Star Scope Monocular Review 2020- Worthy Phone Camera Telescope?


When we were kids, binoculars were like an exciting toy or piece of equipment that we would buy before going on those long trips, where we would be in sync with nature. To catch them live in the wild was too complicated and hence, if we had the right binoculars, it would just end up being much more comfortable. But through technology, buying an altogether new binocular is not required anymore.

The Starscape Monocular is one such product that comes with a lens for being used as a binocular, but one can also place it in front of their smartphones for taking high-quality photos. It is similar to telescopes that are quite expensive to buy.


Star Scope Monocular is a single eyepiece optical device, which is similar to a binocular. You can use it for sightseeing or for capturing great moments at a distance. It comes with a ten times magnification and lets you see far off objects like they are very close. You can see the different bird species, or spot a tiger from afar as well. This particular product works like a telescope and can be attached to your smartphone for taking pictures correctly.

The Star scope monocular is for outdoor use mostly. Whether you are out on excursions or jungle safaris, the manufacturer lets you spot everything with 10X magnification. This device is compatible with both Android and Apple devices and when used with smartphones, lets you take photographs quickly and conveniently. Additionally, it comes offering handy dimensions and with waterproof materials, making it to be the perfect product for all sorts of sports and other activities. It also comes including a tripod for hands-free operations and easy operations. It doesn’t come with the need of holding the monocular in your hands the whole time.

Star Scope Monocular is here to let you create and capture unique experiences. It can additionally be carried along for all the sporting events and gives the opportunity of noticing everyone playing on the field. 


  • This Monocular comes with ten times magnification. It lets you capture all moments through your phone; it doesn’t compromise on the kind of quality and reach that a binocular can provide. 
  • This Monocular comes with a lens that lets you capture a comprehensive view through its 50mm lens.
  • BAK4 crystal prism lens: This particular lens is usually used in high-end binoculars and offers the highest quality that a binocular can provide. This particular Monocular is a credible choice.
  • This Monocular comes with HD glasses and a lens that is fully multi-coated. The lens is made using high quality and durable material, making it super hard to break.
  • It offers a field view of 114 to 1100m: You can view everything in a magnified and effective way. Hills, mountains, and other such far off places can be seen from these devices.
  • This particular product is extremely lightweight and can be carried around anywhere and everywhere without a problem. It weighs about 320g only.
  • Apart from being lightweight, this device can also easily be gripped with your palms. With a single grip, it gives the flexibility of capturing most of the device. 
  • This monocular is made using advanced polymer and comes offering tons of durability that makes it hard to break, even when it falls. Also, it is scratch-resistant, which is an excellent feature of this product.
  • It comes with a 3mm exit pupil diameter.
  • It offers an eye relief of 20 mm.


If you are looking to take the best selfie or are trying to capture the best quality images, then this product is perfect for you. It eliminates the use of bulky lenses and cameras, which people have to carry around. The ten times zoom characteristic makes it quite useful to and compatible with taking images from afar. No matter which phone it is, this monocular can be used with all operating systems. Moreover, the lens is made with high-quality materials that let one use it for a long time.


If you are someone who spends a lot of time on the outdoors, then this monocular is perfect for all your needs. It can easily take photos of all your surroundings and is a perfect travelling tool, which is lightweight and does not require too much space to store. This device is small and compact and is simple to carry.

The best thing about this Star Scope Monocular is that you can also use it as a telescope. If you are going to a place that you are not that familiar with, then this monocular will let you understand what is ahead of you.

Additionally, you can also enjoy the animals or sky or birds around you when you are out for a long drive; this product offers excellent value for money.


  • This product comes offering high definition picture clarity, providing images that are entirely crystal clear because of the BAK-4 crystal prism lens.
  • You get to see all the items with a ten times magnification making it an ideal buy for all. It provides crystal clear pictures even at a distance.
  • This particular device is wholly water-resistant and fog proof, making it operates efficiently in all weather conditions and areas.
  • This particular Monocular comes with highly durable properties as the glass of this lens is made using the best quality materials and ABS plastic. It comes with an excellent metallic finish that makes it last quite long.


  • This product is made up of advanced computerized numerical control, making it advanced and effective.
  • It makes use of the BAK4 prism type.
  • It is lightweight, and the lens is easy to handle. 
  • It lets you click sharp and clear pictures quite quickly when you use it.
  • It is waterproof and fog proof and works well no matter where you carry it.
  • It can be entirely operated as a telescopic monocular, and you can look 50 miles ahead while using this product.
  • This device comes with multiple coatings and provides high-quality photos at par with the costliest ones available in the market.
  • It comes surrounded with a protective and non-skid coating making it durable at all times.
  • It comes in a streamlined shape, which makes it relatively easy to hold.


The Star Scope Monocular comes with a telescopic lens, and you can easily adjust the diopter to tune the monocular according to your vision. It comes with an eyecup that can easily be adjusted for those who wear glasses. In addition to this, there is a tripod attachment socket that lets you use this telescope hands-free with this tripod.

The Star Scope Monocular is a useful device and is compatible with smartphones. You can attach the lens to your phones and click the best pictures.


All outdoor enthusiasts and adventure lovers love this product. This Star scope monocular lets one see miles ahead with extreme precision and accuracy and provides an enhanced experience for understanding wildlife and nature. It makes hunting super easy and fun and lets you capture and target animals from far. It is excellent for those people who are into professional wildlife photography. Additionally, you can easily attach this monocular to your phone and zoom in as much as you want, taking the best quality pictures and images.

Moreover, this device can also be used as a telescope and can help one navigate through the in-built compass easily.


The Star Scope monocular comes providing tons of benefits and serves to be quite a useful product in the outdoors, especially. This device can directly be purchased from the official website and is excellent for all outdoor enthusiasts. The device is also great for explorers, photographers, and hikers as it magnifies the experience of everything they see and lets you spot things that you cant with your ordinary and naked eyes. Additionally, this product is easy to carry around and can fit in wherever you go.


This product is directly available on the official website, and tons of discounts and offers are always running on this website. The product comes with an additional shipping charge and provides tons of offers for you to buy the product at a discounted rate. 


The people who have used the Star Scope Monocular speak well for the product as it comes offering tons of functionalities. The device is lightweight and easy to use and provides an experience like no other. It comes with the best lens that lets you see ten times more than any other device. It does not provide any blurred images and aims to offer high quality and accurate pictures. Therefore, this monocular is a great alternative to all the expensive cameras out there.

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