There are a plethora of options available when it comes to ceramic heaters for small and big areas. No matter the size of your room, there is a heater for all purposes. The most popular ones amongst the people are ceramic heaters, which come packed with portability and convenience. These heaters are inexpensive and affordable as well as perfect for the smaller rooms. They come in various designs, and you can choose one according to your needs and preferences. 

Following are various Duraflame Ceramic Heaters, which are incredibly safe for the environment and provide adequate heat levels for protection against the cold winters.


This portable heater from Duraflame is ideal for small spaces. It is one of the most convenient heating systems for your homes and provides the user the flexibility of moving it around quickly from one place to the other or rather one room to the other. This heater offers infrared heat, which is excellent for maintaining the air’s humidity and providing heat without drying up the surroundings. This heater comes with a digital display thermostat and remote control, which makes it easy to control the heater’s settings and offers tons of convenience in your home. 

A 5200 BTU heater comes with a patent-pending safer plug fire prevention technology, which makes it safe for kids and pets. If you touch the heater, you will realize it stays cool at all times, and it is quite pleasant for the environment. It comes with the features of zone heating, wherein electric heat warm up the rooms you are using and shut off the heat that is blown into the other sections so that the space that is not in use doesn’t get heated. 


This 5200 BTU heater from Duraflame is quite efficient and provides supplemental zone heating for an area of up to 1000 square feet. It means that the site, which is not in use, doesn’t get the heat because that part of the heater is off. Such a situation leads to a significant amount of savings and makes the heater become an energy-efficient device. Moreover, the infrared quartz heat feature helps to maintain the humidity levels in the air. The infrared quartz heat feature is significant because the room is warmed up and does not cause any dryness to the people sitting around, making it relatively safe to use. A digital thermostat is designed in such a way, which allows the user to set the room’s temperature. All the solid wood furniture and wood veneers in your home are safe from getting spoilt. Also, the heater is safe, especially if you have children and pets in your home. This heater makes for efficient overheat protection, and the heater shuts off immediately to prevent any overheating.

The Duraflame unit is portable and comes fully assembled, ready to heat. It doesn’t require any venting or gas lines and provides an owner’s manual with instructions for using this heater properly.


This heater warms up your 1000 square feet area of space with its infrared quartz electric stove. It comes with a 3D flame effect for providing a more realistic feel and looks to the fire. Moreover, it provides an adjustable thermostat, which makes it easier to control the heater and the environment. The remote control is also quite convenient because you can switch the temperatures while relaxing comfortably. The flame effect on the Duraflame heater operates with or without heat usage, and the device is cool to touch, making it extremely safe for kids and pets to handle. This Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove is relatively easy to move wherever you like. The infrared heat provided helps maintain the humidity levels in the air, making it a comfortable space. It is a portable device, which can be carried around anywhere from place to place without an issue. You can get the relaxing feel of dancing flames of a fireplace all year round with this infrared heater, without getting the feeling of being too warm. It acts as a great décor item and creates a beautiful cozy atmosphere no matter the season.


It is another excellent portable electric heater from Duraflame. It is a freestanding heater, which can be moved around from place to place and is not stationary at a single location. It comes with oscillating features that move from side to side, making the air circulate throughout the room and surroundings while the rest of the unit stays in place comfortably. The product comes providing a two-year comfort and usability and offers the cool breeze of a two-speed fan in addition to the heater. The infrared heat that comes out of the system helps maintain the humidity levels in the atmosphere and doesn’t dry out the air in the environment.

Moreover, this heater comes with a digital thermostat and remote to provide utmost convenience to the customer and make it easy to control the unit. The two-speed fan that comes with the heater helps provide a cool breeze in the room during the hot summer months, and there is a tip over the safety switch. In addition to this, the heater always stays cool to the touch and is quite decent for the environment.


It is like an electric log set and a freestanding set with a heater used for warming up space as ample as 400 feet. It provides a nice flame effect, available with or without turning the heat. So, if you want to enjoy a lovely cozy evening with your friends and family, you can turn it on to give a nice effect. The ambiance of a rolling fire provides a nice winter feel and makes the décor stand out. This heater is energy efficient and comes with LED technology. There are absolutely no hookups required, and this device is vent-free. It provides a nice rolling, pulsating, realistic log set feel and an ember bed. Its design makes it look quite natural and life-like, which talks about its high quality.

Moreover, the flame effects look almost close to real. This heater also comes with electric controls that can warm up a room in no time. It is a 1350-watt heater, with 4600 BTU’s per hour.


