TempWatch Fever Detection Watch – The Accidental Invention Taking World By Storm

A dangerous virus is rapidly taking over the globe. Multiple governments have already declared state of emergency. Virtually anyone can be infected, and medical experts still don’t know all the ways it can spread.

However, we do know that it’s extremely contagious. And you can hardly tell if someone is infected or not, if they aren’t showing any symptoms. That’s why everyone is in danger… we must do all we can to protect our families. This teenager from Japan did so too. And his invention is helping thousands around the globe fight the pandemic.

“This teen’s invention may revolutionize our fight against the virus. We are very lucky as usually such inventions come along maybe once in a hundred years…”

His Invention is Changing the Medical Industry

Daiki, a 17 year-old from Tokyo, has been in isolation for two months. But he is using his time for good. When he’s not studying, Daiki is tinkering with electronics—disassembling things he finds around the house, reviewing their circuits, then re-assembling them.

Daiki once stumbled upon his father’s old digital wristwatch. He had a thermometer laying around and a tiny touch screen. So, he figured, “let’s combine these”. His father, an engineering veteran, dismissed his invention as “dumb”. But his mother, Hina, didn’t give up on it so fast. Hina found his new electronic watch interesting, took it to work next day. If it weren’t for a sick colleague, the world would have never had the TempWatch…

Seemingly “Useless” Device Saved a Man’s Life


Hina showed her son’s invention to her colleagues. There was a neat feature to check your temperature with the thermometer. It was interesting, but everybody thought it was useless. One of her coworkers jokingly decided to check his temperature.

The digits showed 38°C (100F). He laughed at the result. “It might work at a second try”, he said, and used the watch to test himself again. The same result appeared on the screen.

Now everyone’s faces looked very concerned. Hina put her hand on the man’s forehead. “You’re burning”, she said. They called the ER. The man had a positive diagnosis for the fever.

Big Pharma is Geared Against Us… But This Will Change EVERYTHING

Hina’s boss oversaw the event and called her into his office. He borrowed the watch over the weekend.

The next Monday, Hina was called into his office again. “The government is doing nothing to help us”, he said, “and big pharma is bumping up their prices to profiteer. But your son created something that could revolutionize how we prevent diseases. Something that could help us fight the virus.”

Hina blushed. “I will help Daiki produce the TempWatch. This device could change everything.” Daiki couldn’t believe the fantastic news. Not long later, a small workshop was setup where he produced his TempWatch with a few colleagues.

By now, more than 200,000 units of TempWatch have been shipped. Daiki is expecting to ship at least 3x as many during the pandemic. We let him explain us how the watch works.

TempWatch Could Help You Protect Your Family

bpm monitor smartwatch

“TempWatch is not an ordinary smart watch. It’s your personal wrist doctor”, Daiki tells us. “It measures your body temperature (or of your loved ones) instantly and accurately. For example, now that we’re isolated, you may be relaxing with your daughter. You two are heaving a tea party with her plush toys. Both of you are smiling and having fun, when suddenly…

…her face appears a bit more pale than normal to you. You start worrying. So what do you do? You just scan her temperature with TempWatch. And you instantly get a precise measurement, so you know what to do if the result is out of ordinary.”

This device has another fantastic feature that protects your health—a built-in PPG+ECG heart monitor. These monitors are used in hospitals to measure heart functioning and ensure everything is running smoothly. TempWatch also makes it easy to share these measurements with your doctor in a single click, in case anything seems troublesome.

