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The year 2012 saw the first wireless charging in a smartphone, however, of late, this has become very popular. In such cases, all you need to do is keep your smartphone on the surface and the phone will charge without an electrical point. However, you must remember that wireless charging is in its emergent stage.

Also, the speed and experience might differ from one phone to another. One such product we are reviewing is the Winergy Wireless Charger. It is Wireless QI Charger which charges very fast and works on all phones which support the QI Wireless charging.

Read through our review on Winergy to know all about it.

winergy wireless charger

Winergy Wireless Charger – What is it?

These days, smartphones are becoming wireless. Some latest smartphones do not come with a headphone connection as well! The latest feature that is taking over in smartphones is Wireless charging. So what exactly is wireless charging? It is where the smartphone or the tablet is placed on the charging device and the gadget starts charging and no cables are needed for the same.

Winergy wireless charger is amongst the new wireless charging pad. It has a lot of unique features in contrast to other charging pads available in the market. For instance, the Winergy wireless charger is compatible with iOS as well as Android devices. On the contrary, many wireless chargers will be compatible with only Android devices or only iOS. It is the best charger when you have many devices.

mobile wireless charger

QI is nothing but the latest standard related to wireless charging and it uses a technology known as induction coils. The induction coils are wire loops that are in-built in the wireless charger as well as the phone/tablet. When your smartphone is placed on the charger from Winergy, electricity is transferred by the induction coils through the electromagnetic fields and this, in turn, charges the device.

Winergy Charger Review – Features

All smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Apple, or Huawei have already adopted the QI charging standard.

  • Winergy also comes with a smart indication light that informs you when you are low on battery or when it is completely charged. This helps in avoiding wastage of electricity and prevents overcharging of the device which could damage the internal battery.
  • Winergy wireless charger is quite lightweight and this makes travel-friendly. It can be easily connected to your computer or charger through its in-built Micro-USB connection.
  • Another feature of this charger is that the device is created using non-slip material. IT is quite portable and can be carried around easily.
  • One of the amazing feature is QI wireless fast charging. You will notice that other wireless chargers do not charge your devices fast, and this can be bad for the battery of the device. However, Winergy makes use of QI fast charging due to which it charges the device faster and it is quite safe as well.
winergy wireless charger features

Winergy Product Specifications

  • Output: 10 Watt
  • Charging System: The QI Fast Charge
  • Connection: Micro-USB
  • Dimension:  6 * 100 Mm
  • Operating Systems: iOS and Android
  • Charging Distance: 2 > 8 Mm
  • Certification: CE, FCC
  • Weight: 64 Gram
  • Material: ABS and Aluminium 
  • Included: Manual and USB Cable

How To Use Winergy Wireless Charger

We are quite privileged to get our hands on this product and be the first ones to review it. So, when it comes to setting the device, the process is easy and simple. You just unpack the device and plug it in. All you have to do is place your smartphone which is compatible with the Winergy charger and it will instantly begin charging.

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Once the device is completely charged, there is a tiny led light that will indicate the same. Charging any device appears to be slower in contrast to charging the device using a cable. However, the best part about this charger is that you do not need cables. You can use this anywhere – at the office or at home.

winergy QI wireless charger

Winergy Wireless Charger – Our Recommendation

After testing the Winergy Wireless Charger for about 800 hours, we can say that it is definitely the best Qi wireless charger for the smartphones. Wireless charging pads are a convenient as well as a stylish way of charging your phone without looking out for cables. You just have to place your phone of the charger and it instantly starts charging!

Winergy wireless charger is compatible with every phone that supports wireless charging.

Winergy Price and Exclusive Discount

We have received an exclusive link from the supplier of Winergy which will give you a discount of 50% and free worldwide delivery. This is a limited time period deal.

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