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Bad odor is the biggest turn-off for anyone, and getting rid of bad odor can be a big task because of the toxic chemicals in the products. StankStix is a product that kills the bacteria that produces bad odor. This is the reason that the bad odor doesn’t come back again after its effect is gone, which is unlike other such products available in the market. Krista Woods is the founder of StankStix, who made this winning product. It does amazingly well and is also called as a “mousetrap for bad odors” by its owner. 

Story Behind StankStix

StankStix Review

Krista Woods, the founder of StankStix had a thing with bad odor. She tries washing, chemicals, and sprays but was unsuccessful in getting rid of the bad odor from the gear. Then she realized that these things were only working temporarily and there is something else that is existing inside the gear. There was no solution to this in the market and she had to come up with a solution to this never-ending problem. Although the cleaning industry has several products for cleaning, there was not a single product.

So, that’s when she became a superhero and a savior by creating the best ever cleaning product, i.e. StankStix

How Does It work?

It works by placing it near the place with bad odor and wait for 24 hours to see its effect. It then attracts and kills the odor-producing bacteria, without harming the environment. This product boasts of being non-toxic and non-chemical. The other chemicals and spray products make you get rid of bad odor only temporarily, but StankStix does that permanently for you as it straightaway attacks the bacteria in the air. 

When you are not wearing your shoes, you can easily insert StanStix (previously called ShoeStix) to get rid of their bad odor. You can either use it with the handle attached or take it off to make it smaller. It ab orbs moisture quickly and takes away the bad odor by preventing the growth of odor-causing bacteria. ShoeStix neutralizes the smell and does not cover it. It fits the best in adult and child shoes, skates, boots, arm pads, helmets, kneed pads, gym bags, and laundry baskets. 

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The fun fact here is that initially the product was called GloveStix because Krista developed it for her son’s gloves. Later, when she got feedback from users that it works anywhere, she changed the name.

stank stix review

Trinity Force Behind StankStix

StanStix works on three major things which collectively work to remove odors and smells. 

  1. Silver Seal Technology

The Silver Seal Technology makes use of silver because Krista found that silver has got antimicrobial properties, which help in stopping the growth of bacteria. She took a lot of time in making her product perfect and ideal. She combined silver with natural plant-based oils to make a powerful product that can combat bacteria. This is the reason why StanStix works everywhere, even where other products fail.

2. Non-toxic Deodorizing Inserts

The non-toxic deodorizing inserts can themselves absorb moisture and keep it inside, which helps in removing the bad odor from drawers, shoes, trash cans, gear, laundry baskets, etc. actually, where ever there is moisture, StanStix will absorb it. 

3. Non-toxic Materials

StanStix boasts the fact that it is made of non-toxic materials and can stay for a decade. As a user, you will only need to change the inserts. These materials work amazingly well by removing the main cause for the odor and not just the odor, which is why the effect lasts longer. 

Other products in the market only cover up the bad smell with a pleasant one, but it does not have a long-lasting effect like StankStix. Bacteria like staph, MRSA, E.coli, mildew, etc. keep growing inside the gears and does not go away with the usual products we get in the market. But, StankStix does not mask the smell, but simply attacks the bacteria and kills it. It does not use any rosy fragrance or chemicals and lack smell. But they do the important task of killing the odor-causing bacteria.

StanStix was funded with $150,000 by Alex Rodriguez and Lori Greiner. Krista had a hard time initially in convincing her family and the other sharks in the tank to make her product look appealing. But, after the interview, they got interested in the product and called her a perfectionist. 

Pros and Cons of StankStix


  • It is a long-lasting and a durable item
  • It is very effective in neutralizing the odor
  • It is a product which can be used anywhere
  • It is easy to use and works effectively


  • The deodorizer bag inserts need replacement


StanStix is an excellent product that works wonders in removing bad odors and killing bacteria. It does not use any chemicals and is environment-friendly. It is highly recommended for getting a long-lasting effect.

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