this printer, you can customize your printing by using different themes and fonts.

Why Do You Need This?

There are a lot of reasons to have this printer. Below this segment, I’m going to show you why I brought this device for myself. So that you could match your requirements and make a wise decision. 

  • The first thing that impressed me about this device is its portability, wireless connectivity, and multiple device support.
  • The printer is made with great construction with durable materials that make it resistant to breaking.
  • Using the printer is very simple and easy, anyone with no previous knowledge can easily use this printer.
  • Compared to other regular printers, its price is also very much affordable.
  • You can have this printer without burning your pocket.
  • With the help of this printer app, you can customize your documents with different fonts and themes.

Specifications Of Print X Pro

The machine is not too heavy and is compact as well. It comes with a decent build space and lets beginners experiment a bit with their imagination, instead of restricting their creativity. The machine comes with a build size of 230 x 150 x 150 mm and comes with a fully enclosed chamber, which offers see-through walls and helps users peep through it when the printing is in progress.

The maximum extruder temperature is about 250 degrees Celsius and hence, the printer does not support many materials that come with high melting points such as Nylon. It has a dual extruder that is capable of printing two colors at the same time.

It comes with an aluminum frame that offers strength and sturdiness to the entire machine and helps produce great quality models. Moreover, it has an assisted manual bed leveling, which makes it easy to carry without the requirement of any expertise.

In order to help the users get the controls overboard, it comes featuring a wide LCD colorful touchscreen and this Print X pro also offers print recovery. So if you are printing and the power goes off, you can continue from where it had stopped printing. This means that you can save your prints from getting spoilt in the middle and you can also print with third-party filaments.

The print speed offered by the Print X pro is up to 100 mm/second, which is actually quite fast. You can get to layer resolution between 100 to 500 microns, which is great work from this budget machine. Also, you can connect through Wi-Fi as well as along with an SD card, USB, and Ethernet.


This is a budget 3D printer and comes with great packaging. The company has included almost everything you need to print the first model. The 3D printer comes fully assembled and the packaging is highly secure.

Apart from the printer, you get 2 extruders, 2 filament spools, 2 filament spool holders, 2 guide tubes, screws and kits in the tool bag, a power cord, a USB drive containing the test models, software, and manual for operating the 3D printer and 2 PC types of glue as well.


Qidi Tech provides 3D printers that are quite easy to set up. They are easy and you get to learn a lot from them. The assisted bed leveling is simple and pretty straightforward. You just have to follow the steps carefully and get your work done.

Before you set that up, including the parts inside such as the extruders, the filament, the spool, the print bed, etc. The entire process doesn’t take more than an hour, even for beginners. Also, you will get all the tools that you need to get started.


The 3D printer works on FDM technology. In FDM printers, the filament is heated to melt and deposit on the print bed, one layer at a time. Once the layer becomes solid, another layer is deposited on top of it. The process will keep continuing until the entire model is curated. This is definitely one of the cheapest 3D printing technologies available and the printing cost is also minimal.

The cost completely depends upon the choice of the filament, model complexity, and the amount of filament that is required. The PLA will be a cheaper option than ABS and you can decide how to keep your costs to the minimum.


The print quality is above average and some of the reviews from customers reveal that the proprietary slicer isn’t that great. The 3D printer is compatible with simplify3D as well as Cura.


The 3D printer uses its own slicer software and if you want to choose other options, you can choose between Cura and Simplify 3D, which seem to be better.


Customer service helps keep in touch with customers all the time. It comes with a dedicated team of professionals that handle all queries and problems from individuals across the world. One can expect to get answers from them within 12 hours.


  • 3D printer cost: the 3D printer is quite affordable and is a complete value for money product.
  • Print quality: the print quality of this printer is above average and it prints with details and accuracy
  • Print speed: the print speed is decent and with up to 100mm/seconds of speed, you can accomplish tasks within less time
  • Printer capability: you can create end products from your homes and learning use
  • Printer practicality: the 3D printer is extremely reliable and you can use it to do serious jobs as well
  • Printer user expectations: at such an affordable price, this 3D printer offers a dual extruder with Wi-Fi connectivity, which comes to great use


  • Great design and solid construction: the quality and solid aluminum construction make this printer to be different from all the others. The strong build of this device provides tons of stability and ultimately improves the quality of the print.
  • Semi-assembled: Another great this about this device is that it comes semi-assembled to your doorstep. Users can start printing within a couple of hours of opening the package.
  • Enclosed build space: the enclosed build space of this device provides tons of control over the temperature. The door magnetically seals to the machine, making it easy to open and close the door. The turbofans of the printer make sure that it is highly efficient and offers cooling.
  • Removable build platform: This is a unique feature of this printer. It makes the removal of printed models much easier. The printing plate is quite flexible and allows the user to bend it so that the printing model can get removed easily. Also, the model sticks to the platform quite well without the use of any glue.
  • Breakpoint Printing: this is a great benefit of this 3D printer. If you face any power outages, the effort doesn’t get wasted and you can continue the printing process from where it stopped.
  • Easy handling: the Print X pro comes with a large and colored 4.3-inch touchscreen display. The large display makes it easier to operate and adjust the printers with ease.


  1. Basic Filament options: Because the extruders are not made with metal, the Print X pro limits the highest temperature of the device and restricts the choice of filaments to ABS and PLA only.
  2. Manual bed leveling: Manual leveling is a tiring and cumbersome job. Most 3D printing machines come with automated bed leveling features but the Print X pro does not come with these elements. Instead, you have to level the bed every time it becomes unaligned manually.


The Print X Pro is a strong and precise 3D printer that provides the best features. It showcases modern features of Wi-Fi connectivity and a touch screen. Hence, this printer is a robust and strong product that offers great services to beginners.


With just these tips, you can save a lot of time looking for a 3D printer.

  • Know what you want to print before you buy a 3D printer: Knowing what you want to print before you buy a 3D printer is helpful. Between 3D printing gadgets for your desk and industrial-scale production pieces, there’s a big difference. Consider how often you intend to print, where you intend to use the printed products, and how much time you’re willing to devote to the process.
  • Determine your preferred 3D printer design: A Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) printer is used by many hobbyists. To make 3D-printed items, these printers extrude hot materials and plastics known as filament. Other printing techniques use liquid resin vats, such as Digital Light Processing (DLP), Stereolithography (SLA), and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), which uses powder rather than resin.
  • Look for safety features: 3D printers that have these features are usually well-designed. When a print job is finished, an FDM printer, for example, can cool the nozzle and heated bed. When you pause the job or the print finishes, some printers shift the nozzle away from the piece, preventing heat damage and excess filament from forming.
  • Look for high-quality features: It’s easy to miss a few high-quality features that can make your 3D printing experience completely different. Touchscreen user interfaces, dual filament support, and heated glass beds are all items to look for. Also, something as basic as build volume, or the amount of space available for printing, can make a printer worthwhile.
  • Look for a brand that has a lot of support: Take a peek at the manufacturer’s customer service system before committing to a 3D printer order. Is there a skilled support system in place at the business, or is it just a Facebook group? If something goes wrong, this can make or break your printing experience.
  • Remember to make a resolution: The resolution of 3D printers is measured in microns, with FDM machines having a resolution of 25 microns and resin-based printers having a resolution of about 100 microns. On an FDM printer, you can easily change the resolution of your final print. When it comes to printing smoothly, the layer height and belt tension are the most significant considerations. The accuracy of a resin printer’s laser is a limiting factor. Look for a printer with a higher number of microns specified in the specifications that are easy to modify.

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