WiFiBoost Review: Don’t Pay For a WiFi Upgrade, Buy #1 booster Instead!

Summary: Slow Internet speeds can ruin your daily experience and ecstatic mood. Tired of the rotating circle appearing on your screen? WifiBooster promises to make a difference…

WifiBoost Review

What Is WifiBoost ?

This Is The New WiFi Booster that Internet Companies Don’t Want You To Know About! Don’t Pay For a WiFi Upgrade, Buy Wifi Booster Instead.

If you are having difficulty getting a solid, reliable WiFi signal in some parts of your home then your ISP will tell you to upgrade your WiFi connection. Most internet providers don’t want you to have fast internet from the get-go. They simply make too much money by offering you unnecessary upgrades.

This new wifi signal booster device WifiBoost could be the solution for you.

Developed by an ISP ex-engineer, this tiny powerful device will boost your WiFi Signal in every single corner of your house as it uses the latest technology to spread WiFi and it costs just a penny compared to other WiFi amplifiers! It will give you enough signal boost to load that movie you need to see without any lag or buffering.

What Are We Even Paying Them For? 

We pay a large chunk of our money to keep our WiFi running; yet very often receives weak signal strength or no signal at all.

My internet service provider (ISP) told me “It must be your thick walls or something.”

Without WiFi, we feel disconnected from our friends, family and the world. Even I feel constantly worried and afraid I’m missing out on something important.

In my house, router is placed in my room. If I used to be in some other room it was impossible to do simple stuff like make video calls to loved ones, stream a live game on a weekend or watch a movie in HD on an evening.

But now there is a new solution to bad WiFi. And it really works! WifiBoost is the result of continuous effort to develop better and cost effective solution for weak WiFi signal.

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Why To Use Wifi Booster

Having a strong WiFi connection is as needed as having kitchen supply or even more. A proper signal is essential for simply watching a video or playing a video game, with no outages; saying that reminds the need of always staying around modem. The stock ISP routers are weak and slow. They can’t handle lots of devices or heavy use either.

As a result, you are left with weak WiFi and dreaded ‘wifi dead spots’ in your home.. The next room or behind the wall excuses are all old; we can’t afford loosing WiFi signals.

Just by pluging a WifiBoost device into any wall socket of your house, and all changes. 


WifiBoost works by receiving your existing WiFi signal, boosting it, and then transmitting the super-amplified WiFi through anything – multiple floors, concrete walls or steel beam! At the same time, the device blocks your data usage report to your ISP. This makes the speed throttling we mentioned earlier – impossible! As A Result: You get WAY faster and stronger internet. Even during peak times, and even in previous ‘WiFi dead spots’ around your home.

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Where Does This Technology Come From?

Amplifying WiFi signals in far areas where internet does not exist is used by high tech companies in places such as Africa, where infrastructure is non existent to weak. In 2016 Facebook has announced it would be partnering with satellite operators to bring internet service to sub-Saharan Africa. Facebook is not the only tech giant using this revolutionary technology.

Even developing countries have partnered up with Google to bring internet in far and remote areas across the country. The Smart WiFi Booster uses the same technology that is used by High-Tech companies in far and remote places, they bring internet to. Satellites send signals to specific Extenders in order to Amplify and Re-transmit Signals into areas without infrastructure.

WifiBoost Features

  • Boosts your WiFi signal for faster internet access – Connect multiple users and devices without any data or speed loss. 
  • Easy installation – Just Plug WiFi booster in any wall socket without any cables. It Boosts your existing WiFi signal of your router without any installation.
  • WPS Function – (WiFi Protected Setup) makes it more convenient to encrypt wireless network data transmission.
  • Faster download and upload speed –  Your WFi connection will feel faster and stronger than ever before.
  • Value for Money– This device costs much less than what you would pay for a internet connection upgrade and it is a one time payment that will last forever.

Watch WifiBoost In Action

How To Install WifiBoost?

This Extender is ideal for users with little to no technical knowledge. It comes with a manual and same can be viewed in video on the website. It can be installed in minutes and comes with a user friendly set up that can get you up an running in just a couple minutes.

Just plug into your wall and locks in the signal from your router. Once the signal has been locked, it is ready to re-transmit the signal across your home and property! Further more, that work offers 24/7 customer service via phone.

Conclusion: Is It Worth The Money?

At the price and with a 50% Discount this offer is the absolute VALUE FOR MONEY. WifiBoost has all features needed to Supercharge Your Internet Speed without paying a fortune to your ISP’s.

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Frequently Asked Question

Why do WiFi signal issues appear?

If you have a WIFI router, and you certainly have one, I’m sure you have problems with the signal and you have some areas in the house where it’s very hard to connect. The main causes of signal loss are:

– Small router coverage area;

– If you live in an apartment, the signal may be jammed by other connections near you in other apartments;

– Obstacles to the signal: metallic furniture, metal walls, microwave oven;

As a solution, you can use a secondary router, you can use the internet cable or remove obstacles. These solutions are not, however, the most convenient.

That’s why I want to recommend WiFi Ultraboost, a small device that will give you all the benefits without the slightest effort!

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