With this electric heater, you don’t need to create a mess with your fireplace and instead give up the whole hassle of firewood using the LED electric log set placed in your existing fireplace and sits back to relax the flames. It looks like a realistic birch log set and ember bed with a black finish grate and features a rolling flame effect, which works with or without the heat. You can easily control the log set from anywhere in the room or your surroundings using the multifunctional remote control. It is a 4600 BTU heater that produces a realistic flame effect. It is a fully assembled product and is safe for all parents and kids.

Even if the outdoor temperature changes, you can truly relax in your homes with the high-quality dancing flames and glowing ember bed of a fireplace throughout the year. It seems like a great addition to your existing décor and creates a lovely soothing, stylish atmosphere, irrespective of the season when you want to use the flame effect and give a nice beautiful feel to your homes.


Just like the other infrared Duraflame Heaters, this portable heater is also an ideal solution for your homes. It is a freestanding, easily movable heater that provides the luxury of moving the heater around from room to room with tons of convenience. The heater’s infrared heat helps maintain the air’s natural humidity and provides an extremely comfortable environment. It is a 5200 BTU heater that comes with a digital thermostat, making it easy to control the device. Moreover, it is incredibly kind to the environment and a safe product to have with kids and pets around. It comes with concealed casters that roll in any direction and features of overheat protection, wherein the heater will switch off instantly before overheating. This Duraflame heater comes with a patent-pending safer plug with fire prevention technology that provides adequate peace of mind to you and your family. The safer plug continuously monitors the plug temperature with the help of a built-in thermometer. If the plug temperature rises above the safety levels, the plug shuts off immediately and prevents overheating.


There is no need to deal with the hassles of cleaning up the firewood because when you use this infrared quartz electric log set, you can enjoy the ambiance of a fireplace along with getting adequate heat for a comfortable environment. It is more like a realistic log set and ember bed, which comes with a black, finish fire grate and features a nice rolling flame effect that works smoothly with or without the heat switched on. You can control the log set from anywhere with the simple use of the multifunctional remote control. It is a 5200 BTU heater and provides infrared heat, which helps maintain the natural humidity in the air and create a friendly, comfortable environment. The flame effect on it can. It offers year-round ambiance, and the infrared heat coming out provides warmth instantly. It also helps create a healthy environment because the heat is quite gentle on the body and doesn’t dry out the skin. Moreover, infrared heating reduces static electricity.


You can now enjoy the warmth and beauty of this Bronze Electric fireplace stove that comes with a curved front and grated side viewing panels with a decorative stoll detail. This heater provides a realistic flame effect and glowing logs with an ember bed readily available with or without the heat’s function. It helps leave the ambiance friendly and gentle with rolling fire throughout the year. Moreover, this electric heater provides supplemental zone heating, wherein it shuts off the blowing heat in the portion that is not being used. It can heat an area to 400 square feet, and the heat settings include 750 watts and 1500 watts. It is a 4600 BTU heater that is great for small spaces.

Moreover, it is a safe device to use, especially if you have kids and pets in your homes. It also provides overheat protection, wherein the heater will instantly shut off in case of overheating. In addition to this, there is no requirement for assembly for this product. You can use the product as soon as it comes out of the box.


This electric fireplace stove is quite easily portable and provides a realistic life-like flaming effect while producing adequate heating for heating any room. The furnace is designed with a classic finish and provides a nice look of a wood-burning stove, without any inconvenience of cleaning the stoves eventually. The flame looks exceptionally life-like, and the stove lets you relax the moment you switch it on. The infrared heater is quite useful and provides supplemental zone heating for rooms that measure up to 1000 square feet. The heater and flame effects are independent of one another, and you don’t necessarily need to heat the room to switch on the flames. You can even enjoy the fire during warmer months, and when it gets more relaxed, you can turn the heat on.

Moreover, this device is entirely safe for pets and kids to touch, and it requires no venting or gas lines. It includes an owner’s or instruction manual with step-by-step instructions and remote control powered by 2 AAA batteries. Also, the device is CSA safety certified.


It is a little confusing to choose from the whole variety of ceramic heaters. There are doubts about each one, and a lot of time goes into researching which one would be ideal for you and your family. 

It would help if you asked yourself specific questions before purchasing to make sure it is the right one. Firstly, understand if buying the Duraflame ceramic heater is worth it and the different advantages that the ceramic heater provides. Moreover, the reason and the cause, and the variety of options, should be assessed in detail before knowing which particular Duraflame Ceramic heater is the right one to choose. 


Ceramic Heaters work entirely only, and they are the least bit complicated. These heaters are extremely easy to use and come offering tons of convenience to the person buying them. 

The main components of a ceramic heater include metal heating elements, ceramic plates, an electric fan, and the main cover, which takes care of all the device’s controls. Once the heater has is switched on, the heating elements inside it start to heat up, and you can see them from your naked eye. The ceramic plates on these heaters make them extremely safe to use. There is no danger in touching these hot elements or burning any other internal components of the heater.

