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If you’re like me, you’re sick of paying huge fees every month to your internet provider. Most of these companies want to gouge you every month for crazy fees. They charge you for your modem, for your router, some even make you pay for just hooking up everything to a few feet of cable! It’s insane.

And then they want you to pay even higher fees to increase your so-called “bandwidth”. They lure you in with a cheap price for the “standard” internet speeds, but then what happens? You try to watch Netflix or YouTube, but the streaming speed is terrible. Next thing you know, you can’t even attach photos in your email because EVERYTHING IS RUNNING TOO SLOW.

Sometimes, due to Wi-Fi’s limited range, the signal is not strong. Apart from this, other obstacles like furniture, doors, walls, etc. further weaken down the signal range. This is where SuperBoost WiFi will solve your problem. 

What is SuperBoost WiFi Booster?

The Super Booster Wi-Fi Booster device is a wonderful gadget that will solve all such internet problems at home. People end up buying routers and signal repeaters to enhance their wi-fi signal at home, but such devices do not avoid the “dead spots” in the house, this is where Booster works the best.

It is effectively designed to boost the wi-fi signal at your home and let you enjoy uninterrupted entertainment. 

The Internet is one of the essential needs of humans today. It is widely used for leisure, entertainment, and work. You will find Wi-Fi in every home and office these days because of the dependency on the internet to carry out the daily tasks.

The requirement is such that it is important to have a strong Wi-Fi signal, 24/7, but not everyone gets that pleasure. It is the most annoying feeling when your video or movie hangs due to poor connection, or you are not able to finish some official work that requires good internet speed.

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Why Buy a Signal Wi-Fi Amplifier with iBooster?

While taking a wi-fi connection, you may take the highest possible internet speed for your home, but still, you may find signal issues. This is because you may either have more users who are using the same speed or the signal is still not reaching all the areas of your house.

But, if you will use a signal Wi-Fi amplifier like SuperBoost, it will increase the speed of your connection and make it stable and reliable. It works like this – the WiFi Booster takes the signal from the Wi-Fi router and expands it, just like a mini modem. You can place it at an ideal location in your home or office to cover all the areas effectively.

Features of SuperBoost

Here are the features of the Booster:

  • Strong and Intense – The iBooster is a very effective device that intensifies the wi-fi signal and strengthens it so that it reaches every corner of the house. You need not move your furniture out of the way to give a clear path to the signal, instead, the intense and strong signal from the iBooster will easily go around any objects and reach every corner of the house or office space. 
  • Easy installation – It is a very simple process to install the iBooster because you simply need software to do the task. Just plug in the Booster and sync it with the WPS button and within a few minutes, it is ready. This is a portable device and thus you can place it and sync it with any wi-fi signal. You can carry it to your friend’s place too and sync it with their wi-fi easily.
  • Affordable Solution – The iBooster is a low-cost device and an affordable solution for your wi-fi signal problems. It is effective and affordable than other signal booster options and will stay with you for a longer time. buy the device yourself and not through your internet provider as they may charge you more.
  • Safe and Practical – This signal amplifier makes use of the latest technology in terms of speed and security. It has WPA2 encryption which gives a safe and secure solution for your home or office environment. It gives excellent performance and safety as no one will be able to crack and steal your signal or data. 

Why is SuperBoost WiFi Special?

Having a slow internet connection is frustrating and you must have tried all possible ways to correct the situation, like moving your router to fix the Wi-Fi dead zones, changing to a different Wi-Fi channel, using a wired connection, or calling your internet service provider who will only ask you to upgrade your connection so that he earns more. Still, things will not go smoothly and you will face signal issues.

But, with this wifi Booster, you will get a sure shot solution, forever. This compact device can be used with multiple devices under one roof as its signal-boosting capacity is tremendous. Also, it does not require any prerequisite technical knowledge for installation.

It starts working as soon as you connect it with your existing wi-fi, by plugging the device in the socket. You do not need any external help from your internet service provider, which will save you extra overhead costs too.

Five Reasons to Use Super Booster

  • It is extremely simple to install as it just requires you to plug it, connect with wi-fi and enjoy uninterrupted wi-fi signal.
  • Its speed is super-fast and starts working as soon as it gets connected. You can watch interrupted movies, music, play games, etc. because the signal is strong and speed is very good.
  • The Superboost wifi Booster can be connected with any wi-fi router, laptop, phone, or tablet because it is a universal device.
  • It has no external antennas. It is a mini-plug in the device and portable.
  • It is an affordable device that gives you a strong and reliable signal anywhere you place it. 

How does Wi-Fi Booster Work?

A Wi-Fi Booster is like a mini-modem which enhances and strengthens your wi-fi signal and reaches to the places where your normal signal does not reach. It actually boosts the wi-fi signal to give you great and reliable speed. SuperBoost works the best even where routers fail as it increases the connection capacity.

You do not have to remove furniture out of the signal’s way because the Booster will reach every corner of the house with a strong signal. Moreover, this device blocks the data usage reporting to the ISP which enhances the signal strength.

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Who Can Use SuperBoost WiFi?

Do you have multiple devices in your home or office that use Wi-Fi? Are you frustrated with your Wi-Fi service provider? Instead of paying more on your monthly bills or stealing your neighbor’s Wi-Fi, boost your connection with SuperBoost Wi-Fi.

SuperBooster is the ideal device for anyone who is facing speed and signal issues with their wi-fi. This device gives a wider coverage area and amazing internet speed at your home or workspace. If you love watching movies online or are a passionate player of online games, then buy this Booster to enhance your wi-fi signal.

Get amazing coverage with your existing wireless router. No more trying to guess your neighbor’s password!

iBooster Review Conclusion

iBooster is a very effective device that will promise you an uninterrupted wi-fi signal at every and any corner of your house or office space. It requires no installation or external cables to connect. Simply plug it in the power outlet and connect it with your home wi-fi and you are great to go. You will see how your movies, songs, videos, games will work without crashing or hanging because of the strong signal coming from this SuperBoost WiFi. It boosts the wi-fi capacity of your network at home, at work, or when you are on the go.

It is very safe and practical to use. You can carry it anywhere with you and connect it with wi-fi of the particular place and enjoy uninterrupted services. It will amplify the wi-fi signal and give you strong and fast wi-fi signal and speed. This iBooster comes with WPA2 encryption and thus keeps your device safe and secured from other cracking in it. It is the safest and powerful technique to boost the existing wi-fi signal. 

Where and How to Buy Super Booster?

WiFi Booster is available online on the official website of the company. It is advised to buy it directly from the official website to avoid extra costs and get the best quality product. You may even get a discount if you buy it from the registered website.

SuperBoost is 100% Risk-Free! Extend your Wi-Fi for better coverage and a perfect connection. Use your existing router with SuperBoost to increase your signal strength and put an end to buffering. An easy solution for multiple devices using Wi-Fi! Stream and download your favorite shows, movies, music, and any media without interruption. Always stay connected!

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