We all face situations daily when some or the other thing breaks every day. Instead of throwing all those things away, there are certain products available that can fix them easily and with tons of convenience. 

One such product is called Spectro Seal, which is a space-age device that can repair anything that has been broken. It makes use of UV light and is stronger than the plethora of options available in the market today. It seals and repairs within five seconds or even lesser. The Spectro Seal is capable of repairing almost everything in your homes and comes in the form of a UV glue pen, which makes it compact and lightweight.


Spectro Seal is UV glue that is similar to an adhesive, which requires a photochemical reaction for fixing. It is a polymer that depends on UV light to make for cross-linking and helps create a stronger bond as well as a stronger fix. It is not like other products that wait till they dry up, instead of when something is exposed to this UV light, the components of the adhesive overcome the activation energy that is needed to trigger cross-linking.

The great thing about this UV glue pen is that it provides accurate results and clean finishing and gives enough room for alignment until the accuracy in the position is achieved. When the UV light is exposed to the joint, it glues it immediately with strong and sturdy bonds. 

It provides the ability and flexibility to delay the bonding, which makes it quite different from other solvent-based adhesives, which start joining materials as soon as they are exposed to the atmosphere. 

Spectro Seal is a great and unique UV Glue pen that can repair anything within a matter of five seconds. It offers quick bonding and repairs for almost every kind of material including wood, ceramic, stone, metal, plastic, glass and rubber. This is a great product for all households and guarantees high quality along with great results.


There is no technical knowledge that you need for using this UV glue pen. The surface that you are going to join needs to be cleaned and dried. Start by first applying a thin layer of the glue to the surfaces in question and then squeeze them together. Now, shine the UV light on the surfaces for about three seconds. Next, add another layer of the adhesive in case you want a thicker layer and then shine the UV light once more. Then, you can give it another finishing if you want. 

This Spectro Seal UV light glue pen is capable of creating a transparent and strong bond, which is waterproof, weatherproof, durable and absolutely heat resistant. There is no worry about cleaning any kind of a mess as well as the adhesive is easy to apply and doesn’t make a mess on usage.

Step 1: Before you begin to apply the Spectro Seal adhesive, make sure that the surface you are applying it to is taken care of. The surface should be dry and free of any dust or grease. Also, you should keep in mind that every smooth surface should be a bit roughened for the adhesive to work optimally.

Step 2: Once you have cleaned the surface, you can apply the adhesive. Make sure to apply it in several layers, to fill up all the different slots and holes for creating a stronger bond, depending on what material you are fixing. Then apply another layer and a denser layer to optimize the fixing of the product. 

Step 3: After the Spectro Seal adhesive has been applied, bring the surfaces together and expose the UV light for the fixing to take place. If the light does not reach the adhesive in all nooks and corners, press the surfaces together firmly for about 30 seconds or more.

In case you want to remove the adhesive; you can do so using petroleum ether when the adhesive has not yet been optimally cured. You can also soak the surface in soapy water. This Spectro Seal UV Glue Pen is a non-toxic, polymer that is completely solvent-free. It makes all surfaces easy to repair and when you are ready to seal, just simply press the UV button to create a long and strong bond. 


This Spectro Seal UV Glue pen can be used for a variety of applications that includes decorating of plastic or glass, printing, automotive applications, plumbing, graphic arts, electronics, boating and other manufacturing processes as well.


This glue works and the UV glue pen is far superior to super glue as well as other adhesives in the market. You can repair anything with this UV glue and it is usually called a mini-welder because it creates long-lasting and strong bonds. 

Another application of this pen is to repair things in businesses. This goes a lot to say about the quality and strength of the kind of bonds this product creates.


This UV glue comes with wide applications and usage and can be used in different industries, including large-scale industries and commercial products as well. 

Adhesives that make use of UV light for bonding is becoming more popular day by day. It can be used for a variety of things and joining different materials as well. These can be used for filling, for reconstruction and sheathing of materials as well. When applied in layers, this Spectro Seal UV Glue Pen provides a gap-filling effect of up to one centimetre.

The use of the Spectro Seal UV adhesive can also be used for reconstructing materials. It is an extremely convenient product for sheathing of low current cables or as an alternative for small chunks of objects.

This Spectro Seal UV adhesive is perfect for wood, leather, metal, crystal, glass and plastic especially the transparent one.


There is a plethora of reason as to why you should buy this product:

  • Firstly, it only takes a few seconds to work and within two steps, your item gets repaired conveniently.
  • It makes use of the non-toxic polymer. It is safe to use around children and pets, making it a great product to use.
  • It doesn’t end up making any kind of a mess and helps prevent any kind of dripping.
  • It is extremely easy to use and there is hardly anyone who would say that using this product is difficult.


  • You can use the polymer to repair objects and different materials. Some people have reviewed this product and claimed that it can virtually repair every material, ranging from wood to rubber and everything else as well.
  • The UV light on this product helps create a strong bond. It forms a bond in a few seconds only and makes it last for a lifetime.
  • The precision tip applicator helps prevent the mess. You can make the most delicate of repairs and you don’t have to worry about the mess made. 


The Spectro Seal UV Glue pen is perfect for anybody and is a must-buy for all households. Any object in your homes can use this pen for fixing. It helps save the hassle of throwing out damaged items because you can repair them all by yourself.

Spectro Seal as a UV Glue pen is perfect for homeowners to fix everyday items in their homes. It is great for college kids as well because they can replace all the broken items without having to spend too much money, such as glass and furniture. Moreover, this product is great for all car owners as it helps make simple cosmetic repairs in your vehicles as well.



  • The UV Glue pen can repair anything in a matter of 10 seconds or less
  • The product uses polymer instead of glue to make the repairs
  • It is a completely non-toxic product and safe to use with kids and pets around
  • The precision applicator tip on the pen helps avoid any kind of messes 
  • The UV Light makes bonds that are extremely strong and last quite long as well
  • This product is not messy at all and makes quick repairs
  • There is no sticky residue and the results are quite transparent
  • It is quite a versatile product and works well on most of the surfaces such as wood, paper, fabric and many other as well.
  • It works as a filler and you can fill holes or create different shapes with Spectro Seal UV Glue Pen. Before it dries up completely, it is quite easily moldable.
  • The Spectro Seal UV pen dries up quickly and forms a strong durable bond. There is no need to wait for the glue to dry, the UV light is used for that and works within a few seconds only.
  • It is small and compact, which makes it quite easy to conveniently store it wherever you like.


  • The drawback that can be associated with this product is that it is available in limited stock only.
  • It is small and therefore, it cannot be used for larger repairs. Things like broken furniture cannot be fixed by using the Spectro Seal Product.
  • This product doesn’t work without a UV light source. If the UV pen stops working, the glue part cannot be used anymore. In that case, you will have to buy a separate UV source and try fixing the products.


The Spectro Seal UV Glue Pen can be purchased from the official website of Spectro Seal. It comes providing tons of benefits and offers. When you get on the official website, you have to simply fill in your details including the shipping address. Moreover, this Spectro Seal UV Glue Pen comes providing a 30-day money-back guarantee on the product, so in case it doesn’t work for you, you can always send it back and ask for a refund.


This product is a must-have investment for most of the households across the world. We often break things and don’t know how to get them repaired. With the Spectro Seal UV Glue pen, you don’t have to worry about fixing things because it does exactly just that. It comes providing tons of fixing guarantees and if you are not happy with the product, you can always return it as well. Moreover, it is a safe product to use and is non-toxic, making it one of the most recommended adhesives for creating strong and long-lasting bonds.

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