Once the heating elements start heating up properly, the ceramic plates inside also begin to heat up. The heat from the leaves results in heating the surroundings and environment all around. The air released in the room using the fan inside the heater blows the air through a grille or slats. Usually, a ceramic heater provides controls that can easily adjust the fan’s speed to high or low mode. It can be defined how quickly the room would heat up and at what rate the hot air is blown. Moreover, these heaters also come, including a thermostat control, which helps adjust the heat generated with the heating elements’ help, quickly affecting how the hot air blown out of the heater.


Ceramic heaters come providing tons of benefits, making them the go-to choice for most of the users around.

  1. Easy to use: The best ceramic heaters come with straightforward controls that only consist of a couple of dials or buttons. You have to choose the fan’s speed according to your specifications and adjust it accordingly, deciding how high or low do you want the temperature to be.
  2. Portability: These ceramic heaters are super convenient devices and can be moved around from place to place or room to room without hassle. This portability of the ceramic heater is due to various factors such as the small size of the heaters and the possibility of them being lightweight. These heaters also come with a handle, making them easy to live and carry around without any issue.
  3. Safety and security of using: If you use these heaters properly, then they are relatively safe to use. They come with safety cut-off features and more in case of the occurrence of overheating or being knocked, which helps prevent the advent of any injury or face the danger of fire. The heaters enclosed within ceramic plates and the heating elements are hidden, which poses a lesser risk than the naked flames in your homes. Moreover, they come with cooling technology, as they are cool to touch. It makes them safe to have, especially when you have kids and pets around.
  4. Energy Efficient: There is, of course, no guarantee on the electricity bills, but as a consensus, it is known that ceramic heaters genuinely use less energy resulting in lower bills compared to the conventional heaters available in the market. They are also highly efficient and help generate easily and immediately. Besides powering the fan, electricity is also used to produce heat and warm up the environment. 
  5. Low-cost upfront: While most of the other heaters available in the market are extremely expensive and cost thousands of dollars, many others cost much lesser. The ceramic heaters are one such category of heaters that don’t have much of an upfront cost compared to the other products available in the market. It is a massive advantage because you can buy a couple of them together and spend much less than the different options available in the market.


Highlighted are some of the features that you must look for when buying a ceramic heater :

  1. Dimensions: If the plan is to put the ceramic heater in a particular spot, then first see the heater’s dimensions and size and then purchase it for your homes.
  2. Weight: Different model’s weight different. It also needs to be determined because you have to assess the ease of carrying the heater around. If you will be moving your heater from one place to the other, then the heater’s weight plays a significant role.
  3. Heat Settings: Most of the ceramic heaters that come in the market come providing at least two settings, determining how fast the heat is blown out. Apart from this, it includes a thermostat dial that helps in adjusting the temperature of the device.
  4. Fan only: If you don’t need the heating features due to the summer months and hot temperatures outside, some heaters also come providing an option for the fan to work without starting the heating elements on it. It converts your heater into an electric fan for a better cool down effect.
  5. Handle: This is not the most crucial consideration to make, but you have to see the kind of handle that is on the heater. Some come with comfortable handles that make the heater convenient to carry around, while some ceramic heaters don’t come with a handle, making it difficult to move.
  6. Safety Features: The ceramic heater’s minimum requirement should be to have an auto cut-off in heating because that poses the most significant risk for the users. Tip-over cut-offs are generous, but many ceramic heaters don’t come providing this.


Ceramic heaters have a particular set of safety features that you should keep in mind.

  • Overheating cut-off: It is easy to adjust the thermostat of a ceramic heater, but there might be many reasons for how the heating elements inside the heaters get overheated, which can end up posing a considerable risk. If the heaters do overheat, one of the significant dangers would be that the heater’s internal components or parts would burn up and start to melt, which will eventually lead to a fire. Individual ceramic heaters come with sensors that can detect if the temperature reaches overheating levels, and they switch off immediately once that happens.
  • Tip-Over Cut off: Most of the ceramic heaters are portable, and hence, they come with the risk of being tipped over if someone bumps into it or trips over. In that situation, if the heater is on, it can be dangerous for people and especially kids. To reduce this risk, having a tip-over switch on the ceramic heater can prevent such a situation. If it does tip over, it automatically switches off. 


Ceramic heaters are the go-to choice for many clients, and most people around the world prefer having them. These devices are super convenient and easy-to-use, which come providing all the necessary safety features that you want in a heater, such as a tip-over and overheating features. Also, a ceramic heater with a big handle and lightweight would be the most viable option to go. 

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