TempWatch also features an array of other benefits that keep you healthy. This is just a short list of the most important ones:

  • Monitors your blood pressure and oxygen levels, to ensure your bloodstream is healthy and functioning as normal
  • Analyzes your sleep quality, and helps you determine when’s the best time to go to bed. This improves your sleep quality, making you feel more rested and energized throughout the day. Many say TempWatch helped them make caffeine a thing of the past!
  • Keeps track of your activity levels, so you know when you need to engage your body. TempWatch monitors your vital statistics when walking, hiking, playing badminton or tennis, swiming, and during many other activites. It helps you give your body the exercise it needs, without pushing it over the limits.
health monitor watch

And yet, that’s still not everything TempWatch has to offer. This device also has a number of features to ease the burden off daily tasks. Here are some of those features we like the most:

  • Notifies you of incoming calls, messages, and social media activity. Whenever something important happens or an urgent message is received, you’ll instantly be in the know with TempWatch. You can even use it to directly answer your phone calls, without pulling out your phone.
  • Built-in phone locator that will help you find your phone in case it’s lost or stolen.
  • Alarm, timer and stopwatch for easy organization of daily activities. These will help you stay on track with everyday tasks, and never miss an important appointment.
  • Music player, built-in camera & more extermely useful functions that you’ll find handy when on the go.

To make things even better, TempWatch is also IP68 waterproof-certified, which means it’s safe to keep it on while washing your hands, walking in the rain or even when swimming! And its huge battery will last you for days (to be more precise, TempWatch lasts around 6 days on a single charge!)

Ultra-Useful Device, Especially During The Outbreak


TempWatch isn’t just a simple smartwatch… it’s a doctor on your wrist. You’ll enjoy its numerous features that protect your health—such as the heart-rate monitor, the blood pressure & oxygen monitor, the sleep quality monitor, the activity tracker & more.

But most of all, its high-accuracy thermometer will add an additional layer of protection against the virus. It will help you keep yourself and your family safer, with quick & accurate temperature measurement.

It’s also a very smart investment, because watches such as this one usually cost around ₹47,780. TempWatch? It’s priced at only ₹30,980 (we’ve secured a great discount for our readers, read on to find it). Plus, it’s got all the health features that high-end watches don’t. And you’ll find it as useful after the pandemic as you will today. It’s got feature after feature that you’ll love to use.

But Is TempWatch Easy to Use?

smartwatch assistant

Yes! TempWatch was designed to be accessible for everyone. You don’t need to be a tech genius to use it. You don’t even need any experience with technology at all! The touch-screen display is big, bright and colorful. The buttons on the screen are large and easy to press.

Everything is well-described so you won’t get stuck not knowing what to do next. The device is smart so you can’t mess anything up either. Just switch it on and enjoy its fantastic features!

Buy Your TempWatch Today—Protect Your Family

TempWatch is definitely a great investment. Especially nowadays. If you want to protect yourself, and protect your family, then TempWatch will certainly help you. In fact, today only we’ve had around 3,900 readers tell us how TempWatch helped them in these dangerous times.

If you want to purchase your TempWatch, you’ll be happy to hear that it’s on a limited -50% discount. Only today you can get this marvelous piece of technology at half its price, for only $100. But this offer lasts only while TempWatch is in stock. After it’s gone, you won’t be able to save up OR get a TempWatch at all.

So if you want to protect your family, and want to enjoy all the fantastic features of TempWatch, then purchase your TempWatch now by clicking on this link. There are only a few left in stock (only five or six units left). Why not take advantage of the discount and buy two for the price of one—one for yourself and one for your better half? Make sure to buy your TempWatch as soon as possible, otherwise it will be all gone.

What TempWatch Users Are Saying

  • Dennis J: Heart monitor is incredibly useful. Looks very good on hand. Used it when washing hands and it’s still functioning perfectly. The thermometer is very quick and provides reliable results. Overall, great device
  • Anne L: The sleep monitor function is very detailed and really helpful. Can truly improve the quality of your rest. Helps get more deep sleep cycles so body feels fresh and ready in the morning. It’s got an accurate thermometer that’s activated from the menu. Used it a couple of times and the results are good. Also very comfortable to wear and good display. Very easy to see and use everything.
  • Michele R: Arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Watch is very stylish and has good battery life, lasts around 8 days for me. Very detailed health reports. I often use the alarm and messaging options. Heat checker is accurate and takes very little time to create report, great

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