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There are many activities which are part of our daily life, be it at home or at work. It is impossible to perform any duty without getting in touch with the dirt around you, the dirt that is loaded with bacteria and germs which can be life-threatening as well in case they are not treated right. Household activities like sweeping, mopping, etc., require you to be in contact with brooms, mops, vessels, etc and without knowing, deadly infections are passed through such simple activities as well.

Even the environment at the office or other work areas is not safe from germs and bacteria. In order to avoid the expenses that can pile up due to infections from bacteria or germs, it is important to act proactively against them. The solution to this issue is the UV Cleanizer Zoom, which is a robotic device that not just cleans but also disinfects the environment, thereby eliminating about 99.9% of the germs.

uv cleanizer zoom

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What is UV Cleanizer Zoom?

This is a portable robot that kills bacteria by using UV-C rays to eliminate germs in the most efficient and quickest manner. The device is quite small and you can carry it wherever you go. UV Cleanizer Zoom has been developed and designed by Infection Prevention Technologies (IPT), which is a well-established firm that deals with devices that get rid of bacteria. The device has been designed to avoid spreading of the airborne virus, elimination of cockroaches, dust mites or other insects.

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The device is quite portable and it can reach even extreme corners that cannot be reached via manual sanitization. To ensure maximum sterilization, this device has regulators that help in controlling the amount of light that is emitted based on the penetration. A lot of people prefer this device as it isn’t hazardous and you can use the device around children as well.

UV Cleanizer Zoom

Why Do I Need UV Cleanizer Zoom?

In case of infections, you will have to incur a big hospital bill for its treatment. It is always better to prevent such infections than get infected and get hospitalized. UV Cleanizer allows you to have a comfortable and healthy lifestyle and reduces the expenses that could be incurred in hospitalization.

It can be used by anyone  and it can disinfect about 99.99% of the bacteria and germs from the space. Public toilets can be quite a task to maintain and to clean up. Manual sanitation in such areas might not get rid of all germs, and the best solution would be the UV Cleanizer Zoom. This device needs a single operator and it covers a lot of space.

UV Cleanizer Zoom Working Modes

The CleanseBot auto cleaning robot is also packed with three modes to destroy the germs and bacteria everywhere. These three different modes are:

Handheld Mode: In this mode, you can clean and sanitize any of the surfaces while holding the robot in your hand. This mode is helpful in sanitizing small or uneven surfaces like smartphones, TV, remotes, laptops, PC, keyboards etc.

Under Blanket Mode: This mode is helpful for cleaning the bed-sheets or beds. Just switch on this mode and place the robot on bed. You just have to relax as rest of the will be done by the CleanseBot. It will never fall down the bed.

uv cleanizer zoom

Power Bank Mode: This is very useful feature for travelers. The Cleansebot has inbuilt power bank of 3700 mAH that can be used to charge all your devices. It uses Panasonic Li-ion battery and power management systems to give you a world-class technology.

cleansebot power bank mode

UV Cleanizer Zoom Benefits

This product has been assessed on some of its main features to ensure that it matches the ethical manufacturing standards. A chemical sanitizer and the UV Cleanizer Zoom were used as part of the experiment. Each sanitizer was used in a different toilet to compare the benefits of the products. After 45 minutes, the room that had been disinfected using the UV Cleanizer Zoom had not a single moving insect.

However, the toilet where the chemical sanitizer had been used, though a few insects were dead, there were a lot of them staggering on the toilet floor. Also, this device is way better than manual cleaning in hospitals and is quite quick and efficient.

Benefits of using UV Cleanizer Zoom:

  • It cleans as well as sterilizes the room in about 30-60 minutes
  • The device is quite simple and easy to maintain and use
  • The device is small in size and is portable 
  • The device is lightweight
  • It has a battery life which lasts for 3 hours
  • It is durable, reliable and long-lasting
  • It is non-hazardous

Key Features of UV Cleanizer Zoom

1. Portability

The device is quite lightweight and pocket-sized which makes it travel-friendly and can be moved around easily

2. Sensors Mapping

The device has 18 in-built sensors that are combined with artificial intelligence. It can map and eradicate about 99.99% of the germs on a surface. The sensors make sure that no germ gets left out while the area is being sterilized.

3. Flexibility

The device can reach corners that cannot be reached even manually. You can use it below the couch, the bed, in the corners of the wardrobe and various places.

4. Great battery life

The UV Cleanizer Zoom offers a running time of 3 hours. You will need just 60 minutes to sterilize any surface. The long battery life of the device makes sure that a large surface is covered by the device efficiently as well as effectively.

5. Maximum light penetration

The UV light of the device penetrates to every possible area that would not have been possible with other devices. This makes sure that everything gets sterilized.


UV Cleanizer Zoom Specifications

It’s not often I get to write about AI Powered robotsnor take one travelling with me! And I’m sure there will be many sceptical travellers who would argue how efficient it really is!

Yet, hotel rooms can be rife with germs and the handheld option on the CleanseBot could be a useful feature for hygiene lovers or parents with newborns!

  • Dimension – 45 x 130 x 30 mm
  • Weight – 320 gm
  • Color – White
  • Charging Time – 4 Hours
  • Battery – 3700 mAh
  • Total UV-C Power – 6 kW (1500 per lamp)

Where Can I Get UV Cleanizer Zoom?

You can buy this robot cleaner on the official website of the manufacturer and new customers are offered a discount of about 50%.


Whether at work or at home, it is humanely not possible to get rid of all the germs and bacteria that lie around us. This way, we tend to get infected by the same and it could be quite an expensive affair in terms of hospital bills. If you are looking for a lightweight, portable and travel-friendly robot device which not just cleans your home or workplace but sterilizes it as well, then the UV Cleanizer Zoom is worth every penny.

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